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7th Jul 2009, 16:33

I am planning to take a PA-28 from Denham over to La Touque in a weeks time and I am looking through the planning and had several questions with regards to the route.

Which ATC Unit is it best to talk to on flight over the channel towards France (Dover - Calais)? I assume London Info 124.6 then Lille Info 120.275?
I know I have to file a VFR flight plan for the route but what do i need to do with regards customs and how long before we fly do we have to do it?
How far before reaching the FIR boundry do i need to contact Lille Info?
I plan to fly direct from DVR VOR to ING NDB, do I need to cross the FIR boundry at a specific point (i.e. RINTI) or will tehy accept me en-route?Any help would be great!!


7th Jul 2009, 17:01
1) ATC unit Farnborough North on 132.8 on departure from EGLD, they'll look after you almost all the way, switching you to EAST as it becomes necessary - then (depending upon routing) Manston, Lydd or London info then direct L2K. Lille are rarely interested these days.

2) You have to file your flight plan (electronically) usually an hour before departure. In addition, you need to file a GAR form four hours before you intend to arrive back in the UK. Blank ones will be available from either TPC or DSF, whichever your leaving from. You can give these (or fax them) to the guys and gals in the tower before departure.

3) See above. Straight from Manston / London Info to L2K approach. Whoever you're working will will ask for an estimate that you'll reach the FIR boundary - then a few minutes before you reach it or when you report 'mid-channel' they'll send you en-route.

4) L2K approach will want you to report usually at Bologne Harbour if approaching from the North, but a direct routing DVR-ING would be fine. You can work out a cross cut from LYD to tell you when you're mid-channel.

If you need any further help, PM me.

7th Jul 2009, 17:10
Visit the L2K website for what they expect of you.