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gary parkinson
5th Oct 2001, 21:51
Has anyone got any information about the job losses at First Choice. Will these losses include Manchester based Cabin Crew and Pilots?

6th Oct 2001, 01:19
Information this evening would suggest that 28 pilot redundancies are sought, with BALPA negotiating to reduce this figure.

Company are also seeking to reduce winter costs by other means but will be working with BALPA to find appropriate ways.

Next meeting between the two next wednesday.

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6th Oct 2001, 01:59
It looks at the moment that the Air 2000 core fleet could be reduced by 2 aircraft hence the possible loss of 28 pilot jobs . But at present it is not known if there will be any redundancies depending on the number of pilots who want to job share etc.The last time Air 2000 laid off 6 pilots Voluntarily they recuited over 40 3 months later.

Desk Driver
6th Oct 2001, 20:56
First Choice are laying off 1100 right across the group. 600 in the UK. They're getting rid of 4 aircraft + 2 already planned. All areas will be affected. However, they're trying to minimulize flt deck losses as an upturn is expected next summer. They may bring up pay cuts as an alternative to job losses :(

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6th Oct 2001, 23:09
Any idea which aircraft are to go among those 6?

6th Oct 2001, 23:56
Having had the press-release clarified, Air 2000 are losing 2 aircraft, over-and-above the 4 leased aircraft that were leaving the fleet at the end of the Summer anyway.

As I understand it the 4 are the Lotus A320, 2 BMI A321s and the B767 that had it's lease extended over the Summer.
The 2 remaining losses will most likely be a couple of the older 757s

7th Oct 2001, 00:16
Latest from BALPA is that 2700 to be laid off in total, with 45-50 pilots to go. If true then someone has been very economical with the truth in their press release :rolleyes: Still, what else would you expect :mad:

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7th Oct 2001, 00:24
anybody know what the reg is on the 767 "that had its lease extended"?

Mr Benn
8th Oct 2001, 02:22
FLEX42, I have no idea where you get those numbers from, where exactly did you get that figure from? You say its from BALPA but its just not true.
6 aircraft are going, 4 are the leased ones that are not crewed (flight deck) by Air 2000 pilots anyway. 2 B757s were due to go back and 2 Airbuses were due to arrive to replace them. The arrival of these aircraft will be some time next year, after Xmas no
As Air 2000 crew at around 7 crews per aircraft, that would make it 28 pilots. That is purely an assumed figure, based on the fleet announcement.
It may well be less than that number as there are other options available.
There are also another 11 pilots who were due to start but will not now be offered contracts.
Air 2000, and First Choice, are in an excellent and strong position and have been for some time.
In the last few days all staff have received long and detailed letters from the BALPA CC, the Chief Executive and Managers. None of which state the figures that FLEX42 has made up. 1100 redundancies have been announced, across the company, both UK and abroad.
2 aircraft (plus the 4 non-Air 2000 ones) to go.
Why do people make these stories up?

gary parkinson
8th Oct 2001, 19:53
which bases will lose the aircraft that are going? :confused:

9th Oct 2001, 02:10
You all talk about job losses in Air 2000...so why are they advertising pilot sponsorship in the Flight international mag at the moment???

9th Oct 2001, 02:19
Heard a rumour about 4 engineers at NCL and possibly some cabin staff. Don't know how true it is though.

9th Oct 2001, 02:19
Does anybody know if Air2000 are still to lease a 767 to Britannia this winter. A sched has already been planned for it at Brits.

9th Oct 2001, 02:21
From air2000.com

Suspension of Recruitment Programme
Following the recent terrorist attacks in the United States, many companies associated with aviation have announced measures to reduce the immediate and secondary effects of these attacks on their businesses.

The Air 2000 Board has made similar decisions and their first measure has been to suspend our recruitment programme. We will not be accepting CVs or application forms until further notice. However, application forms already submitted will remain on file for the next six months.

Information regarding future recruitment campaigns will be posted on this page as it becomes available.

As a result of recent events, we regret to announce that the we will not be running the Air 2000 pilot sponsorship scheme for courses commencing in March 2002. This is a change to advertisements which currently appear in the press.

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9th Oct 2001, 07:32
The guys who had their collective sights on an airline career on the flight deck had better consider another profession....the future does NOT look good for many.
Those that STILL have jobs had better think twice before they rock the boat.
Them's are the facts....no sugar coating.

Ed Roddington
10th Oct 2001, 22:28
"Those that STILL have jobs had better think twice before they rock the boat."

Are you preening yourself for management? :eek:

11th Oct 2001, 02:00
Ed...Don't even rise to this guy.

411A is a lurker 'par excellance' that has nothing better to do than poke his nose into forums that he knows nothing about, has no experience of and finds pleasure in raising the stakes in.

He's a parasite. Just ignore him

11th Oct 2001, 02:33
Management already, Ed. And yes, now is definately not the time for pilots to rock the boat.
It's called......co-operate and graduate.

11th Oct 2001, 02:53
411A...where you bottle fed at birth??

11th Oct 2001, 05:07

Are you related to our dear Guv by chance?

Guv has made a complete fool of himself in the time that he has posted on this forum. I've looked at your posts for a year or so and you seem to be following exactly the same path.

I used to get annoyed by our Guv but now I just skip through his postings unless he has provided a 'link' to something 'intelligent'. His opinions are generally worthless, but occasionally his links can be useful.

Now 411A all you seem to do is post your opinions. Could you please try as hard as the 'Guv' to post some 'links' around here.


11th Oct 2001, 06:42
Yes EXENG, I do post my opinions, just as many others do. Clearly that is what pprune is all about, different opinions. Imagine if everyone agreed, how boring it would be.
After working worldwide for the last 30+ years in line operations, I now find that the everyday problems of management to be a refreshing change.
I have found over the years that pilots generally think along the same lines....higher pay, upgrade potential and maximum time off. Nothing wrong with this you understand, but these items are not the only thing that matters. For an airline to succeed, it takes co-operation from many departments to make it all work, not just flight operations. I generally find that most pilots fail to understand or appreciate this fact. If my opinions upset some...then good. At least it might, on occasion, cause a few to actually....think....about something other than pay, time off, upgrades etc. It would seem to me that pilots should not constantly bite the hand that feeds them.

11th Oct 2001, 19:08
Another classic pprune thread. I clicked on this to read about the Air2000 situation, but all I got was 411A being a joker and everyone rising to this stupidity. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: