View Full Version : FIC aeros course needed urgently

hugh flung_dung
23rd Jul 2009, 15:39
I've just finished getting a fellow FI up-to-speed on Aeros but he can't find an FIC instructor who's able to do the course to remove the no-aeros restriction. Everyone he's tried to contact in the S is either booked-up for the foreseeable future or doesn't return calls.
Any suggestions?


DX Wombat
23rd Jul 2009, 17:28
Contact the British Aerobatics Association, (http://www.aerobatics.org.uk/) they may be able to help you.

23rd Jul 2009, 21:10
Have you tried DEFTS or Ultimate high at Kemble.

25th Jul 2009, 17:57
We can do it for you at Leicester W/C 3rd of August and subject to weather it will take 2 days. Give John Pugh a ring 0116 2592360.

Ian the Aviator
25th Jul 2009, 23:19
Have you tried "On-Track" at Wellsbourne ?
I dont know for sure but have been told they do "aero FI".


hugh flung_dung
26th Jul 2009, 11:12
Thanks for the suggestions and PMs, all have been passed-on.


14th Aug 2009, 21:16
A couple of points and a question:

The privileges of a JAA Flight Instructor rating do not include the teaching of aerobatics (JAR-FCL 1.330) and so a 'no aerobatics' restriction is a strange, archaic and peculiarly UK anomaly that is not supported in law.

You need a Flight Instructor rating only to teach towards the issue or renewal/revalidation of a licence or rating (ANO Article 36(2)) but there is no aerobatic rating and, therefore, you do not need a Flight Instructor rating to teach aerobatics.

Why would your friend want to remove the completely illegal 'No aerobatics' restriction from his FI rating? It would not add to the rating the privilege of teaching aerobatics and, in any case, he can, quite legally, teach aerobatics to an appropriately licensed and type/class rated pilot without an FI rating, as I have been doing for many a long year.