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Will Fraser
9th Jul 2009, 17:37
I haven't a clue if this is appropriate for JB or not. If not, it would be interesting to see a JB thread dumped into R&N for once. It is aviation related, so I'll try to be as vague as possible.

How is it that when calling to task some sacred Cow, one immediately has to duck to avoid heated and rabid defenses of all sorts of boards, bureaus, agencies, offices, etc. ad nauseum?? Is there an appointed class whose job it is to defend at the drop of the hat, the status quo? Can't speak for fellow Yanks, but I notice my cousins doing it, showing a rather limp side, defending some edict or sumpin' or worse, ignoring an ox who is just begging to get gored. I notice the most egregious examples from my fellow fryboys, "don't go there, this ______ can't be challenged". You let councils get away with murder, but don't seem to truly do anything other than complain? Where is your rebellion? Does one have to threaten tea time to get a rise out of you, my brothers and sisters? For what it's worth, compared to Europe, all a' y'all resemble John Paul Jones by comparison.

Not that there's anything wrong with it.......


blue up
9th Jul 2009, 18:01
some sacred Cowhas to duck ignoring an ox and the status quoJohn Paul Jones

Not sure I get this game. Do you have to slip in as many animals and pop groups as possible? Didn't John Paul Jones open for the Beatles once?

Anyway, we tried rebellion once. Owain Glynd?r - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Owain_Glynd%C5%B5r) They won and then nicked our coal (and swamped our valleys with Scouser water):E BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | Tryweryn reservoir 'unnecessary' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/4789372.stm)

9th Jul 2009, 20:42
Anyway, we tried rebellion once.

At least once more than once. And won.

But then that seemingly genetic need to tug at the forelock kicked in and you gave it back.

English civil war: Information from Answers.com (http://www.answers.com/topic/english-civil-war)

edited to add: But then do seem to be always able to stick to the French numerous times.

And the Germans twice.

9th Jul 2009, 20:53
...it would be interesting to see a JB thread dumped into R&N for once... :confused::eek::ugh::D:rolleyes: and after all that I'd just have to finish in guffaws...

You don't seriously believe that PPRuNE have a "reverse-engineering" capability do you?! I mean, JB mods can pretty much be relied-on to put everyone in their place usually. But if you expect anything that's posted here to be miraculously uplifted into R&N or other forums, then I believe that either you or I have a serious problem?!

Or is there something about the next space shuttle mission that you know about but which NASA haven't divulged yet...?! ;)

9th Jul 2009, 21:18
Why would one want be bumped down to R&N, it is heap of wrecked tin and thousands of jabbering accident investigators.

9th Jul 2009, 21:35
........it would be interesting to see a JB thread dumped into R&N for once.

Wouldn't be this one though, could've saved yourself the trouble by answering yourself two questions. Is this a rumour or news and is it of interest to aviation professionals? In this case both answers are 'no' so I guess this'll be staying here til it drops off the bottom of the screen. Shame a few more people don't ask themselves before posting some of the dross that appears in R&N. :zzz:

9th Jul 2009, 21:39
How does one call a sacred cow to task? "Here, Bossy!" when all you get in response must be "Moo!"

9th Jul 2009, 21:42
I hardly ever even look in R&N these days. Even with the AF incident, I looked at the first and last pages of the original thread and haven't been back since.

Usually find that if something interesting has been posted there it can be found elsewhere within a short time.

Will Fraser
9th Jul 2009, 21:49
I truly love JB, it is my cup 'o Tea, and I'm not tossin' tea either.
There seems to be a general interest in others, their thoughts and situations, this RN thing seems to have too many adolescent types who think being wrong is indefensible if you are, ignorable if they are. Such puerile and narrow thinking, not that there's anything wrong with that....


Also, there is tolerance and dermis that exceeds a silly millimeter.

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