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6th Jul 2009, 19:45
Hello, I am a new CPL holder, would someone kindly advise me which would look better on the log book in terms of experience when applying for an airline. CFI hours logged when training students or cross country flight hours logged from buying block time. Thankyou

7th Jul 2009, 21:27
anyone? If the cost factor is taken out...that is....

8th Jul 2009, 00:13
Anything these days which is Single engine is worth **** all.

CFI if mentioned in the UK will get looked down the nose at because it will be deemed FAA.

Maybe in the very far distance future instruction with sep will be looked on in a good way up to about 1000 hours but after that ? who knows

8th Jul 2009, 04:42
FI hours are very worth while. If you want to be a TRI in the future, it will show that you have the experience. It will also teach you to relax and think much clearer under pressure compared to banging out hours at your own cost - speaking from experience.
And you will soon cover your investment and get paid to fly 50k worth of hours in a year.
As was mentioned, don't do anymore that 1000hrs as you will get stuck there.

8th Jul 2009, 06:45
Ok so after a 1000 hours what should be done?

I'm an instructor and want to move into commercil flying, I am currently an JAA FI, MEI, IRI with 1500hrs TT of which 1400 are SE. I still need to pay my rent, bills car insurance, food etc etc.

8th Jul 2009, 08:05
Thanks so much mad Jock and PAPI 74, really appreciate your tips.

kiwi chick
11th Jul 2009, 04:17
I learnt more doing my Instructor Rating and teaching than I ever did in my first 200 hours flying.

I think it's incredibly valuable flying. Just my thoughts. :ok: