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5th Oct 2001, 14:21
I read this morning that over 50 staff or maybe more were at the Gill creditors meeting yestereday in Newcastle. There appears to be a lot more debt than was once thought. I dont think it matters how much you try to defend the company there has been a problem for some time at this, now defunct airline. Also Go who have taken over some of the routes are not even going to employ any North East Gill staff that I can see in the near future.
What a sorry state of affairs for Newcastle and its working/non working aircrew. Why can Go not employ local people for the same routes????? :eek: :eek:

5th Oct 2001, 15:09
Probably due to the fact that here is not a Company base at NCL and only one route being served, twice per day.

Raw Data
5th Oct 2001, 15:10
Why should they??? Go are perfectly entitled (in fact, obligated) to employ the best people for the job, irrespective of where they come from. Given the large number of type-rated 737 people floating around just now, it is hardly surprising that they aren't beating a path to your door.

If you have the necessary skills, why not apply to them? If you get through the selection procedure, you will then have fulfilled your own wish. The same goes for your earlier comment about British European.

Whatever the case, implying that Go (or BE) somehow have a responsibility to Gill staff is the nothing more than inexperience and immaturity...

Finally, to correct another incorrect statement from another poster on a previous thread, BE did in fact honour a large number of Gill tickets, and suitably entitled Gill pax did in fact obtain free travel on BE. Try checking your facts next time.

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5th Oct 2001, 16:25
Raw Data

Try checking your facts.

I personally had a Gill ticket Newcastle-Belfast, it was not honoured by BE, and I had to pay 313gbp. If thats not exploitation of a difficult situation I don't know what is.

I don't expect locals from the NE would agree with your sentiments, and whilst BE may profit on a temporary basis, geordies will not forget how BE ripped them off in difficult times, and that can't be good for aviation as a whole

Skywalker1 good luck hope you get a job soon

Raw Data
5th Oct 2001, 20:05
And what was the date on your ticket?

From the BE website:

It is confirmed with immediate effect that British European will operate the Belfast to Newcastle service following the sad news that Gill will no longer be operating the route.

British European will honour all Gill Airways paperwork for tickets issued from 1130 today, 20th September, through to and including Sunday 23rd September 2001.

Further information will be communicated as soon as possible.

For any immediate enquiries please contact Reservations on 08705 676 676

So as you can see, I DID check my facts, and they are correct.

As for the rest of your sentiments, they are typically immature. How exactly did BE rip anyone off? They have no obligation to honour ANY of Gills paper, as none of it has any value. They stepped in and got the service going again in record time, which is surely not exploitation, but helping out the Geordie travelling public, and took a massive loss by doing so. I haven't looked closely at the fares and yield structures, but I am sure that BE are no more "extortionate" than Gill were.

Try growing up a bit...

5th Oct 2001, 22:07
Charlie32, it is people like you who really hack me off. BE are not a charity, however as per Raw Datas post, they did carry 100's of stranded pax on Gill paper, knowing full well they would get nothing for it. Skywalker, if you are one of the unfortunate people who lost their jobs with Gill, you could do worse than sending an application into BE, I believe they are opening a base in NCL.

6th Oct 2001, 02:45
I hear that also, exe.

I also hear that a NotAc has gone out to all BE crews asking if anyone wants to move to NCL. Only when they have all moved will the balance (however many that is from 25) be available to applicants from Gill.

6th Oct 2001, 10:44
Which seems to be the fairest way to me. BE may well have some staff who really want to work out of NCL and it seems reasonable to offer them the chance. I very much doubt they will fill many vacancies at all internally and I know they are keen to take on ex-Gill staff if possible. I think on the admin side they have already employed at least one Ex-Gill sales person.

6th Oct 2001, 13:29
According to a good source, BE will be firming up what is happening at NCL on Monday. CV's are still flowing in, however from staff of other airlines at NCL in addition to ex Gill Airways crews.

The recruitment will be done fairly...


I just wonder about the timing for the early morning service. Maybe if the route proves a success (which I have no doubt it will) we may see a nightstopper, operating a 0625/0630 departure NCL - STN. That would undoubtedly bring high load factors because domestic (non - oncarriage) pax using BA/LHR and CFE/LGW always commented that they wanted a low cost service to the capital that would get them into the city in time for work.

When Debonair operated NCL-LTN, their timings were not good at all, and even though the price was 28 pounds....no pax.

I'm sure go will prove very popular with the commuters and leisure pax from NCL.

Good Luck.


starship :)

6th Oct 2001, 22:26
Just to confirm that BE did in fact honour Gill Air tickets when they took over the NCL-BHD route. There's also rumours that BE are looking at the NCL-LCY route, although with GO starting twice daily flights to Stansted (10 return for the first three weeks) I'm not sure how this will work. BE have also upgraded to a jet on the BHD flights. What's next? Easyjet to Luton maybe?

gul dukat
6th Oct 2001, 22:35
From what I hear the jets are a short lived event on the NCL-BHD route and BE will soon swop to Dash 8 's

U R NumberOne
7th Oct 2001, 12:10
Wouldn't be too surprised if BE were looking at NCL-LCY as they're pulling off the ABZ-LCY route at the end of this month :( - might release a Dash 8 depending on the rest of their expansion plans.
Might Scot Airways be interested in the Aberdeen route with a Dornier?

7th Oct 2001, 13:45
BE looked at lcy immediately but I think decided against it as the yield was thought to be too low. Also with the trains being rather good down the east coast they obviously (and wisely) felt it might be a step too far.