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Black Knat
18th Jul 2009, 10:18
Hi, I'm off to the AOPA instructor seminar at Booker next week and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good B & B? I have a list of guest houses sent out from AOPA but wouldn't mind some feedback from anyone who has stayed there. Many thanks, BK

The Nr Fairy
19th Jul 2009, 07:07
Red Barn Farm is closest - stayed there three years ago (is it that long) for a few weeks when on my instructor course.

Clean, tidy, breakfast's ok. Need transport to do anything in the evenings though.

Black Knat
20th Jul 2009, 14:08
Thanks for the reply! Most places seem booked up so have had to accept first with vacancies. It's only for 1 night so not too critical if things aren't good.BK.

20th Jul 2009, 14:48
Try Malvern House, Fernie Fields, Booker, HP12 4SP. Good guest-house about one-and-a quarter miles from the airfield. Family still live very near, and have used it several times for relatives in past few years with good reports. 01494 445688.
Good Luck!

21st Jul 2009, 22:07
Try contacting Helicopter Services for their list of places to stay. I stayed with one family off their list for 70 pounds per week. 4 minutes drive, next to ASDA. PM for tel number.