View Full Version : Best school to get CFI ?

17th Jul 2009, 21:06
Greetings fellow pilots,
I have decided to pursue my CFI cert. I am seeking advice on good places to get the initial flight instructor certificate. I am also interested in adding the MEI and CFII soon after, or even doing the training all at the same time. I have not been flying a lot frequently but have been studying all of the required knowledge; also have completed the written tests.
I feel that I am not proficient enough to only train for 5-8 hours and then take a ride with an FAA inspector. This is the average amount of flight time that I have seen advertized at some flight schools (ATP, Sheble, etc..) ATP especially because the initial is done in a multi.
I know that the CFI is a lot of self preparation, but I feel that it is important to have a good foundation for making lesson plans, and prepping for the practical test. FAA FSDO locations also matter. Some have an astonishing 16% first time pass rate.
Any advice or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated !
Thanks !