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5th Jul 2009, 14:47
Rum Ration has an extended thread (link (http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=20531.html)) about an individual called Stephen Lord Harrison who, until very recently, traded on his claims to have flown SHARs in the Royal Navy and to have finished up as a Lt Cdr in the FAA. Some pretty basic research reveals that neither of these is true.

Dressed in coveralls adorned with appropriate badges, this self-styled 'Lord' (as he has described himself on several of his 'build your own free' business websites), has even appeared at public speaking engagements in and around Barcelona to describe his dashing wartime experiences flying a SHAR as a Sub Lt during the Falklands conflict. The talk he was due to give to Aerotec in Barcelona on 11 July has just been cancelled after the organisers were tipped off (link (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=http://www.zonamilitar.com.ar/foros/showthread.php%3Fp%3D650873&ei=MBlOSpORKcLRjAfTldGzBQ&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=1&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3D%2522stephen%2Blord%2Bharrison%2522%26hl%3Den%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-gb:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7SKPB%26sa%3DN%26start%3D50)).



His spoof RBL website on which he claims to be the chairman of the RBL's Catalunya Branch has been brought to the attention of the RBL's London HQ.

Now that Harrison has been exposed as a fraudulent, valour-stealing imposter, he has back-tracked on most of his business websites, wiping out as many references as possible to his bogus FAA career. However, he still claims on his Blog's CV to have been an airline pilot, including Captain of Boeing 767s operating out of Holland (link (http://stephenlordharrison.*************/2008/08/stephen-lord-harrison.html)).

After the Royal Navy

After leaving the Royal Navy stephen worked for a national airline as a pilot flying the Bae 146 regional jet and also opened a hotel, with his first wife, Karen, specialising in the support of offshore workers. After his divorce Stephen became a Financial and business consultant based in the UK licenced under the Financial Services Act and holding a Consumer Credit Licence, offering a full range of financial products, loans, mortgages, insurance, business and marketing plans. Organised sales and marketing training courses with sales groups up to 40 staff. Recruited and trained sales teams from door to door teams to invididual large account managers. Implementation and monitoring of results. Gave presentation at board level and to institutions. Clients included: a university, a national charity, construction companies, hotels, retailers, car hire, home improvement and network marketing companies.

When the regional airline was bought by a major international airline, Stephen transferred to Holland and flew Boeing 767-300ER ETOPS (Extended Twin Operations) as a Captain. His principle routes were to Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and the Dutch Antilles.

In view of his proven predilection for fantasy elsewhere, is anyone here in a position to check Stephen Lord Harrison's civil aviation credentials?

5th Jul 2009, 15:44
After his divorce Stephen became a Financial and business consultant based in the UK licenced under the Financial Services Act and holding a Consumer Credit Licence

Hmm, easy to check here Public Register (http://www2.crw.gov.uk/pr/Default.aspx)

Results for Stephen Harrison:

Licence / Application / Validation Order No Licensee / Applicant Name Licence Status PPB Postcode
0009963 Walsworth Property Agents Ltd Lapsed on 02/11/1991 SG5 1HX
0032618 S And J Harrison Lapsed on 10/11/2007 NG31 9BG
0257724 Alan Edward Harrison and Stephen Harrison Terminated (Invalid Application) on 04/07/1989 WN5 0QT
0258089 Mr Stephen Harrison Terminated (Invalid Application) on 17/05/1989 LA4 4SP
0261093 Stephen Harrison Lapsed on 07/06/2004 FY4 1PB
0298670 Stephen Harrison Lapsed on 03/10/2005 DY10
0503980 Stephen Harrison Lapsed on 02/06/2006 L9 1AD
0516520 A1 Motorcross Lapsed on 02/04/2007 DN11 0PF

Having looked at the options, he was either a furniture salesman or used car dealer or a big fat liar on his Credit Licence.... anyone got an address for him?

5th Jul 2009, 15:51
Just looking at the Ovvies and you can see so many flaws.... His name badge is wrong....Nobody has their Rank on their name badge...

He is wearing a Union flag on his Right shoulder....wrong..

He is wearing some wierd badge on his left arm..... wrong

He is wearing ovies with knee pads..... wrong

The ovies are too big for him.....

A white T-Shirt...??? Wrong.

The whole thing just doesn't look right

5th Jul 2009, 15:54
Doesn't look like any flaps on the boots either

Runaway Gun
5th Jul 2009, 16:08
Plus he looks a bit undernourished :)

5th Jul 2009, 16:10
Looking at the route structure he claims and the 767 -300ER reference he would have to be flying for Martinair or ArkeFly as I live and work in the Dutch Antilles and they are the only 767 operators that fly through here (and coincidentally they are both Dutch). Anyone from either of these operators lurking in the background of PPrune that could blow this guys civair cover??? I truly hope so...what a complete arsehead!

Al R
5th Jul 2009, 16:16
:E This will make me look like a bit of a ****, but what the hell. I do offer this though, completely without prejudice in case I'M WRONG! This is the guy we're talking about, right?



Ok, just over a year ago, a member of Prune started PMing me and span me a line about being shot down in a SHAR over Iraq and being held hostage yada yada. I was also told that he was later involved in a helo accident and was about to marry the widow of someone shot down in the second bout of fighting in Iraq.

He told me that his wife had died, that he also lived in Spain, that he now flew for an airline and I had no reason not to believe him. Of course, I should have checked, but I am a trusting person. I was in town on business and we met for a drink at the Union Jack club. Again, I had no reason not to believe him or any of his stories and although he was a bit of a gobshyte and a bit smarmy, I listened to his tales with ambivalence. He told me he was a 747 freighter pilot and had to hang around hotels all day, in case he was needed. Oh, and he owned a JP too, which he claimed was hangered somewhere, but which didn't exist.

Then, he told me that he was grounded because he had a brain tumour. Then, he told me that he had been given 3 months to live and I was choked, as you might imagine. I began to get pretty sceptical though and asked a bird I knew who worked in the hospital he mentioned if there was a person there by that name. She replied (strangely enough).. no. I did some more searching around (such as living on a boat that didn't exist, making a flight from Gatwick that didn't exist) and all confirmed what I thought. I mentioned my suspicions to someone else here who also knew him, but felt pretty restricted in what I should do.

Pop might remember me PMing him and we kept missing calls..? If you do Pop, this is the guy I was going to warn you about. And could he be that chap in the photo? Difficult to say - it could well be. Anyway, to finish off, he told me that he was giving me £100k if I went to the office of the manager of the UJ Club to collect it. I didn't bother needless to say but a little more worryingly, he also started harrassing the other member of the board for money and help. If though, he did in fact, die, and if in fact, there is a cheque gathering dust in the manager's office, I'll be feeling a right Charlie.

There was lots of talk about him working in and being from Spain and Gib too, which is in keeping with this pile of twaddle. He said his wife was called Maria, which isn't 'Martha' as mentioned elsewhere in connection with him, but close enough. As to his financial track record, its easy enough to do a search about him.

FSA Register (http://www.fsa.gov.uk/register/indivSearchForm.do)

And you gotta laugh. If it wasn't so sad.

Exceptional returns with security (http://www.sterlingtraders.net.ms/)

Just checked his Pprune profile page. It says:

Licence Type (eg CPL. Pilots only):CPL(H) ATPL(A)
Current a/c Type (eg B737. Pilots only):S76/92 & 743**

Like I say, it might make me look a naive ****. I don't care - there will always be saddos like this trying to make up for personal shortcomings, and I'm a friendly enough bloke. Although I realised he was a liar from pretty soon after we met up, there are lots of peope out there who area damned sight more pliable than me. I put a lot of his stories down to stress from his wife dying, brain tumour etc etc etc, and it was interesting that when I warned him I had no money, his phone calls started to dry up. If anyone wants/needs more info about him, including an address and 2 phone numbers, just get in touch. It might not be the same person, it might. I think it is. In fact, ask Pop to get in touch - at least that IS an ID I'm familiar with - you never know who you're dealing with, right?!

PS: I've just phoned one of his mobile numbers. It seems he didn't die of a brain tumour after all. Either that, or he came back from the dead. :ok:

5th Jul 2009, 16:42
The flying suit is a Mk14a, don't all the FJ types use a Mk 14b without the windows. I am pretty sure ( any FJ mates out there, feel free to correct me:}) but that suit is a no no as it would interrupt with the inflation of the G-suit.

The guy looks like a werido anyway:ooh:.

5th Jul 2009, 16:43
I'm pretty sure that he was uncovered by the FAAOA a while back - I think there was an announcement on the members' only page about him in the past year or so.

Al R
5th Jul 2009, 16:43
Yeah, pretty sure its him.


5th Jul 2009, 16:43

Three or four things in your note ring true unerringly with some of my experiences of a PPRuNer in the same time frame. Harrier bang-out, wife dying, living in Spain, flying for an airline, buying a JP, then maybe a boat. Also, this guy was fluent in Spanish.

Definitely not the guy in the passport photo, though.

Very strange. Last I heard he was off to Cranwell to try and get back in the RN, which in itself did not seem quite right.

Stranger and stranger.

Al R
5th Jul 2009, 16:49

I'll drop you a PM. The fot has an angular face that seems familiar.

5th Jul 2009, 16:57
His blog (http://tinyurl.com/l82nau) is patent bollocks. I was at BRNC in 78 (April to Dec) and knew all the aviators on the courses before me (85 and 86) and the guys on 88 and 89 too. I don't remember his name or face, and I'm pretty good normally.

I don't believe for one minute his school changes record - 30 primary schools and 18 secondary - no way! That's 48 schools in 33 terms.. (age 5 to 16)

WE Branch Fanatic
5th Jul 2009, 17:06
Maybe the schools threw him out for making up stories?


5th Jul 2009, 17:22
God he looks ill though. We had a similar comedian down here in Cornwall who turned up at all British Legion events wearing a theoretically possible but in practice highly improbable group of 11 medals. Claimed to have been with the Glosters in Korea and every campaign then on till the Falklands with, guess who, the SAS. Some guys at St Mawgan eventually tumbled him when he tried to extract cash for a talk he wanted to give. Some real SAS types from his vintage offerred to "interview" him to check his story, at which point he melted back into the background. Sad git had done 2 years national service in the Pay Corps or similar and had never left the UK.

There are a lot of these sad cases around, dont know whether to feel sorry for them or what.

By the way did I ever tell you guys I was flying with Gary Powers in a 2 seat U2 when he was shot down and I escaped back to the West with only my aircrew rations and a Russian phrase book? Must start a thread on it sometime.

5th Jul 2009, 17:25
The guy looks like a werido anyway.

Well that's one convincing part of his Harrier pilot legend.:)

Al R
5th Jul 2009, 17:29
Further to the tale about 'my' RN Walt, what was particularly nasty was the way the woman he was going to marry was always being sectioned. Well, she would get sectioned for a couple of weeks and then go off flying again as an air stewardess. Then come back, get sectioned again for a little bit, as you do, and then go flying again. Ho hum.

Nasty stuff. :yuk:

Funnily enough, in a previous life, I was approached by a 'Lord' with a view to doing a Joint Venture. I met with him, he seemed plausible and I had someone run a check on him as a matter of course. It turned out he was a car dealer who had been done by Trading Standards for clocking a Passat.

Brain Potter
5th Jul 2009, 17:47
It is worrying to think that this pillack might actually try to become involved in some form aviation activity. Given his track record, it seems likely that he will have made-up, or greatly embellished, any flying experience that he does have.

Unbelievable as it seems, faked military experience has previously fooled employers both in the UK and the USA.

5th Jul 2009, 18:39
Anybody remember the story about some doris who blagged her way into living in an officers' mess somwhere in the 1990's ? I seem to recall that she was there for months before she was busted and that it was only a huge bar bill which did for her.

Her story was that she was posted form RAF wherever, and was on gardening leave (?) prior to starting her new post...

Or am I just having a funny turn and making this up too ?:}:}

5th Jul 2009, 18:58
Stephen Lord Harrison MBA - LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-lord-harrison-mba/9/477/700)

Stephen Lord Harrison MBA’s Summary

An experienced investment manager, specializing in Managed Accounts that are offered to professional investors looking for alternative ways to generate above average returns.
A specialist in low-volatility, market-neutral strategies, and invest mainly on currencies.
Relying on years of experience in trading and risk management, and on a solid, sophisticated trading system.
This, in addition to a disciplined and rigorous approach to the entire investment process, enables Sterling Traders Ltd to perform in all market conditions.
Goals for our clients is to get between 5% and 10% per month.
Stephen Lord Harrison MBA’s Specialties:

Veteran of the Falklands war. Investments and pension planning, government liaison, production and implementation of marketing plans. recruitment, training and monitoring of sales staff. Company management.

Stephen Lord Harrison MBA’s Experience


Sterling Traders Ltd

(Investment Management industry)
September 2008 — Present (11 months)
Responsible for setting up and running the company. Finding investment opportunities and exploiting them to the maximum for our clients. Analysis of currency market conditions and investing accordingly. Analysis of trading software as well as installation and monitoring of results to maximize efficiency.
Responsible for the acquisition of clients, through various marketing channels, . Also responsible for on line marketing such as SEO, viral, on-line business associations and on-line advertising.
Conducted detailed financial profile and investigation of the the clients (individuals and companies), to comply with anti-money laundering regulations. Produced financial plans, with insurance products, local and offshore private banking services as well as complex investment vehicles and businesses. Presented to clients (HNWIs) and produced complex investment packages using mostly offshore providers, including the setting up of IBCs in tax havens such as Panama, Antigua etc..

Supersonic Training

(Management Consulting industry)
January 2008 — Present (1 year 7 months)
Former naval officer and pilot with combat experience in the Falkland´s war teaches your company how to win the battles of modern business.
Managing Director

Trans Global Mining Ltd

(Mining & Metals industry)
March 2006 — Present (3 years 5 months)
Setting up business, liaising with government of Ghana for all licencing requirements, for mining operations and exportation of diamonds.

Sterling Investments Ltda

(Financial Services industry)
January 1999 — August 2008 (9 years 8 months)
Responsible for running a financial services office, training staff and implementing a “Best advice” policy.Liaised with government departments, banks, insurance companies etc. within a strict framework of controls, especially for anti-money laundering rules. Worked closely with selected clients (HNWIs) managing their accounts personally. Carried out in-depth investigations of various international markets, such as Forex, gold, diamonds , sugar and coffee. Travelled extensively around Europe, Africa and South America, setting up companies and dealing with governmental departments, dealing with high ranking public functionaries including ministers and even Heads of State.
Captain Boeing 767

KLM (http://www.linkedin.com/companies/klm?trk=ppro_cprof&lnk=vw_cprofile)

(Public Company; 10,001 or more employees; KLM; Airlines/Aviation industry)
June 1994 — May 1999 (5 years)
ETOPS (Extended Twin Operacions) flying Boeing 767-300 ER on South American routes.

Harrison Associates

(Financial Services industry)
March 1994 — April 1999 (5 years 2 months)
Financial & Business Consultant. Freelance consultant based in the UK licensed under the Financial Services Act and holding a Consumer Credit License, offering a full range of financial products, loans, mortgages, insurance, business and marketing plans. Organized sales and marketing training courses with sales groups up to 40 staff. Recruited and trained sales teams from door to door teams to individual large account managers. Implementation and monitoring of results. Gave presentation at board level and to institutions. Clients included: a university, a national charity, construction companies, hotels, retailers, car hire, home improvement and network marketing companies.

Air UK

(Airlines/Aviation industry)
December 1990 — June 1994 (3 years 7 months)
Joined as a First Officer and subsequently promoted to Captain flyin BAe 146 Regional Jetliner (100 passengers), mostly to European routes.
Naval Officer

Royal Navy

(Military industry)
October 1978 — September 1990 (12 years)
Naval officer. Saw active service in the Falklands war. Gained Ocean Navigation Cert. and Bridge Watchkeeping Cert to manage a 21,000 ton aircraft carrier with 1,100 crew, day or night, at sea or in harbour. Additional duties of education officer, teaching, firefighting, damage control. Organised a military tattoo and VIP visits. Carried out disaster relief duties after a hurricane.

Stephen Lord Harrison MBA’s Education

University of Phoenix

MBA , Marketing , 2006 — 2007
Managing the business enterprise, Enterprise risk, Managerial decision making, Maximizing shareholder wealth, Resource optimization, Sustainable Customer Relationships, Strategies for Competitive Advantage, Strategic Implementation and Alignment.

University of Exeter

BSc , Mathematics , 1978 — 1981
Studied while serving at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth

5th Jul 2009, 19:13
He must be a sharp kiddy..... Joined BRNC at the age of 17....???? Managed to pass out of BRNC in 1979....get a degree from Exeter..... obtain his BWC and then pass the stovie course.....and all that in order for him to be FL in a SHAR by 1982.... 3 years..... he shifted to achieve all that....

He certainly was not on HMS Invinvible in 1982.... Does anyone from Hermes recognise him?

5th Jul 2009, 19:17
Claims to have been a KLM 767 LH skipper too. Stephen Lord Harrison MBA - LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-lord-harrison-mba/9/477/700)

5th Jul 2009, 19:22
The Walt referred to by AI R is the same one that I mentioned earlier. When I last saw him he was "Off to Cranwell to rejoin the RN" That was in April and as luck would have it, I saw him not an hour ago in one of my local hostelries. ;);)

Naturally I asked him how it had gone and was told that he would hear on Thursday this week. Seemed a long time to come to a decision but apparently he had to go back for medicals and consultants' reports.:confused::confused:

As Tanker says, it is difficult to know how to react, because having read all the above, there just might be an element of truth in all of it, and it just gets bigger with each re-telling until it assumes a life of its own.

He had two ids on here that I know of, so if he reads this thread he will immediately recognise me. Ho hum, least I've got nothing to hide!:)

5th Jul 2009, 20:03
Easiest way to spot a Walt is to ask him his Service No. No-one who has ever served in the UK Armed Forces would be unable to reply without hesitation.

A lurking PPRuNe Walt ingratiated himself with a friend of mine. When she became suspicious, she asked him what his RAF background was; she then asked me whether it was plausible.

It was utter bolleaux. A similar tale of an Honours Degree immediately after his first tour as a Flt Lt navigator, followed by promotion, a Masters Degree and then a 'navigator to pilot crossover' on the Jaguar at Colt, 2 years after which he was a QWI at Brawdy having never served on an operational fast jet squadron! He must have done well though, because he was then promoted to Wg Cdr and 2 months later was 'Stn Cdr, TWCU'!! Oh, and then he served in Gulf War 1 before returning to become 'Commander of the Weapons Training and Air Warfare School' at Waddington some 2 years before the AWC ever came into existence...and then he suddenly left the RAF in Sep 1994. Nice 'final trip' photo though - it showed an aeroplane which didn't exist until 10 years later........

If he ever posts on PPRuNe again, I will challenge his Waltish utterances! A total wanquerrre, in my view - and his deceitful boasts to a naive and trusting lady were wholly despicable.

5th Jul 2009, 20:31
Are you thinking of Kelsey McMillan? Story from 5 years ago.

Phoney captain fools RAF base for five months - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1460065/Phoney-captain-fools-RAF-base-for-five-months.html)


5th Jul 2009, 20:37
Stn Cdr (i.e OC) TWCU


a total wanquerrre

There's an under statement!

PS - BEags - give us a clue to his PPruNe Name if only to look back on the posts ....

5th Jul 2009, 20:44
I can at least confirm that he was at Dartmouth in 78. Shared a 6-man cabin with him in Blake Division. Always thought he was a bit odd!!

5th Jul 2009, 21:00
If you can remember Blake Division then a couple of the other chaps in the flight were MK who was killed displaying the SK and SB who may have become an Observer. Having checked my old Dartmouth photo from 78 he is on it.

PPRuNe Pop
5th Jul 2009, 21:37
As BEags says Easiest way to spot a Walt is to ask him his Service No.

It must be nigh impossible for anyone to forget it. Even my wife remembers mine!

5th Jul 2009, 21:45
Yup, that's the one.

Gotta hand it to her though, 5 months of whooping it up at Valley then walks :ok:. 4 days at an RN unit and busted:*.


5th Jul 2009, 22:15
Must try the Bar bill bit for a few months at the Officers Mess somewhere exotic one day myself. Does the Seychelles have a Mess?

green granite
5th Jul 2009, 22:20
Make superior returns with less risk (http://www.sterlingtraders.350.com/intro.htm)

5th Jul 2009, 23:15
MBA from University of Phoenix?

Probably $49.99 via paypal, certificate in the post.

Two's in
6th Jul 2009, 00:02
University of Phoenix is the American answer to all those who are too thick to be able to spell "Milton Keynes" on an OU application. Money in - Degree out, guaranteed.

Beagle's got it in one, as RAF, Army and RN service numbers are all service unique, and OR's and Officers are again differentiated, it would be easy to check if someone has at least served some time in the mob. You never forget it.

John Eacott
6th Jul 2009, 00:26
Easiest way to spot a Walt is to ask him his Service No. No-one who has ever served in the UK Armed Forces would be unable to reply without hesitation.

Without hesitation: Naval Officers didn't have a service number :p

I know it's changed, but back in the 60s/early 70s Naval Officers were only issued SN's in time of war. ID card had a nice blank spot against the SN line ;)

6th Jul 2009, 06:53
Such Waltism seems relatively rare in the UK, although at a much tamer level a "bloke in a bar" once regaled me with a complicated story .... that had actually happened to me! That was fun ....:E

There is a wonderful Dunnunda site here (http://www.anzmi.net/) with some even more unbelievable stories (less believable?).

They take it much more seriously there and Walts can get jailed and/or heavily fined (good for them) and such impersonation is illegal I think. I commend the site to the house!

6th Jul 2009, 07:42
I can at least confirm that he was at Dartmouth in 78. Shared a 6-man cabin with him in Blake Division. Always thought he was a bit odd!!Shipmate Harrison
If you can remember Blake Division then a couple of the other chaps in the flight were MK who was killed displaying the SK and SB who may have become an Observer. Having checked my old Dartmouth photo from 78 he is on it.My point was that he was not Flight at BRNC - and the thread on Rum Ration confirms that.

The real Harrison's service record (from RR):

Name: Stephen Leroy HARRISON
DOB: 19/05/1961
Number: C026594Q
Rank: S/LT (on discharge)
Commission: SCC (8 years) SL XES MT/I Transferred
Date of Entry: 31/10/1978
Date of Discharge: 02/09/1982
BRNC (1978, as MID(NE) X SL)
HMS Daedalus (1979, as MID X SL)
BRNC (1979, as MID X SL)
HMS Glasgow (1980, as Act. S/LT X SL)
HMS Coventry (1981, as S/LT X SL)
HMS Dryad (Fraser Gunnery Range) (1981, as S/LT X SL)
HMS Glasgow (1982 - awarded South Atlantic Medal with rosette, as S/LT X SL)
HMS Osprey (1982, until discharge as S/LT X SL).

6th Jul 2009, 09:07
Thanks to all those who have responded with interesting revelations to date.

His blog (http://tinyurl.com/l82nau) is patent bollocks. I was at BRNC in 78 (April to Dec) and knew all the aviators on the courses before me (85 and 86) and the guys on 88 and 89 too. I don't remember his name or face, and I'm pretty good normally.

Think hard. Are you absolutely certain there wasn't anyone with a paper bag over his head during your time at BRNC? According to his entry on Wikibin (link (

Stephen Lord Harrison (born May 19, 1961), son of Philip and Freda Harrison is a pilot and flight instructor. Harrison joined the Royal Navy in 1978 at BRNC Dartmouth in the rank of Midshipman as a direct entry aircrew officer. He passed out from Dartmouth in 1978 and started flying training, gaining his pilot´s wings in 1981 and promoted to Sub-Lieutenant. Finishing his flying training Stephen was appointed to 899 Naval Air Squadron and transfered to 801 Squadron aboard HMS Invincible flying the BAe Sea Harrier FRS1.

Stephen Harrison has fuedal title (Lord of Erdington), he is not a member of the House of Lords.

He worked for the Colombian government as an Instructor and Advisor from 1996 to 2007.

And this addition posted by 'Martha' (coincidentally the name of his second wife (link (

After the Royal Navy

Stephen Harrison worked as an airline pilot for a regional airline which was subsequently bought out by KLM. Captain Harrison flew Boeing 767-300ER on ETOPS (extended twin operations). He married his first wife, Karen Marie Bett in 1990 and divorced two and a half years later in 1992.

In Colombia

After many trips to South America, Stephen worked for the Colombian government as an advisor and instructor in the antidrug campaign. He met his second wife, Martha in Colombia and they were married in Montego Bay, Jamaica in April 1999.

Philip Lord Harrison died in 2001 with Stephen inheriting the title. Subsequently, Lord Harrison founded Sterling Investments Ltda. with Norman Rojas in Bogota, Colombia.

Recent work

Lord Harrison is CEO of Sterling Investments Ltda in Colombia, Trans-Global Mining and Farms Ltd in Ghana ,and Supersonic Training in Spain.

Lord Harrison gained his MBA from Phoenix University in 2007. Lord Harrisonnow lives in Barcelona and works as a management consultant giving motivational speeches and management talks to companies using his military and flying

Television appearances

History Channel, “100 years of Aviation - Naval Aviation 1945-1990”.
Granada Reports, “Falklands - 10 years on” July 1992.
Anglia Television, “The Time, The Place”, June 1994.
TVE1 (Spain), “Identity”, September 2008.

david parry
6th Jul 2009, 10:58
801 Sqdn Officers and men 1982 HMS Invincible at the Falklands usera.ImageCave.com/sc..._19833.jpg (http://usera.imagecave.com/scouse/Roll_801_Sqdn_1982_19833.jpg) RIP LT/CDR J E Eyton-Jones. L/T WA Curtis and NA (am1) B Marsden

6th Jul 2009, 11:03
No problem.



Michael Birbeck
6th Jul 2009, 11:30
This fellow should take to writing fiction for an honest living, he is patently very good at it. I haven't had so much fun as I have had reading his C.V. and business web site in a long time.

The airline pilot theme was exploited to the full by the famous fraud and confidence trickster Frank Abignale

From Wikipedia - Frank Abagnale - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Abagnale_Jr).

Frank Abagnale flew over 1,000,000 miles on over 250 flights and flew to 26 countries, at Pan Am's expense, by deadheading (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Deadheading_(aviation)). He was also able to stay at hotels for free during this time. Everything from food to lodging was billed to the airline.

You couldn't make some of this stuff up, but these guys do and many get away with it!

6th Jul 2009, 11:32
His BRNC dates are all over the place. In some he says he joined and passed out in 78, and in others he says he joined in 78 and passed out in 79.

To have done the former he'd have to have been on 85, 86 or 87 Flight (course) at BRNC. I was on 87, and know he was not on those previous two. To have joined in 78 and passed out in 79 he'd have to have been on 88 Flight or 89. I was medically back-coursed to 88 in mid 79, and I also know that he was not on 89.

He's posted on Forces Reunited looking for course pics of 89, so he's clearly worked out the course he should have been on!

There's no way he could have been on 89, and a combat ready SHAR driver in early 82, anyway. The length of the RN FW training pipeline means it was impossible.

Michael Birbeck
6th Jul 2009, 12:04
Lord Harrison (or whatever his name is) obviously didn't read this useful advice.

This is hilarious!

Walting With Confidence - ARRSEpedia (http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Walting_With_Confidence)

Anyone for Pimms?

Another potentially disastrous pitfall is choosing to adopt the old faux officer (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Officer) ploy. Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than a nasal guffaw and questionable dress sense to carry oneself off as a holder of the Queen's (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/The_Queen) Commission.

Anyone who has passed through the hallowed portals of either Sandhurst (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Sandhurst), Dartmouth or Cranwell will be equipped with knowledge of such arcane things as mess etiquette and sword drill. Therefore anyone stupid enough to try it on as one of the chosen will be quickly identified as a charlatan when questioned on which direction the port is passed.

Your attire will also reflect directly. It's no use regaling of the time you debagged Ginger in the mess if you look like a pikey (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Pikey). Therefore a decent rig of tweeds, moleskins and an appropriate regimental tie is vital. You may wish to complete the image with a Labrador (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Labrador) or Spaniel (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Spaniel) in attendance.

However, one thing worth noting is that (like gallantry awards and honours), commissions (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Commission) and promotions (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Promotion) are published in the London Gazette (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Gazette). That means you're not going to be in it - no matter how burnished your brogues or how pressed your red corduroy trousers are.

You could, however, if you were really desperate to impress, find a common name and trace his or her career path and simply adopt it by changing your name by Deed Poll. Realistically, all that means nothing if you then start shovelling foi gras down your grid with the wrong ******* spoon! Stick to Other Ranks (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/OR), it's far easier.

6th Jul 2009, 13:09
I was about to get rather pithy that they mentioned Sandhurst, Dartford and Cranwell, but not Lympstone.

But then I read the bit about an true officer would not dress like a Pikey and decided that they have a point. :)

6th Jul 2009, 14:05
I recollect some guy on holiday in Barbados going around calling himself lord something. From his appearance, speech and general demeanor I thought not but, being short of a Debrett's, couldn't check and, by the time we returned, had forgotten his name.

In England and Ireland one may buy oneself a lordship of the manor either attached to property or not attached in which case it is merely a 'title of dignity' - whatever that may mean. It does not entitle the holder to a seat in The House of Lords - although that priviledge has, today, been so devalued that it may as well.

Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_of_the_Manor)
The title of Lord of the Manor arose in the English mediaeval system of Manorialism following the Norman Conquest. The title Lord of the Manor is a titular feudal dignity which is still recognised today as semi-extinct form of landed property [1]. Their holders are entitled to call themselves "[Personal name], The Lord/Lady of the Manor of [Place name]"[2], but it cannot be stated on a passport, and does not entitle the owner to a coat of arms. According to John Martin Robinson, Maltravers Herald Extraordinary and co-author of The Oxford Guide to Heraldry, ”Lordship of this or that manor is no more a title than Landlord of The Dog and Duck.”

This chap appears to have taken the surname 'Lord Harrison' so that it may be stated on his passport.

Whatever turns you on :bored:

6th Jul 2009, 14:31
I considered changing my first name to 'Justice'. Imaging being stopped on the way home for having one too many at the club and telling the occifer that I was Mr Justice Cheerio.
Well it would be worth a punt.....

6th Jul 2009, 14:39
decent rig of tweeds, moleskins and an appropriate regimental tie is vital.
So with my habitual rig of chinos and open necked shirt I've got no chance.
complete the image with a Labrador (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Labrador) or Spaniel (http://www.pprune.org/wiki/Spaniel) in attendance
Looks like the German Shepherd's got to go as well

shovelling foi gras down your grid with the wrong ******* spoon!

Foie-gras on my pension? (vile stuff anyway!) I give up, maybe I better have a go at being an ex-officer masquerading as a pikey - probably be more convincing! :(

6th Jul 2009, 15:24
Cheerio, I have considered changing my name to Ian Norman Lionel Arthur Nigel David Revenue'.

And please make your cheque payable to INLAND Revenue.

6th Jul 2009, 16:33
By all means make out your cheques to INLAND Revenue but I strongly advise reading this before making any out to Sterling Traders Ltd (http://www.sterlingtraders.350.com/) of which Stephen Lord Harrison is the CEO. According to this press release (http://www.prlog.org/10154446-sterling-traders-ltd-announce-their-high-performing-diamond-account-is-now-open-to-the-public.html) issued in Dec 2008:

Sterling Traders Ltd is headquartered in London, with additional corporate offices located in Barcelona, Bogota, and Accra.

These are its details according to Companies House (link (http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk/1595921b97256aaa7f0cb5528b26cc0c/compdetails)):

Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 06774852

Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 17/12/2008
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC(03)): None Supplied
Accounting Reference Date: 31/12
Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
Next Accounts Due: 17/09/2010
Last Return Made Up To:
Next Return Due: 14/01/2010

Coincidentally, the registered London address of Sterling Traders Ltd also appears here (http://www.westbury.co.uk/about/company_formation/2.html):

Silver Company Registration

Fast Company formation, printed certificate of incorporation, prestigious registered office at 145 -157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY. The Silver services provides all of this. All UK company formations must be carried out stipulating a UK registered office address. We not only provide this facility but also allow you to be viewed by your clients as having a City of London head office. The registered office service costs just £20 when taken as part of the Silver UK company formation package and offered a sizeable saving compared to the normal price of £90. Remember that all companies must display their registered office address on all company letters and other media.

Some London "headquarters", eh?

Worrals in the wilds
6th Jul 2009, 18:42
Cheerio, that may backfire severely, sometimes it's better to be an ordinary person :ouch:
First judge in Australia to be jailed on perjury charge | NowPublic News Coverage (http://www.nowpublic.com/world/first-judge-australia-be-jailed-perjury-charge)

A friend was in the SASR. He reckons that if the number of people who claimed to have been in the SAS had actually served with the SAS the regiment would have been the same size as Napoleon's army.

Given the speed with which military types can pick phoneys due to inconsistencies and 'small world syndrome (as seen here) I'm amazed anyone bothers trying. As one of nature's civilians, I've found the thread really interesting.

6th Jul 2009, 19:02
A friend was in the SASR. He reckons that if the number of people who claimed to have been in the SAS had actually served with the SAS the regiment would have been the same size as Napoleon's army.

One has outed a couple of Walts who've been telling girls porkies at parties about their part-time hooligan-like activities. I used to ask them if they knew Sgt Bloggs, to which they'd reply "yes, great fella", to which I'd reply "no such person, matey...." :ok:

6th Jul 2009, 23:57
airborne_artist - Actually, I met Sgt Bloggs in the pub the other day and he spoke very highly of you. He wishes you to know that he's now a WO2 and sends you his regards. :p

Anyway, back to the main subject. Courtesy of another Rum Ration contributor, here's Stephen Lord Harrison giving a talk while demonstrating how he would have tackled an Argentinean Mirage if he'd been a real Sea Harrier pilot.

http://img269.imageshack.us/img269/8996/git1.th.jpg (http://img269.imageshack.us/i/git1.jpg/)

Personally, I'd have taken advantage of the AIM-9L's all-aspect attack capability and taken a nose shot at a greater range but, being an ex-bubblehead, I'm no expert. On the other hand, perhaps he imagined he only had cannon available by this stage.

Fake Sealion
7th Jul 2009, 12:00
His BRNC dates are all over the place. In some he says he joined and passed out in 78, and in others he says he joined in 78 and passed out in 79.

To have done the former he'd have to have been on 85, 86 or 87 Flight (course) at BRNC. I was on 87, and know he was not on those previous two. To have joined in 78 and passed out in 79 he'd have to have been on 88 Flight or 89. I was medically back-coursed to 88 in mid 79, and I also know that he was not on 89.

He's posted on Forces Reunited looking for course pics of 89, so he's clearly worked out the course he should have been on!

I was on course 84 and then 85 and he wasn't on either of those! I left BRNC June 78.

juliet india mike
7th Jul 2009, 12:09
Fascinating thread and appeals to the clinician in me.

That photo on the first posting looks suspiciously like it was taken in a mental health institution, judging by the decor.

The passport identifies him as a Yorkshireman, not like them to bullsh*t or anything.......

7th Jul 2009, 14:19
One has a new Skype ID:

harrison.was.not.a.harrier.pilot http://www.navy-net.co.uk/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Just sent him a message (his ID is jetjockey61).

Ppruners might like to sign up for other "suitable" Skype user names and send him contact requests and messages, perhaps?

7th Jul 2009, 14:41
When still in the Army I did work briefly with some of the lads from 22 Regt.
As it was an exercise there was the opportunity to sit under a tree with a beer sometimes. The subject of 'Walts' came up, they reckoned normally one question and rarely two was all it took to uncover a phony.

Michael Birbeck
7th Jul 2009, 14:50
Reading the ARRSEpedia site (not having come across it before) on "Walts" with some specific examples and have been doubled over with laughter and amazement.

There is a list of potential questions there that should uncover the bogus warrior in rapid time. It would seem a tad foolhardy to irritate these special operator types though but then each to his own shame, funeral, broken legs, shoeing (call it what you will).

7th Jul 2009, 15:43
I suppose that these Walts are mainly harmless cretins who just get ex-military folk like me angry, however, there was one on Pprune several years ago who was a very nasty piece of work. He was outed by some incredible cyber-detective work by Danny and the mods. Apart from claiming to be an airline pilot, I believe that he tried to con several Ppruners into parting with money for his ever-postponed start-up airline.

In the end, investigations by the police led to a long prison sentence for paedophilia. I sincerely hope the bastard gets a good kicking every day.

7th Jul 2009, 15:44
I know nothing of the gentleman being referred to in this most entertaining thread, but it tickles my anarchic sense of humour to wonder whether he has already used one of his alleged pprune id's, and made the odd post or two in here!

Any posts stand out as being a bit supportive of his story, amid the stormy seas of negativity, do you think? I have my suspicions over a couple!

7th Jul 2009, 16:41
Not me fella ! I think the man is a walt [email protected]<hidden> :uhoh:. As for the action pic of him giving it some, personally I would have thought his SHAR would go faster with the wheels up....:}.

Credit where due, it takes some balls to stand in front of a bunch of people and talk about your "experiences" - probably why I would make a rubbish conman.

7th Jul 2009, 17:29
I worked very closely with a guy who was a walt. He was my first Flight Instructor and later my Chief Pilot on a small airline.

Right from the start, things didn't add up. He told me that he, too, had been in Viet Nam (I had been a Saigon Warrior so it was no big thing to me) but his slang was all wrong, Japanese instead of Vietnamese: e.g. "musumi" instead of "mama-san," and all those stupid Vietnamese words such as "didi-mau" (to run away) that every GI knew were missing. Then he was far too vague on just where he had been in the Special Forces and when. Sometimes one place, sometimes somewhere else and always out in the middle of nowhere, when Viet Nam was not such a big country.

I noticed a little framed set of rank insignia and medals from the Viet Nam period on the wall of his home once. They didn't match what he'd told me and he explained that he was "keeping them for a friend," as one does. Uh-oh.

This guy was harmless, I suppose. He was just army-barmy and had probably been stationed on Okinawa, missing all the fun and excitement of Viet Nam so that he made up for this by telling tall tales.

Once we were eating lunch at the airport when a panhandler was being a bit annoying. (US airports used to have everything from beggars to Hare Krishnas hanging out there, when it was impossible to run them off.) I just told the guy to "get lost" when my war hero buddy chimed in to tell him that I was a Black Belt with hands that were deadly weapons and not to get me upset. Holy cow! The only Black Belt I have is the one holding my pants up and I really didn't appreciate being dragged into his fantasy world.

Another time I met an old High School friend who told me her new boyfriend was a pilot too. Cool! "Yes," she said, "He was a Navy carrier pilot so that you should have a lot to talk about."

A few hours later, there he was, Mr Top Gun himself. "I understand you were a carrier pilot," I said. "What did you fly, A4s, F4s, A6s? Which squadron?" Not trying to trip the guy up, I just wanted to know what he'd done.

Well, I guess he must have been in one of those top-secret outfits because he didn't come up with one single detail except, yes, that he had been a "Navy carrier pilot." I think I kind of spoiled his evening, not really meaning to, and I soon left. To find a heterosexual boyfriend in Manhattan is not an easy thing for a woman of a certain age and I didn't want to ruin things for my friend by telling her that she must have caught a walt there. Let her figure that one out for herself. She didn't have any money so that I didn't worry too much about the whole mess.

This guy, though, with all this elaborate BS about his investment expertise... I think you are looking at a con man who just had a sideline in walting. He got caught this time or else he committed walticide but I think he'll be back telling tall tales to suckers for fun and profit. You know, "I am an officer and a gentleman and I will deign to look after your money for you," or something along those lines. Now he will just have to let the dust settle before popping up again in a different guise.

7th Jul 2009, 17:59
Chockhead - there are some odd posts, and some outrageous ones. Yours is in the latter category.

Explain how you posted above, at 15.11, word for word, what I posted here on Rum Ration (http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=20531/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=225.html) at 13.15. Are you a Walt, too?

7th Jul 2009, 18:12
Chockhead gone!

Gone... Curiouser and curiouser!

7th Jul 2009, 18:19
I was in Nam.

Nottingh nam. And Birmingh nam. Joking aside, I find it sad that these people are so inadequate, they feel the need to spin webs of self aggrandising lies. But only up to a point & that point is where it's deployed for personal gain. Beyond that, pity gives way to anger. I've been in a few pubs over the years. More than a few come with an ex sas man welded to the end of the bar, just itching to tell you about Port Stanley or the Iranian embassy.:hmm:

7th Jul 2009, 18:25
Explain how you posted above, at 15.11, word for word, what I posted here on Rum Ration (http://www.navy-net.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=20531/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=225.html) at 13.15. Are you a Walt, too?

I spy strangers! Perhaps our man has been flushed out here?

7th Jul 2009, 19:19
AA thank you for clearing up a nagging doubt in my mind. When I first read that post I did think it strange that a Probationary Ppruner, with his first post, would have suddenly leapt into the cesspit that is Walting.

Glad you got SLH sorted, now all we have to do is sort out the other chap that AI R and I have met, and differentiate between the wheat and the chaff. :uhoh::confused::uhoh:

Union Jack
7th Jul 2009, 23:08
..... and differentiate between the wheat and the chaff

And definitely in the latter category, I note with some amusement that, in the first photograph in Post 3, it looks as if our friend is "going astern" in that his shoulder-straps appear to be back-to-front, judging by the one on his right shoulder - drinks all round? Furthermore, in the "civilian pilot" photograph in the poster for his presentation, helpfully enlarged courtesy of Al R at Post 10, our "Waltese Falcon" is wearing Royal Navy pilot's wings on both his breast pocket and as his cap badge!


8th Jul 2009, 07:52
Doesn't seem to matter how old you are..
'Band of Brothers' American World War 2 hero exposed as a fraud | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1198143/Band-Brothers-American-World-War-2-hero-exposed-fraud.html)

Michael Birbeck
8th Jul 2009, 08:25
Doesn't seem to matter how old you are..

I feel sorry for the old chap in this case!

He served honourably in his capacity at D Day (each man at his post and all that) and then went on to serve as a police officer. With just knowledge of those two facts about his life I am apt to respect the man.

What could have got into his mind to have indulged in such a farrago of lies with the result that his life has now been inexorably ruined?

Was he trying to impress his son? Did he begin living a lie as soon as he returned to the US after the war or was it, as suggested by the newspaper, the influence of a Hollywood film?

Any psychologists, amateur or professional, out there care to comment?

8th Jul 2009, 10:35
From what I have seen of it, lying seems to just sort of pull you in.

I was out and about once with a fellow GI in Saigon when we encounted this free-lance war correspondent. He started by asking me if I wanted to sell my camera, when I had to ask myself what sort of war correspondent comes all the way to Saigon without a camera. Never mind, he was paying for drinks so off we went to the Caravelle.

First he told us that he it was who had made "Leaping Lima" famous. "Leaping Who?" was my next question. Ah, yes, Lima Company of the something-or-other US Marines, when he had filed a story that all the papers in the States had run about their valour. Okay.

Next he played a tape he had made during a trip on a PBR somewhere down in the Mekong Delta. Lots of shooting and shouting there, meant to show what, exactly? He had been on a boat and there had been a lot of shooting. Hmm...

Then my fellow GI chipped in with a first-hand description of a rocket attack we had been subjected to a week ago out at Tan Son Nhut. In reality one rocket landed in the Motor Pool about 100 metres left and another one landed out on the ramp about 100 metres right; the big excitement was waiting for the third rocket down the middle which never showed up, thank heavens.

That was then, basically just cowering in a slit trench but now on the roof of the Caravelle the hot shrapnel was pinging off our helmets amid the deafening concussions...

I tried to interrupt the narrative flow by pointing out that it had been two rockets widely spaced, that was all, but those two were now off and running with some sort of "I see you one noisy tape of gunfire on the Mekong and raise you one rocket attack" so that I just sat back to enjoy the view and the beer as those two got busy walting.

That I was sat right there, even saying that this was a load of nonsense, made absolutely no difference to either one of our war heroes. If this was what my man was up for when someone was there to damp things down, God only knows what that evening of ours turned into once he got home. Probably he was stood up in the hatch of a flaming APC firing his .50-calibre as the bodies piled up around him when the hottest we really got was when the air-conditioning in the club went out. And this "correspondent" was looking for a story, not for anything as boring as the truth of what really went on that night.

F. Scott Fitzgerald did a series of stories about a failed Hollywood scriptwriter named Pat Hobby, based loosely on his own career there. In one story, "Two Old-timers," Pat, having had a collision with a silent movie star, explains to a traffic cop what the star really said in a scene from a war movie. (The cop had just been telling the star how his acting had showed the reality of trench warfare.)

In the movie the star is screaming, "Ten Huns will go to Hell to shine your shoes!" as he tries to climb out of a shell hole and take his revenge for a dead comrade while concussions keep knocking him back into it. In reality he was whining that he had broken a fingernail, so that the director just changed the caption.

The movie star ends up being arrested for drunk driving and Pat gets a lift to a cheap hotel and the loan of a few bucks from his new friend, the cop.

8th Jul 2009, 10:49
Not really a Walt story, but nearly.

Many moons ago (over 30 years) I worked for a UK clearing bank and we had the case of a chap called Leonard Bernard Bromley. He opened an account and over a few months built up an enormous sum of money (50,000 quid or so).

The manager was wetting himself with excitement and kept calling him with investment advice.

But Mr Bromley transferred it all abroad and that was that. He was gone.

It turned out he was a posty in West Wickham, Kent which is in the London Borough of Bromley and had been nicking cheques payable to LB Bromley and paying them into his account.

As far as I know he got clean away with it. :}

Michael Birbeck
8th Jul 2009, 12:05
I tried to interrupt the narrative flow by pointing out that it had been two rockets widely spaced, that was all, but those two were now off and running with some sort of "I see you one noisy tape of gunfire on the Mekong and raise you one rocket attack" so that I just sat back to enjoy the view and the beer as those two got busy walting.

"The first casualty of War is Truth" as Hiram Warren Johnson is reputed to have said... said in slightly different context perhaps but still true nonetheless.

Not ever having had a shot fired at me in anger all I can think is that maybe the brain responds to extreme stimuli in different ways and some people may overcompensate or even go into denial about their experiences or the lack of them.

In terms of extreme compensation in my last two years at university I roomed with a fun loving guy (lots of drinking and girls etc.) who had previously been conscripted (we were all subject to conscription in those days) into an artillery unit and had served his two years, some on the South West African/Angola border in areas where he could conceivably have seen action but didn't.

During the Christmas vacation at the end of my final year this fellow was summarily called up for an eight week camp and was plucked straight out of the hedonism of student life and sent back to the border as an infantry man.

He returned to university a completely different person. While out on patrol the guy directly in front of him had stood on a landmine and had had his leg and one of his testicles blown off. This guy apparently survived due to immediate first aid and evacuation.

My friend was uninjured but deeply traumatised. He seemed devastated and wracked with some sort of guilt by all this and became a Christian within days of his return.

The change was extreme and discomforting to friends like me but this one experience changed his life and he is currently a missionary in Africa.

Maybe some of these service folk who don't get into the the thick of things (through no fault of their own) feel a sense of guilt and compensate in either a good or a bad way.

Union Jack
8th Jul 2009, 19:49
Not really a Walt story, but nearly ....

.... and history repeated itself at about the same time as in Angels's dit, since a genuinely very personable young Supply Officer in HMS NAMELESS did something very similar during the 1979 Group Deployment to the Far Flung and the Pacific by opening a bank account in New Zealand in the name of Stanley Oscar Nameless.

He then paid in all the cheques he had received for moneychanging, all made out to SO NAMELESS, and then went on the run having amassed some £50000, then a really worthwhile sum, in the account. Sadly, because he really was a thoroughly nice fellow, the "Land of the Wrong White Crowd", proved too small and he was quickly brought to book, and the whole sum was duly recovered.:ouch:

Maybe the postie read about Lieutenant X's case .....


8th Jul 2009, 20:15
The ultimate anti 'Walt' example.
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Who is Neil Armstrong? (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/8133835.stm)
Unlike many of his contemporaries, Armstrong has refused to cash in on his fame and seemingly done everything in his power to diminish it.
In his quest to uncover the man behind the spacesuit, Andrew Smith, author of Moondust: In Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth, decided to travel across America to meet people who have had an impact on Armstrong's life.

His conclusion is that Armstrong, now 78, believes simply that he did not deserve the attention.

"There were 400,000 people that worked on that [Moon landing] programme in various different ways and he thinks he didn't deserve all the credit just because he did the flying part," says Smith.
"And he didn't want to profit from it financially - even though a lot of the other Moon walkers have done - and amazingly he's stood by that. An auction house told me that if Armstrong spent just one afternoon signing autographs he could make a million dollars, but he's always refused."
Alan Bean told me he saw Armstrong filling out an incident report but recalled him saying he'd just had a 'little difficulty'.

"He thought Armstrong had stubbed his toe or something, but actually he'd been two-fifths of a second away from death. He couldn't believe he was just calmly filling in forms as if nothing had happened - but that was the kind of man he was."


8th Jul 2009, 23:59
Another Walt.

Longest Day hero's D-Day exploits exposed as lie - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/5769027/Longest-Day-heros-D-Day-exploits-exposed-as-lie.html)

Shows how people can be suckered, whilst the walt gets the 'Kudos'.

Lucky he was found out. But embarrasing for those that believed him.

Michael Birbeck
9th Jul 2009, 07:31
Shows how people can be suckered, whilst the walt gets the 'Kudos'.

Lucky he was found out. But embarrasing for those that believed him.

Same fellow as noted by Mustpost earlier.

Different film cited as the reason for his delusion.

Al R
9th Jul 2009, 08:47

Glad you got SLH sorted, now all we have to do is sort out the other chap that AI R and I have met, and differentiate between the wheat and the chaff.

I have some fots of him with a really bruised face (I wonder how that happened?). He is a member of the UJ Club too - perhaps the bounder should be cashiered from the club and his local?! At least his local will get some local publicity - perhaps it could be renamed the Waltsheaf. Perhaps I can't be arsed really. What was really annoying was how he had researched the name and detail of a Naval pilot who had been killed and taken on the mantle as 'family friend'.

Incidentally, no names no pack drill and without prejudice yada yada.. just where is Dan D'air these days? :E

9th Jul 2009, 09:06

On Sunday, just after we PMed, he was sitting in the Fox, bold as brass, and came over to me, offered to buy me a drink and was very chummy. However, with hindsight I feel I'd been taken in way back. Going over some of the things he said, they just didn't add up.

A Junglie pilot; ejected from a T10 (?) Harrier at Yeovilton; flying for a subsidiary of Sabena ferrying illegal immigrants home; trying to get back into the RN because he couldn't afford not to (something to do with Spanish tax laws apparently); medical problems that needed numerous visits and consultations with Docs at Cranwell (I've seen him shaking when he put a glass to his lips, :hmm:) and others.

However the real clincher was that he told me he had met Tony Draper!! :uhoh::uhoh::uhoh:

Other people in the pub, not ones I know well, but with whom I am on nodding acquaintance, tell me he purports to be ex-SF, now working for MI-whatever. He's been incapable on more than a few occassions, to the detriment of a chums' taxi. (Mind you, let he who is without sin cast the first barrel . . . . !)

All in all a strange and somewhat sad chap.

9th Jul 2009, 10:56
I was in Nam.

Nottingh nam. And Birmingh nam...

A: "Where you from?"
B: "Smiff."
A: "What, 'Ammersmiff?"
B: "Nah, Portsmiff."
A: "Posh b******d!"

9th Jul 2009, 11:43
He pales by comparison with this guy. Now that's proper walting.

The Baron of Castleshort - ARRSEpedia, James Shortt, Major Lucien Ott, The Baron Castleshort, IBA, International Bodyguard Association, Protection, Close Protection, Walter Mitty, Knight of St Gregory, McCarthy Mor, Royal Galloglas Guard, SAS, Parach (http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/James_Shortt)

9th Jul 2009, 12:10
The Baron of Castleshort.

This guy is clearly deranged!

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Jul 2009, 13:50
Waltfinder General has proclaimed that it's allowed if the purpose is to get a legover.

However, some people should just lock themselves in the garage with a stack of feelthy postcards and an old sock.....:}

9th Jul 2009, 14:09
I'm pretty sure these Walts are following me around. Harrison and I crossed over at Dartmouth, for six weeks, in the same division.

Shortt was briefly in the TA regt. I later joined, but had been discharged SNLR a few months before I darkened the door, but by the sounds of things, he was pretty close by in the S London area.

9th Jul 2009, 16:31
I have no idea why, but whenever my Sqn went to Andover for exercises it was always known as 'Nam'.

As for a brief waltesque (sp) moment. I spent some time as an army cadet instructor, and after a drill night went to a local pub with two other instructors (in ACF uniform from memory). Although a few of the locals would sing IRA songs at us each week (walts in their own way, to look 'big') this did not bother me.
One night, three of the regulars started arguing with one of my friends, who promptly warned them (while in ACF uniform) that he was just back from Bosnia, and was not to be messed with, or else.
Although this in itself would be silly enough, and not ring true, his opposition consisted of a blind man, a dwarf and a drunk:}.
I made my goodbyes and left before it could go any further.
Whenever I pass that pub now, it still makes me chuckle, as I have visions of the fight scene from the film 'see no evil hear no evil.

9th Jul 2009, 17:10
Although this in itself would be silly enough, and not ring true, his opposition consisted of a blind man, a dwarf and a drunkhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/badteeth.gif.Please - this is the 21st Century. Surely you mean a person of restricted vision, a person of restricted growth and a person of restricted coordination?

9th Jul 2009, 17:39
Surely you mean a person of restricted vision, a person of restricted growth and a person of restricted coordination?

I once heard a dwarf referred to as a porg (person of restricted growth :rolleyes:) which would make the drunk a perc and the blind guy a perv.


9th Jul 2009, 18:07
No, I'm not about to walt about it! Whilst reading the last page or so of posts, I was also dipping in and out of a programme on telly, recounting the stories of several VC recipients. What a contrast to hear all of them play down their bravery whist it being clearly manifest.

They get me every time. In a good way.


david parry
9th Jul 2009, 18:24
Hey AA dont knock the Chockhead,;) i have "borrowed" this from him. SLH has been promoted:ok::ok: http://usera.ImageCave.com/scouse/2whdn54(1).jpg

Al R
10th Jul 2009, 20:48
John F,

There is a prog about Walter Mittys on More 4 as I tap. I wonder if Tom Bruce/Dan D'Air is watching?

10th Jul 2009, 21:55
Dan D'Air aka EC Does It amongst many others?

interesting..... :suspect:

10th Jul 2009, 22:07
Well, well, well .... :hmm:

I'm fairly confident we're talking two different Walts here but the similarities are staggering. :ok:



10th Jul 2009, 22:17
Well, I've just picked myself up off the floor and am now hoisting my bottom jaw back up!

Finally, this rat basteward gets uncovered. I knew it was a matter of time.

I just love Karma. But I bet Tom--er, Dan D'Air doesn't! :E

Union Jack
10th Jul 2009, 22:25
I'm fairly confident we're talking two different Walts here but the similarities are staggering.

Perhaps Walter FitzGerald and Gerald FitzWalter?:)


11th Jul 2009, 00:05
Y'know, it also reminds me of a guy with whom I once had lunch. He told me that he was the only helicopter pilot who had been hijacked in the UK. Quite believable (I was aware of the Gartree Prison escape) until I actually met the guy who really was that pilot and has been interviewed on TV telling the story:}



11th Jul 2009, 06:48
Anyone else remember how Waldo got caught Walting, telling that cute girl a tale of heroism he had lifted whole from someone else's war?

Al R
11th Jul 2009, 07:20
I have PM'd a few people about Tom Bruce now - he told me that he had met Pop too, which I'm not sure has any truth about it. It seems his Tumour story was his sunset clause - so might I suggest that the board staff publishes his IP details openly here so that those who run Goat Arse Ration can also 'see' him.

His e-mail address in conversations with me was:

trbruceATbtinternetDOTcom ([email protected]<hidden>)

First and foremost, people like Tom need help and yes, a little sympathy and understanding because we don't know how poor their emotional quality of life is. It doesn't excuse their behaviour but it does go some way to explaining it. They also need the harsh spotlight.

[Mod Note: Publishing phone numbers out of order]

11th Jul 2009, 07:25
Those are the phone numbers and one of the email addresses I had too.

I haven't gotten to the sympathy stage yet. And if he's reads this, he knows why.

What a tangled web we weave....

Al R
11th Jul 2009, 07:42
He didn't get to my core emotions CoF, so I didn't have as much invested emotionally as you did. I stuck with it even when I knew he was a bit of a saddo, because he gave me the old sunset strategy (the tumour) and I didn't believe that anyone could be that unhappy with their lives to end up telling people they were about to die. By that time, I was ignoring his calls anyway and I wish I had kept his left messages or at least listened to them. It would have provided an interesting insight.

I suppose it would be easy to look upon one's self as an easy mark and its frustrating that people can think you're that dumb. But I'd rather be the way I am, easy going and bog standard, than someone like him, so I feel reinforced by that. Ultimately, he found me (as he did you) aspirational enough to feel the need to lie to about himself and impress and while that makes me smile (I'm not that interesting, as those who know me will testify to, and to those who may chat with me at a forthcoming reunion bash will confirm) but it does go some way to amplifying just how much lower down the 'interesting', evolutionary and genetic food chain poor 'Tom' was than even me!

God, can you imagine how poor the quality of your life must be to have to spend all of it trying to deny it exists and to pretend you're someone else? Some of us face problems, some of us engage in fantasy. It would make for an interesting study. This is the Walter Mitty prog from last night, which reminded me of the lad;

First Cut - 4oD - Channel 4 (http://www.channel4.com/programmes/first-cut/4od#2925088)

11th Jul 2009, 14:48
Hmm, one is confused. Are you saying that this Harrison person is also Dan D'Air and EC does it?

11th Jul 2009, 16:31
No Gainsey - they are two different people. Except that Dan D'Air/EC Does It (amongst a few of his log in names) is trying, not as successfully, to emulate Stephen Lord Harrison.

11th Jul 2009, 17:21
Ah, thanks for clearing that up Radz.

11th Jul 2009, 21:47
All I can say is that I have had my eyes opened somewhat these past few days. I thank those concerned for enlightening me and I will endeavour to get to the truth of the matter/person as soon as I can.

From what I have gleaned I feel duty-bound to defend those people who have been taken in by this chap. Don't know how or when, but I will!

What a Barsteward. And if he is reading this - well, he now knows he's got it coming!

11th Jul 2009, 23:16
By definition, successful confidence tricksters are convincing - otherwise they wouldn't be believed.

I'm sure that everyone had school acquaintances who 'told stories' - with greater or lesser success. It's just an extension of that.

11th Jul 2009, 23:48
I find the whole walt phenomenon fascinating really. In fact I was accused of it once, indeed on this very website. In a pilot sense, not military. Which amused me.

There seems to be two main types, old soldiers who served honourably but who effectively 'shovelled stuff in Louisiana', as Patton put it so well, for the duration of whatever war was theirs. Then there's those who never really made any effort to do the real thing but who have invented a persona at least in part to enhance whatever business or con they have running.

The old soldier thing is almost understandable. There is always a tendency to overplay your experiences. Indeed my own undistinguished army reserve career is ripe for exaggeration. No doubt some of my former comrades regale their friends with tall tales. The truth was nothing much happened, except for the time we accidentally invaded the UK. But I can't talk about that.:suspect:

The second type is more serious and deserves exposing as they often seem to be conmen of one sort or other. The 'Baron of Castleshort' seems to be one and Mr Harrison another. Some of them seemed to have some sort of military experience but only in a limited way. It seems that the hard work and effort of actually being a proper fighting soldier,sailor, airman is beyond them. They are all for the fantasy soldier, posing and making up stories. James Short being the classic example, with a predilection for dressing up in uniforms and playing with guns. But who would probably run a mile if any real action came anywhere near him.

It can end badly. I know of a Walt who ended up very dead in a well publicised recent incident in a far away country. People who knew him told me of how he would tell them stories of his 'adventures' none of which they took seriously because they knew him from his schooldays. In practice the only military experience he had was playing with Airsoft guns while dressed up in DPM. He got in way over his head. Interestingly there may even be a connection to James Shortt.

So people like that can be dangerous and deserve exposure. Basically many of them are cowards and cheats. They always seems to give themselves away though. They begin to believe their own BS.

12th Jul 2009, 20:38
Well, that was interesting; below is a summation of the main constituents of this afternoons Walt-outing.

Stroll into local pub, spot Walt (aka by quite a few names, see above) and there he is, tied to a greyhound, chatting to the only other guy in the pub. Surmise that the dog is not his, return his greeting with a grunt and order beer. Woman appears, I won’t deign to call her a lady due to the company she keeps, and sits next to our Walt.

Difficult to engineer a suitable entry into the conversation, so bide my time. Walt and I both pay a lot of tax to HM Government due to our addiction to nicotine, so this is the ideal opportunity to “have a chat”.

JF: You should have heard from Cranwell and the RN by now, how’s it going?

Walt: No, I've heard nothing, my life’s on hold, it’s terrible.

JF: Don’t believe you’ve been within a hundred miles of Cranwell, it’s all bullshit.

Walt: Sorry, I can’t hear you, what did you say? NB, there are only 4 people in the pub, the other two aren’t talking, there is no muzak, no traffic, nothing.

JF: I said you’re a fraud, you’re bullshitting me and, by the way, a couple of PPRuNers send their regards.

Walt: Sorry, I still can’t hear you, what did you say? I haven’t been on PPRuNe for ages.

At this point I observe a flicker of “Oh dear, I think I’ve been rumbled”

JF: Yes, a chum was stood up by you – TWICE. Another chum spent a long time looking for you in an airport. How is your Deep Vein Thrombosis, by the way, and what was the hospital again? How’s the brain tumor, sorted your finances out?

Walt: I did go to Canada a few months ago, honestly.

JF: Ah, yes, Honesty. In short supply where you’re concerned, Walt.

At this point I nearly lost it, because the denials were coming out thick and fast and I was getting angry. There was no future in prolonging the conversation, he knew he’d been rumbled, so I told him if I ever heard him start one of his stories, I would loudly denunciate him in front of the whole pub.

Walt: But it’s my local!

JF: I’ve been here 20 years, chum, you’ve been here 20 minutes – Find a new one!

And that’s that. Wonder what will happen next, ‘cos I ain’t changing my choice of pub, especially as the landlady is a very good friend of mine. Feel a bit strange about it all. He now knows I consider him to be a fraud - is that a good thing? How will it affect him, will there be any repercussions? I really am at a loss to understand these people. Maybe I need help?

Ho hum, another day in WaltWorld.

Lon More
12th Jul 2009, 20:43
Well done Mr. Fair. A new string to your bow, Waltfinder General. Only problem that I can see is that he might possibly retaliate by telling people that you are the Walt. Being as he has the gift of the gab it's possible that many of the sheep may believe him.

12th Jul 2009, 20:48
My dear, JF.... :D:D:D:D:D

If I could, I'd buy you the finest of spirits, for life!

12th Jul 2009, 20:54
He now knows I consider him to be a fraud - is that a good thing?Yes, because along with him knowing you know, he also knows that lots of other people know.

He may well change local and pull the stunts on someone else but, y'know, I have a feeling that most people will get wise quite quickly.



12th Jul 2009, 21:02
Nah, Lon! Round these parts people know me as a pratt anyway!! :ok::ok:

On a serious note, he is already p1ssing people off in the pub, where I have been known for quite some years. No contest. :E:E

Me, I'm just an amiable cricketing, rugby-refereeing, drinking sort of chum. No worries for me there.:p

west lakes
12th Jul 2009, 21:49

15/10 for style there:ok:

Lon More
12th Jul 2009, 22:24
That's OK then

13th Jul 2009, 00:05
JF.... you bloody STAR!!! :D:D:D

see you here next July btw. ;)

13th Jul 2009, 01:18
below is a summation of the main constituents of this afternoons Walt-outing.
Was this Walt the main subject of this thread title (SLH) or some other perpetrator?

I've tried to follow the innuendoes, but I'm uncertain . . .

13th Jul 2009, 01:23
Different Walt, but Pprune's very own version of SLH.

13th Jul 2009, 08:02
Now this this Walt is un-Walted, please cancel all direct debits that were directed his way.

Feel free to send any spare money to me instead; it's obvious I could do with an expensive holiday and a new car. Thanks.

13th Jul 2009, 09:56
Bloody Hell, Rads, that's a long wait - I might not have a driving licence by then if I keep popping down to see the MiL in Deepest Devon! :\

G-CPTN, sorry for all the innuendoes, but that way it protects the innocent parties from instant recognition. Those who know, know, if you follow that convaluted logic.

Just to clear up any misunderstanding, I first mentioned my encounter with Walt II when I saw a post that completely mirrored my own experiences with this chap. To say I was slightly angry was putting it mildly. Hence the actions that I took. Don't feel particularly proud of myself, just feel that I've scratched an itch that has been bugging me for a year or so. :cool::cool:

13th Jul 2009, 19:46
JF...that itch you scratched, just happened to take care of the nasty bite suffered by others here. In my book, that's fairly satisfying. :ok:

14th Jul 2009, 19:50
Just to put things right.

I have apologised to AA, because I did copy & paste his reply from Rum Ration to other websites but it wasn't until pointed out by him that i had missed off "taken from Rum Ration" which was put on other sites.

I have never personally claimed to be the instigator of the phonecall & maybe if someone had flagged it, it would have been rectified early.

I wanted SLH shown up for the [email protected]<hidden>@<hidden> he is, because I served on Hermes during the Falklands which can be verified by SAMA82 & also on 801 NAS.

I knew Gordy Batt slightly because I worked on the flight deck & gave him a cup of tea while on Alert 5 outside the Handlers crew room several times, I was also on watch the night his SHAR blew up & that is something I will never ever forget.

I have also had a nightmare trying to get on PPRUNE & keep getting a server busy message.

david parry
19th Jul 2009, 15:59
I dont think you need to apologise to anyone,;) B/Z to you, from a fellow Wafu. Copy and Paste, is standard procedure in the "Pool " ie just borrowed it!!! :ok:

Al R
23rd Jul 2009, 13:56
Sh#t, I can't see his phone numbers. I was going to ask him if he was going to be attending the Harrier 40th bash this week. He could have told us about the time he was shot down over Iraq at low level.

Or broke his back in a helicopter accident.

Oh well. :{

I have PM'd a few people about Tom Bruce now - he told me that he had met Pop too, which I'm not sure has any truth about it. It seems his Tumour story was his sunset clause - so might I suggest that the board staff publishes his IP details openly here so that those who run Goat Arse Ration can also 'see' him.

His e-mail address in conversations with me was:

text http://www.pprune.org/?emailimage=4f286cf97f715d30dcb8d4c745f5ac48

First and foremost, people like Tom need help and yes, a little sympathy and understanding because we don't know how poor their emotional quality of life is. It doesn't excuse their behaviour but it does go some way to explaining it. They also need the harsh spotlight.

[Mod Note: Publishing phone numbers out of order]

26th Jul 2009, 19:18
Popped into one of my locals this afternoon, where a certain Walt has taken up residence. Spotted the delightful landlady and cornered her. Asked her her experiences of T*m B***e and was not surprised to find that he has been spreading stories of derring-do involving all sorts of miltary outfits.

I had actually guessed this was the case and was really just checking out if he had taken heed of my warning shots, fired a few weeks ago. Not totally, apparently. However what the landlady then asked me did surprise me. "JF, he hasn't asked you for money, has he?" "No, not at all, but I do wonder how he exists, financially."

Turns out he was in the pub earlier, asked the barmaid for a pint of whatever, produced a credit/debit card to pay for it, and asked her to take for three more pints, to tide him over. Total purchase, probably about £13.20 (OK, so beer is expensive here!). Card issuer refused transaction, T*m then asks to use the phone, "There's an 0800 number they use, I'll call them. . . . " Barmaid says, the pub hasn't got a pay-phone any more, everyones got mobiles, haven't they? T*m not seen again in pub, beer not drunk, Landlady tells me she will only ever accept coin of the realm from our Walt.

Got to feel sorry for the guy, but why won't he come clean, though??

Michael Birbeck
26th Jul 2009, 19:39
Why didn't you just buy the guy a drink?

The gig is up for him. There's little to be gained or lost in that (the drink I mean).

26th Jul 2009, 20:25
If you read the p*st carefully, you will see that I was not there when the incident related occurred.

I am not known for long pockets and short arms, he has had quite a few drinks from me on previous occassions and I do not need to be told how to behave in social situations. :}

26th Jul 2009, 20:41
Why didn't you just buy the guy a drink? Why on earth should anyone buy a drink for someone who lies and cheats?

jf, :ok:



Michael Birbeck
26th Jul 2009, 20:59
I am not known for long pockets and short arms, http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/badteeth.gif

Didn't mean to imply that. :)

Why on earth should anyone buy a drink for someone who lies and cheats?

One needn't do a damn thing.

JF seems like an honourable gentleman faced with a lost and sad soul. He could throttle said soul or buy him a drink. Both courses would be equally appropriate!

26th Jul 2009, 21:29
a lost and sad soul...who has actually treated a number of people appalling.



26th Jul 2009, 22:16
Completely agree, Whirls. The lies and actions don't garner any sympathy from me. Am of the belief that one reaps what they sew.

Loose rivets
27th Jul 2009, 05:32
Mmm...isn't that the point about forgiveness?

Only forgiving nice people is easy. Forgiving people that are down on their luck - after starting an orphanage, or feeding a multitude - well, that's for those just seeking a warm fluffy feeling in their cockles. (For the non-medical types, that's a point near to the Myocardial infarction epicenter.) forgiving someone that's a total bounder, a heartless cad or a rotter...now that's quite a different kettle of fish. Just raise a fatherly (or motherly) finger at him, and, with warmth and tenderness, point out his misdeeds. If despite your best counseling, he then mentions that he's got an F15 parked outside in the carpark, take said finger and poke him in the eye with it.:ouch:

27th Jul 2009, 05:55
LR... if you add the definition of a Cad and a Walt, you get Tom.

After what has been experienced, the lies and actions don't warrant forgiveness unless he comes clean. Trust me, he was encouraged repeatedly to do so and the lies only grew larger. The behaviour displayed is low and in the gutter for hurting someone.

Sympathy....naaah, not from me.

Al R
27th Jul 2009, 07:17

I don't need to forgive him, I'm not out of pocket and I knew he was a bullshitter - I just wasn't able to put together all the parts. I genuinely didn't believe anyone could be that stupid and expect to get away with it, I thought I was missing something so glaringly obvious that it was me at fault - wood/trees etc. That is probably a measure of my smug sense of arrogance and infallibility and me wanting to help someone and me, bizarrely, not wanting to feel let down. On the plus side, I put this experience to good use and advised a colleague about a similar person when there was quite a substantial amount of money involved.

Tom's sense of self esteem probably needs bolstering and he was provided with an element of worth. Forgiving him, or otherwise though, doesn't change the fact that he is (ultimately) an abusive person who doesn't care too much about other people either way, partly because he doesn't realise he has a problem. So surely, forgiveness is a measure which will only help us feel good about ourselves and not help Tom - which should be the objective (for those out there who are bound to cross his path, if not for him).

John - Nice one. Perhaps you should pin up a copy of this thread in the bar. There are plenty of people like Tom Bruce about in this world.

2nd Aug 2009, 18:12
Spent from 1000 till 1530 in the garden, weeding, trimming, dead-heading and last and certainly not least, scarifying the lawn. Took an age as the collector bin filled up after app 7 seconds! Had 10 full sackloads of moss to be taken to the dump. Thinks: a beer would go down well on the way back! Pop into most convenient local, The Fox, to find TB outside having a cigarette.

He appears to acknowledge me, surprisingly and so I jokingly ask him about his application to rejoin the RN. "Haven't heard a thing, nothing!" "Come on, Tom, get real!!!!" I say as I head to the bar, already feeling the knives and eyes in my back.

Get beer, go back outside as TB comes in. Couple of chums there, so I chat to them, mentioning TB. "What, Billy NoMates?" Turns out he is always in there on his own these days, p1ssing off people regularly. Example: "I've got a couple of thousand cigarettes back at home, anyone want some?"| Mate of mine, and fellow Rugby Tourist says, yes please, I'll have a couple of cartons. "That'll be £60, then, I'll bring them in next time." Matey hands over £60 - guess what? No cigarettes appear and they never will.

Order second pint, return outside, have a cigarette, continue chatting to chums, TB comes out and, avoiding us, leaves. He then stops in the car-park, in full view of all of us, about 30 yards away. Takes out mobile phone, looking around at the parked cars, mine included, and makes a call, which appears to last for about one minute. I have given him lifts in my car previously, he is bound to know and recognise it, it has a distinctive number plate. Question: was he phoning Crime Stoppers to report a potential D&D, ie me? He then wanders up the road to his place. I finish beer and leave. Hence the title to this post.

2nd Aug 2009, 20:49
Ask to borrow his mobile, then drive over it.:)

2nd Aug 2009, 21:35
We had a quasi-walt individual with similar sounding problems up here not so long ago. Tried exackerely the same stunt last summer after being dissed on a Sunday too (once). Was observed by a large body of men. Did/do not expect to see him again. Nothing sinister Inspector Knacker..:)

added JF /Al R
Although I find the subject(s) of this thread sad, I still visualise the 'True Lies' feature film walt solution..:E

Captain Stable
3rd Aug 2009, 12:42
johnfairr - check your PM's.

4th Aug 2009, 20:56

Yes, it is sad, and I was feeling a bit bad about things initially. I then was made aware of a lot of other PPRuNers who had been, shall we say, treated shabbily.

Whilst I am prepared to forgive a large number of sins, ("Let he who is without sin . . . etc"), I draw the line at causing people heartache, which is what has happened.

I have no qualms about this guy. I just wish he would do himself a favour and understand that he needs to get back in touch with reality. :uhoh:

5th Aug 2009, 03:45
It won't happen, JF. Our reality stretches WAY back--much more than his could ever acknowledge.

Tom Bruce doesn't likely remember half the crap he's told people--much less recognizing any heartache that comes from it. The rest of what he remembers is buried in denial. That's what pathological people do.

Honour still resides with you, JF. If there were a badge, you should be wearing it. :ok:

13th Aug 2009, 11:07
Driving back from LHR last night, in desparate need of some alcoholic refreshment, I took the most direct route to my local. Heading up from the railway station, I caught a glimpse of a figure walking towards me on the pavement. As the figure passed through the beam of my headlights, I recognised the unmistakeable figure of TB. It was apparent he was heading towards the pub beside the station, not one that I frequent at all.

When I saw a few chums last Sunday, it was noted that he hadn't been seen in The Fox since my last post. Maybe it's working? The new pub that he probably frequents, and he himself, deserve each other! :E:E

13th Aug 2009, 11:49
Not The Exchange? Oh dear ..... :} Is it still the dive it always was?



13th Aug 2009, 11:59

I suspect that he was heading for the Waverley Arms, one of the worst pubs in Farnham, even though it is south of the tracks. Always smells of chip-fat oil on the few times I've been there.

The Exchange, or the Blue Boy, or whatever it is called now it has been taken over by an Indian family and sells curries . . . as well as ale and normal food, is oft frequented by Rugby club chums, including the guy who was done for £60 for non-existent ciggies. I doubt he'll get a warm welcome there . . . :E

13th Aug 2009, 12:56
Are you not being a bit harsh on a poor guy, whom I heard was in a coma in a seattle hospital not too long ago??? :}

13th Aug 2009, 13:51
For a guy in a coma, he drinks and smokes as if he is trying to ease our tax burden . . . . :E

I hope I look as fit as he does after 6 weeks on life-support. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

13th Aug 2009, 14:27
Absolutely - to captain an Iberian Airways 747 to Seattle, on a Class 1 medical and then collapse into a coma with a brain tumour .... amazing.

Now ... was it an old lady whom he ran over who beat him up? Or am I getting confused now?



13th Aug 2009, 15:30
Actually, thinking about it, didn't his tumour and coma clear up after a few days and he was right as rain after that??:ugh:

13th Aug 2009, 15:36
I have followed this thread with great interest and obviously this guy has upset a number of people here so I wouldn't dare comment on the rights and wrongs of all this as I don't know the background.

What I would dare say, from the little that can be gleaned here, is that this individual should take up fiction writing. He'd obviously be good at it!

13th Aug 2009, 16:03
Fair point Namib, credit where it's due; his command of the English language was very good :ok:



13th Aug 2009, 16:20
But isn't that what con-artists are all about?

Probably starting in childhood they spin good lines and folk believe them, so they hone their skills and progress.

For (the majority of) the rest of us we don't succeed (all children go through a 'story-telling' phase) and realise that we can't get away with tall stories.

By definition, con-artists are clever with words.

13th Aug 2009, 17:05
Actually, thinking about it, didn't his tumour and coma clear up after a few days and he was right as rain after that??:ugh:

Aah, well, Fly, we must at least get the lies accurate. Far be it that we might be accused of lying by TB.

He was in a coma in Seattle for 6-8 wks (that part kept fluctuating) then came the tumour diagnosis in Nov. (2008) He could never remember the name of the hospital though. :hmm: :rolleyes:

Must have been the onset of the tumour. :p

13th Aug 2009, 17:33
I've just read this absorbing thread from top to bottom trying to work out who was doing/saying what to whom. I think I've got the gist of it now. Some time ago I did have a few e-mails from DD/TB after I'd brought to his attention that someone had posted a thread stating that he and a certain lady were one and the same person. 'MILLIONAIRE' was the poster but the thread didn't last long.
He stated then that he flew for Iberia and offerered to send me verification but I declined. I then had several e-mails after that saying such things as 'he was down route' etc and rather the worse for wear due to too much red wine. Until reading this thread I'd forgotten all about it.
He used to sign off as Tom.

13th Aug 2009, 18:50
this individual should take up fiction writing. He'd obviously be good at it!

Errm....No, I don't think he would. Fiction has to be believable. Now fantasy, that is another matter, all he would need is a dictaphone/secretary. It sounds like Terry Pratchett couldn't make this guy up, or out.

13th Aug 2009, 18:59
Media Alert! - these days still a possible TV drama storyline here (how does it end tho'?) :}

13th Aug 2009, 19:58

Didn't know you were involved, albeit involuntarily, but you seem to have worked things out pretty well! :ok:

21st Sep 2009, 17:53
Wowser..Interesting thread, didn't realise there was that many walter mittys in aviation, suppose you get them in all walks of life sadly.

We encountered one who was a Millionaire Falklands veteran, with a fleet a exec planes...never did check to see if he had a valid licence, is there a website you could look on to tell?

Sir George Cayley
21st Sep 2009, 19:34
Back in 1994 I worked in a hot, airless Portakabin in South Manchester. The only relief from this unhealthy atmosphere was the 3 "babes" with whom I worked!

One day reception called to say a Naval Officer wanted to speak to someone about charitable donations. Being a friendly sorta guy, and not having a crisis to deal with just then, I said "sure send him in".

The chap that arrived was well turned out and very personable. He talked about his charity and his service record. Not sure if he realised that although working in the 'meedya' I had history when it came to aviation.

Chatting away I found it easy to encourage him to describe his past and to offer him opportunities to expand on the positive aspects of his service. It came from hours of being a good listener in the hope of bedding various cast off girlfriends.:ok:

After some 20 minutes of drivel I'd sussed him out. He looked apprehensive when I told him I was a plane spotter who specialised in Fleet Air Arm serial numbers. I started ask him about XV this and XW that, mentioned a few airframes that were CAT 9 'down there' (See I can out Walt a Walt) and he made his excuses and left.

Funnily enough that lunch time I went into the local shops to buy some decorating stuff, who should be in the shop with a rattle can but, yes our Walt.

It's rewarding to know after so many years that my gut reaction was right, but galling to think how many people he's defrauded in the intervening years.

Sir George Cayley

Loose rivets
21st Sep 2009, 19:51
Not really the same kind of guy, but did anyone ever come across Hugh Hutton?

I had a yen to leave the airlines for job that would give me more of a home life. I was all ready to believe that this guy would start an operation that could grow into a sizable charter company - with me doing the training and some flying. What happened next was the stuff of a Geoffry Archer novel, and it was only the timely warning by a Lordly aviation personage, that stopped me walking, naive as hell, into total disaster.

21st Sep 2009, 20:23
I had a yen to leave the airlines for job that would give me more of a home life. I was all ready to believe that this guy would start an operation that could grow into a sizable charter company - with me doing the training and some flying. What happened next was the stuff of a Geoffry Archer novel, and it was only the timely warning by a Lordly aviation personage, that stopped me walking, naive as hell, into total disaster.

Reminds me of "The Guv" and Caledonian Wings?... how he managed to fool anybody is beyond me... however he did... a thoroughly nasty little man... now thankfully where he belongs.

21st Sep 2009, 20:31
apologies if this is elsewhere in the thread:

''he scammed America, he scammed a kid''

Marine Charged With Faking War Wounds for Gain - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FOXNews.com (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,552880,00.html?test=latestnews)

Walt claims to be wounded in Afghanistan. The problem is he wasn't but he really is a marine. He now faces up to 31.5 years in the clink.

Last year there were 27 courts martial for wearing unearned medals.

22nd Sep 2009, 06:55
Aviation is pure Walt bait, always has been and always will be. Check out the movie "The Great Waldo Pepper," for goodness' sake! The eponymous hero is caught walting in one of the early scenes.

We had a primo Walt show up once, telling me that he had worked for the Qatari Defense Force and that the Mirage F1 was "an old friend." I wondered quite what he really meant and about two weeks later I found out: He had been Chief Pilot of a little evaluation unit using Cherokee 140s on would-be pilots, when he probably used Mirages as sunshades!

The Walt always runs the risk of tripping over someone who knows he's talking pure rubbish but that's an acceptable risk compared to fooling/fleecing the unaware. He just has to move on a bit to carry on walting out of earshot; if you think he's going to change his whole useless way of life just because you have rumbled him, well, think again!

Al R
22nd Sep 2009, 06:55
What a shame that this thread has merged as well.

It would have been nice to see the relentlessly decontaminating effect of a harsh spotlight on Tom Bruce and his kind, without it being softened.

How is his tumour/cancer/ejection injury (Sea Harrier)/broken back (Helicopter crash)/post torture treatment (Iraq)/Iberian Airlines career coming on by the way? He sure packs a lot in for a constantly pissed up wannabee. :D

22nd Sep 2009, 07:40
Didn't merge it. Just changed the name. The Bruce stuff was always in here as far as I know.

Al R
22nd Sep 2009, 07:52
Damn you for being so polite and rational again!


PS: Can't you at least put his name, address, post code, last known watering holes and mobile phone numbers in the thread title? :ok:

22nd Sep 2009, 08:00
Aaaah but the thread title used to be about "Stephen Lord Harrison", but as the thread had pretty much changed its subject matter primarily to Mr Bruce (plus a couple of others), I changed it.

Solid Rust Twotter
22nd Sep 2009, 09:12
With the Waltfinder General's permission I assume, Mr Wholi.....?

22nd Sep 2009, 09:45
Permission? PERMISSION??? I didn't come here to ask permission. I came here to wield colossal, immeasurable power in an unrestrained, wild and hysterical manner mate.


Edited to say forgot "random" in that list

22nd Sep 2009, 09:48
Wholi has a red pen. No permission required.

CG (teacher):ok:

22nd Sep 2009, 13:08
Unless he tries that on Rads, of course!

Headline in the Scrumpy Gazette


27th Sep 2009, 14:21
I've just read the whole thread because I was chatting to someone until very early this morning about something someone had done, although I knew who someone was I was getting one someone confused with the another someone.

Looks like someone (tumour/cancer/ejection injury/broken back/torture) who was being discussed but not mentioned until the early hours (amongst other things) is a bit of a [email protected]<hidden>

Snaps used to talk sometimes about her run in with another someone, language would have made a squaddie blush.

28th Sep 2009, 22:52
Gosh Foss, forgotten about that Walt. One did enjoy comparing notes with Snappy :)



28th Sep 2009, 23:10
Foss... there are so many someone's in your post, I can see how easily it is to become confused. :uhoh:

Perhaps you shouldn't stay up so late... ;)

29th Sep 2009, 01:22
Damn! - wasn't there a song (sung by the Bachelors)? with the title Someone? with lyrics Someone, someone, someone who really loves you?

I cannot find it using Googoo . . .

I though it might be appropriate here now - but as it doesn't seem to exist maybe it's as ethereal as the truth surrounding the subjects of this thread?

29th Sep 2009, 01:59
Yes... Snap's 'Walt' was a stonker. Thoroughly enjoyed outing him with the assistance of Whirls and a few others during the course of a certain NozBash... :ok:

29th Sep 2009, 02:10
"Someone Someone"
Done by The Tremeloes, reached No 2 in 1964.
I bought my first drum kit from Dave Munden and I went to the same school as Brian Poole.
Now them's TPSOI ;)

29th Sep 2009, 03:56
Is this now branching of into musical Waltz?

29th Sep 2009, 04:03
Good one, Foss. :ok:

29th Sep 2009, 07:43
Foss :D:D:D:D:D

29th Sep 2009, 09:18
Ooh I love musicals! Waltz Disney's are the best.

Sorry, I'll be off now.:{

Michael Birbeck
29th Sep 2009, 09:37
A Walt Disney tell the truth!

(an old Scottish one I know but true relative to the subject of this thread).

29th Sep 2009, 10:24
How about PJKelsey?

This is on his website
http://i301.photobucket.com/albums/nn77/aviate1138/Picture34.jpg Hmmmmm.

WELCOME TO PJKAIR (http://members.lycos.co.uk/pjkair/)

6th Oct 2009, 03:04
Another Walt bites the dust!

Rex Crane|POW fraud (http://www.smh.com.au/national/grandpas-war-stories-had-them-fooled--now-theyre-mortified-20091005-gjf6.html)

Desert Dingo
6th Oct 2009, 08:13
Photoshop fakes are often easily spotted just by checking shadows for the direction of the light source causing them.
In the photo above, the shadows of the cliffs on the shoreline come from a light source at the top right of the picture.
Now look at the tailplane of the aircraft. The shadow of the left horizontal stabiliser comes from a light source down at the bottom of the picture.
Maybe on that day there were two suns, one shining out of the sea, but I doubt it. :E

Michael Birbeck
6th Oct 2009, 08:30
It appears the US has a law to deal with the wearing of faux medals and Mittyesque claims of military valour.

Richard Strandlof said he survived the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon. He said he survived again when a roadside bomb went off in Iraq killing four fellow Marines. He'd point to his head and tell people he had a metal plate, collateral damage from the explosion.

Fake military veteran hid under 'ocean of lies' - CNN.com (http://edition.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/06/11/veteran.imposter/index.html)

I really had to laugh about the metal plate claim. Anybody with a strong magnet could have done an immediate head check and discerned that the only things that resided in this man's head were lies and confusion.

OK - The plate might have been made out of nickel and therefore non-magentic.

Worrals in the wilds
6th Oct 2009, 10:26
Rex Crane|POW lies (http://www.smh.com.au/national/pow-chief-a-prisoner-of-his-own-lies-20091002-ggid.html)
Yet another exposed Walt, an Australian this time. Rex Crane, Federal President of the ex-Prisoners of War Association of Australia, the only problem being that he wasn't one. :eek:
I'm only amazed he got away with it for so long, we have a pretty small poplulation and an even smaller network of ex diggers. I'd have thought he would have been caught out before now.

P.S. Apologies, notmyC150v2 if that was the story you linked to? I couldn't get your link to work.

10th Oct 2009, 03:11
The daughter of an SAS Walt, who she thought was dead and turned up on a BBC Newsnight sting, tells her story.

'My dad the SAS Walter Mitty': How Claire mourned her father's death for seven years before seeing him ALIVE on television | Mail Online (http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/femail/article-1219325/My-dad-SAS-Walter-Mitty-How-Claire-mourned-fathers-death-seven-years-seeing-ALIVE-television.html)

Al R
10th Oct 2009, 07:19
Now, there's a coincidence.. we all know a bullshitter called Tom, don't we children? :ok:

She looks a nice girl too - what a shame that there are :mad: like that about who can't think beyond the end of their own desperately inadequate lives and egos.

10th Oct 2009, 07:58
I've got that hatchet buried somewhere. Hopefully, it will never find a back or head to make contact with. :cool::}

Michael Birbeck
10th Oct 2009, 08:36
Apparently Sassarego was a good soldier who most likely would have made it into the SAS if it wasn't for an injury.

The detail in his book was pretty much his experience (Bosnia, Afghanistan, Angola etc. ) although he did lie about having been in the SAS to push up sales.

The Carew name was a nom de plume.

One wonders why his daughter would choose to do such an interview so long after his death. Not very impressive.

Al R
10th Oct 2009, 08:40
Mmm, well, I certainly don't remember him from when I was there. But then again, I was involved in the 'parachuting from low orbit' secret space station trials, so our paths probably didn't cross. Apparantly, Tom Bruce was on that job too, but he actually designed the space station and because of his crashes wasn't actually cleared to jump. Which was a shame, because I'm sure he was probably the world freefall champion before he was 3 but never got the chance to tell anyone.

Michael Birbeck
10th Oct 2009, 08:46

One guy (another nom de plume) who planned to beat Joseph Kittinger's freefall altitude record.

Eventually killed himself by jumping out of his plane while his girlfriend was piloting it. Very sad story of a life destroyed by mental illness.

Freefall: Amazon.co.uk: Tom Read: Books (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Freefall-Tom-Read/dp/0316643033)

Al R
10th Oct 2009, 09:03
Yes, I read that.

In all seriousness for a moment some here may have known and worked with Frank Collins (of a similar background). I worked with Frank in chilly and hot and sandy places. I shared a snowhole with Frank and one of my funniest memories of being in the Arctic was Frank, dressed up in home made Bishop's rig c/w mitre, screaming down the Eddie the Eagle slope at Lillehammer (I think it was). He and a couple of us did some langlauf one night and seeing the Aurelia Borealis over Tromso (?) made me think that perhaps he did have a point about God. After leaving the mob, he became a padre and he is one of the few people I met who said things that I remember, and actually made me think. Obviously, as my contributions testify, I stopped doing that dubious practice soon after.

Frank was one of the men who entered the Iranian Embassy (I believe he was first in) and eventually gravitated towqrds God, but it was all too much for him. He was found sitting in his garage, dead about 10 years ago. An utterly charming, self effacing and charismatic man (ask anyone who knew ansd worked with him), he didn't have to talk about what he did.. he didn't want to talk about it, he just wanted to be at peace and he wanted to help others. His book is different from the plethora of other reads that have done the rounds because like Read's, its the story of a personal journey which was painful and leaves the reader unaware of what eventually did happen to him. And the ultimately tragic and poignant end makes it even more special. I hope he found his peace.



Baptism of Fire: The Astonishing True Story of a Man of God: Amazon.co.uk: Frank Collins: Books (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Baptism-Fire-Astonishing-True-Story/dp/0385409168)

10th Oct 2009, 09:18
The detail in his book was pretty much his experience (Bosnia, Afghanistan, Angola etc. )

He lied about all that as well.

Michael Birbeck
10th Oct 2009, 09:21
He lied about all that as well.

Ah then his book is one to file under the fiction section!

Death of an SAS fantasist: Was Tom Carew murdered - or did he fake his own death? | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1128630/Death-SAS-fantasist-Was-Tom-Carew-murdered--did-fake-death.html)

BBC News | HEALTH | Author 'lied about SAS membership' (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1656661.stm)

10th Oct 2009, 14:37
It seems many of these "walts" actually saw service - from what I have read one was a former Naval Officer who served in the Falklands conflict (albeit not as a Naval Flyer) and the guy above arguably had more field experience than most and as Adrian Weale implicitly admits most of the book was true!

These guys had solid credentials without the need to lie! The mind boggles.

11th Oct 2009, 23:32
has been jailed.
Craig Alexander claimed he was a qualified medical practitioner and a major in the Royal Army Medical Corps.
He also fooled aspiring TA officer Georgina Miles, 30, and married her after a 'whirlwind romance' - despite already having a wife and children.

'Fantasist Army doctor' who treated troops is jailed | Metro.co.uk (http://www.metro.co.uk/news/article.html?Fantasist_Army_doctor_who_treated_troops_is_jailed&in_article_id=750749&in_page_id=34)

Al R
12th Oct 2009, 06:58
Did the army not even do basic checks on that cock before it let him treat injured servicemen? That, surely, is reckless. I wonder if any private lawsuits are in the offing.

12th Oct 2009, 11:16
More about this one..

Victim of the lying Major: TA girl fell for serial fantasist who said he'd been an Army medic, a fighter pilot and a psychiatrist | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1219741/Victim-lying-Major-TA-girl-fell-serial-fantasist-said-hed-Army-medic-fighter-pilot-psychiatrist.html)

Captain Stable
12th Oct 2009, 11:36
It beggars belief that the TA did not (a) check his service history, nor (b) check his GMC registration before allowing him to treat injured soldiers.

12th Oct 2009, 16:54
Poor lass, she should have a free kick at his goolies, if she hasn't already.

12th Oct 2009, 20:42
Assuming he has any...

4th Dec 2009, 16:18
Do we know him?

Hunt for Remembrance Day conman who marched with 'impossible' haul of 21 medals | Mail Online (http://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/news/article-1233188/Hunt-Remembrance-Day-conman-marched-impossible-haul-21-medals.html)


(The Daily Mail)

Captain Stable
4th Dec 2009, 19:17
He doesn't even know how to wear a bloody beret, let alone all his other stupid gaffes. If you're going to try it on like that, at least have the sense not to wear WWII medals with Gulf Conflict ones...

Strewth. :rolleyes:

Hope they find him. :ouch:

4th Dec 2009, 19:21
We have our own share of PX Heros over here as well.

Here's a group that's going after them on this side of the pond.

Welcome To ReportStolenValor.org (http://www.reportstolenvalor.org/)

14th Dec 2009, 14:30
BBC News - Arrest over Armistice Day medals (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/coventry_warwickshire/8411357.stm)

18th Dec 2009, 09:55
Some of you may recall that a few months I saw a shadowy figure making its way to one of the less reputable pubs in Farnham, The Waverley.

Last night it was the point of departure for a bunch of rugby chums to go to a dinner with a couple of British Lion Legends, Fergus Slattery and Ian McGeechan. Got to the pub slightly early, had a beer and waited for the rest to pitch up. "Hello JF, how's it going?" I had broken one of my cardinal rules, don't assume, check!

There was the Walt, large as life, acting as if he was my best buddy. Given the weather outside, the cold shoulder was well primed and I completely blanked him. Off he wanders to a quiet part of the bar, to annoy somebody else, and luckily at that point in walk some real chums! Amongst them is my small, round Australian chum, who is of Spanish extraction. He tells me he bumped into TB a month or so back and was informed by him that he had got married and was moving back to Spain. "But you've always been saying that, when are you going?" Mumble, mumble - no answer. The plot thickens.

10th Dec 2010, 18:31
This may well have have been done before, but anyone got any good 'Walt' sories. Never ceases to amaze me what people will try and get away with..................

Anyway, can't stop. Off to an SAS Reunion (Suffolk Antique Society).


10th Dec 2010, 18:38
The search function is your friend..... (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/380264-definitive-thread-walts-various.html) :)

10th Dec 2010, 18:45
Thanks 66, hours of fun!

10th Dec 2010, 18:49
The Army guys also have a few classic examples...

ARRSE (http://www.arrse.co.uk/arrse/)

Just type "walt" into their search function, and be prepared for robust comment!

Lon More
10th Dec 2010, 22:57
Then there was our very own Guv. Unmasked largely by Danny's diligence.
Lot worse than a Walt unfortunately - also a kiddy fiddler; about now might be coming up for parole, I believe.

12th Dec 2010, 16:19
Lon, I thought he was in UTFN.

The original sentence
On Tuesday, [Lord Reed] took 25 minutes to explain why he deserved a life sentence. He said he presented a considerable danger to the public and should serve at least six years in jail.

He stressed it did not follow that he would be released then and it would be up to the parole board to decide when he should be freed.

This, from his appeal against conviction.

[35] The sentencing judge decided that, since the appellant would be entitled to be released two thirds of the way through the custodial period of any finite sentence imposed and would not be subject to any supervision on the ultimate expiry of the extension period, the public would not be sufficiently protected by an extended sentence. We agree with that view. We consider that the risk posed by this appellant is such that a finite sentence cannot provide the necessary protection for members of the public. In our view, the public interest requires that this offender be detained in custody until those responsible for his release are satisfied that he can safely be returned to the community.

[36] The appeal against the sentence of life imprisonment is accordingly refused.

Hopefully that means they've 'thrown away the key'.

Lon More
12th Dec 2010, 16:47
Thank God for that!!!

12th Dec 2010, 18:06
This is the last I heard of him:


I hope someone is waiting for him if he ever gets out.

15th Dec 2010, 18:56

c'mon, it's bloody obvious the guy is a fake!

If he moderated the gongs down somewhat and got rid of the SAS stuff he would barely have gotten a second glance, the old geezer attracted attention to himself. Dummkopf!

And where is the regimental tie?

15th Dec 2010, 19:04
And where is the regimental tie?

A local pawn shop? :p

Now that I think about, I remember something that I did, or more accurately tried to do, when I was a young one living in England. I saw a tie in a shop that had wings on it and was striped, diagonally, in blue and red (I think, was a long time ago). As my father was an Air Force pilot I decided to buy the tie for his birthday.

I went into the store and a very proper gentleman inquired if he could assist the 'young master' (it took a minute to realize that he was addressing me :O). I informed him of my desire and I was informed that he could not sell me the tie, as it was an 'Air Force' tie. I replied that my father was indeed an Air Force pilot. The gentleman looked down his nose at me and said something like this; (can't remember the exact words, after all this was over 50 years ago)

"No, this tie is for a proper Air Force, the Royal Air Force."

I can pretty much remember what my father said when I told him the story, but I can't post such language* here.

* At least not anymore. :p

16th Dec 2010, 12:54
Off to an SAS Reunion (Suffolk Antique Society)

I once had the (mis-)fortune to talk to someone who kept talking about their time with the SAS....

Turned out they did check-in at CPH.


Cardinal Puff
17th Dec 2010, 05:38

Worrals in the wilds
17th Dec 2010, 06:04
Con-pilot, the joys of being a :confused: young colonial in The City. During my first ever trip to London I inadvertently talked to a stranger on the Tube when I apologised for dropping a suitcase on him. A stink bomb would have gotten a warmer reception from the crowded carriage. I got the feeling that he was more upset about the talking than the suitcase. :O

Back in the big island colony they're talking about jail for this guy. His huge Walting effort included defrauding the Commonwealth of nearly $700,000 by falsely claiming pensions from Veterans' Affairs. They don't seem to be prosecuting him for the actual Walting part though.
Fake POW claimed $700,000 in pension payments (http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/fake-pow-claimed-700000-in-pension-payments-20101126-18a6v.html)

Also, a Vietnam imposter got a three month suspended sentence for pure Walting in an Anzac Day march (he didn't gain financially). I'm glad the authorities are going after these people, IMO it makes a mockery of all other legitimate returned servicepeople. The judge's description of him as a 'pathetic and inadequate man' surely covers most of the erks who do this sort of thing.
War veteran imposter avoids jail - ABC Melbourne - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (http://www.abc.net.au/news/video/2010/05/25/2909254.htm?site=melbourne)

17th Dec 2010, 16:57
Worrals, we passed a law, well Congress did, to make falsely claiming to be a decorated war veteran against the law. Now it may have been just if they falsely claimed to be a Medal of Honor recipient, can't remember right now.

Anyway, guess what, it was overturned when a 'Walt' claimed that the law infringed on his Freedom of Speech.

You can't make stupid things like this up.

Of course even though the law was overturned, it does not prohibit the media from plastering their faces and names all over the place to show what scumbags they are. :p

We had such a 'Walt' here in Oklahoma and after the local media got through with him he had to leave the state.

18th Dec 2010, 20:57
Having a tough time these days, kitchen-wise, the Trabb thread has an ongoing saga - so needed a beer this afternoon.

Called up my small. round, Australian mate, decided on meeting at the Waverley, as he could walk there and I could drive there on mostly clear roads.

Excellent chit-chat, #2 son pitched up with a mate, Oz-Buddie Wife comes in, lots of fun. Pop out for a cigarette only to meet another chum who has suffered from TB, the bloke, not the complaint, though on reflection both fit!

Apparently TB was in the pub last night, having just got back from "overseas". His "wife", an FA out of Gatwick, is pregnant with twins and he is due out to a sandy place soon. He asked a chum of mine (who left the RN many, many years ago) "You've been on deployment, how do you handle it when you come back, you know, the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?"

Another goodie from another chum; I know his house (well, single-bedroom bungalow, if I was generous) and his council tax bill arrived at the local British Legion Club, for £1400. He'd given them the post-code/address. I seem to remember a certain "Beatriz Fontana" (?) going to the same BLC to receive a veterans badge or summat?

The aforemntioned pub is known to a few people on here and is not one I would call a "local" of mine,, but having lived here 25 years or so, there a few people that I am on nodding, or better, terms with: he's still fooling people I know, even though we tell them that he is a fraud.

Unrerlated story in this weeks' Farnham Herald; Man convicted for faking his own death, wife lives in Spain, also convicted. reason for prosecution (and damning evidence)? - his finger-prints were on his death certificate . . . . :hmm::hmm:

As I said above - the usual disclaimers apply, but I'm getting interested again:E

Captain Stable
19th Dec 2010, 14:41
his finger-prints were on his death certificate"In his defence, my Lord, my client merely wanted to check that he really was dead..." :uhoh:

19th Dec 2010, 15:31
I have come across this a few times. One was an OC Ops Wg (bit ineffectual to tell the truth) who, had it been known generally, would have had a lot more respect if it were common knowledge that he had completed 40+ raids in Bomber Command. Modest chap.

However, the most extreme case I know of 'Reverse Walting' is a buddy of mine I have known for 6 years. Cousin.

Claimed to have been a conscietious objecter (CO) at the beginning of the Viet Nam War and to have been called up all the same and become a Navy cook. The powers that be had decided that he should cook for one of the first unit of marines in 'Nam; this being as how they had a soft spot in their hearts for COs.

Mate expalins a couple of wounds as being when 'they guys got really pissed as it looked like their cook was about to get killed' and rescued me.

He plays down the whole thing.

Turns out he was a Marine: 2 Purple Hearts and Silver Star. 2 tours in 'Nam.

In a private moment asked him why the story:

1. Was ashamed of his involvement in the war.
2. Didn't want to be compared with all the bar flies you find around AC and Subic who were all SF or Rangers.

19th Dec 2010, 21:39
And where is the regimental tie?

Also missing, the small lapel pin showing membership of the SAS Association.

Lon More
20th Dec 2010, 13:56
I seem to remember a certain "Beatriz Fontana"
(s)he came across as a bit weird, but a Walt?

Charlie Foxtrot India
21st Dec 2010, 06:27
Arthur Crane, who falsely claimed to be a POW, is jailed for welfare fraud | The Australian (http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/arthur-crane-who-falsely-claimed-to-be-a-pow-is-jailed-for-welfare-fraud/story-e6frg6nf-1225974477410)

21st Dec 2010, 07:40
My abiding memory of Beatriz is a slightly irrational obsession with Muse (the proggy rock band), but not fancicul claims of military derring do by any stretch.

21st Dec 2010, 09:03
No, no, no. Beatriz wasn't a Walt, Rads and I met her at a BoGBash and she bought a house just near my rugby club. Tom and her actually had a beer at the club one Sunday, when I was in "believing" mode. :*:* Last I heard she was involved with a RN chap from Portsmouth. She also went under the PPRuNe handle of "Lamenting Nav"

She actually did work for MoD in a PR role, and quite senior. To my abiding shame, I was conned by Tom Bruce into moving some stuff from his gaff to her temporary one and saw some of her Forces mementoes.

No shame about moving stuff, just that I was doing what Tom B asked me to. First and last time

Dan Winterland
6th Jan 2011, 07:16
The phenominum of the 'Walt' is an interesting psychological topic, one which I can't really comprehend myself. Sure, people elaborate their military experiences in the bar after a few drinks, but to invent a whole military career in the elite units when all you were was a mess hand is all a bit sad. Especially when the risk of being caught is so high leading to ridicule and even prosecution.

One type of 'Walt' I came across sometimes was the airshow poseur. Enthusuiasts sometimes dress up and have the flying suits and badges and this is OK. But I've noticed a different type who likes to pretend to be aircrew and even tries to blend in with the real item. I experienced this the first time while I was standing outside the aircraft at a major UK airshow on the first shift (being the junior member of the crew) of the static display nursing the largest hangover in NATO due to an excellent first night party. A couple of Belgian Air Force F16 pilots came up to the barrier and started chatting - well I was listening more than talking due to my head hurting and wasn't in the mood for idle chat. But as they kept blahing on about thier fantastic aircraft, something didn't quite fit. My suspicions were confirmed when they said how much they enjoyed working with the RAF tankers (Victors refuelling F16s?) when the penny dropped. I politely told them to F off and they did, realising they had been rumbled. I saw them later when it wasn't my shift bullsh!tting one of my colleagues, they made a hasty departure when they saw me. It turns out there wern't any Belgian F16s at that show.

And I saw them at a couple of other airshows talikng to kids and signing autographs. I didn't say anything as I didn't want to bust their bubble. They looked authentic, but too authentic - including Rayban aviatiors. Very sad - and not the only airshow 'Walt' I've met. But these were the first and the worst (best?).

But those who have decided that they have the right to find and ''out'' such people can be just as bad. I was accused of being a 'Walt' myself once. I had joined the TA many years ago and I met someone from the same TA company some years later. He didn't remember me, which wasn't suprising as my attendance was sporadic as I only joined to stay a member of a military gliding club. Gliding was more important than being a soldier to me and besides, I thought the whole thing rather silly and I couldn't remember many details of my time there. I could recall him though, as he was quite obnoxious at the time - and still was. I was accused of inventing my Army service record (unimpressive as it was) by this character who was quite vociferous. Although why anyone should chose to invent a previous 'career' as a private in a relatively unimportant TA infantry regiment when they were actually a RAF pilot beats me.

And I know a WW2 Lancaster crew member who was accused of being a phoney because he didn't fit the blazer with Squadron badge and tie stereotype, marching down the high street on rememberance Sunday. He survived two tours, was wounded and found the whole thing very traumatic and just wanted to forget his wartime experiences, prefering living the quiet life as an artist and mentioning his time in the RAF to no-one. Until one day he did and it was picked up by some jealous veterans with much less to boast about - and he was ridiculed, confirming all his fears and suspicions.

Billy Bunter
13th Jan 2011, 13:05
A chap called N***l Str*****llow (one of his names!) has turned up on the Book of Faces. Better known as ' NIGELINOZ (http://www.pprune.org/members/157789-nigelinoz) '

If you are 'friends' with him, please be careful, especially if you are female. He has a known history of scamming women from this site.

If you are one of the few who doesn't know his full, real name, please PM me for it.

28th Sep 2012, 14:43
It appears that two more WALTS have crawled out the woodwork today. They're 68 yrs old, you'd think they'd have developed some working brain cells by now.

Get a look at the clown on the left - he looks like he's been in every War since 1812 - not to mention he looks like he borrowed half of a 3rd World Dictators, Field Marshal's regalia, as well .... :rolleyes:

"Two men, who have allegedly been impersonating returned servicemen, have been charged under the Defence Act.

Police seized military paraphernalia yesterday in the raids of two homes in Beenleigh, south of Brisbane, and Oxenford on the Gold Coast.

The raid came after police were tipped off that the two 68-year-old men had allegedly been impersonating returned servicemen.

The men have been charged with one count each of falsely representing to be a returned soldier, sailor or airman and improper use of service decorations.

They are due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on October 10."

Men Impersonating Returned Servicemen, Police Allege After Raids (http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/men-impersonating-returned-servicemen-police-20120927-26mkq.html#ixzz27dVaqNms)


28th Sep 2012, 16:04
I am working on a very small photographic project, taking pictures of American veterans as part of my studies in photography. I am a non-combat Viet Nam veteran and I want to get past this modern cliche of the Wounded Warrior, since less than 10% of veterans fit that category. It might be the most important in some ways, but it's not the predominant one.

I was told to watch a documentary, After the Fog, by Jay Craven, that deals with vets. In it there is this one old codger who claims to have been going about, having been 'dropped into Normandy' if I got that right, armed with a dagger and an address book, assignment: scragging Wehrmacht officers. Silly me, I thought the Wehrmacht usually posted guards on officers' quarters. Or did this fellow just say, 'Candygram für Herr Major Hackelsmackel,' when they just let him in? Anyway, there was a strong odor of Walt coming off this guy, something that a non-vet might have missed.

Then there was that American who confessed to having ordered the airstrike that burned Kim Phuc, the little naked girl in that famous photo by Nick Ut. This foul deed had tormented him for years, so that he finally had to come clean in public about it. Except that it never happened! It was a VNAF airstrike with no American involvement.

If you are in the States and you really need to see some Walts, just go to the Viet Nam Memorial around the 4th of July. Thick as fleas on a dog, last time I did that.

Um... lifting...
28th Sep 2012, 18:16
These lads above (though I couldn't swear to it without a larger image) appear to be wearing a bit of American hardware amongst the other gongs and whatnot.

Any infant can plainly see that they were on loan from Australian Defence, on extremely dicey and sensitive missions for an extended period. So sensitive indeed, that even their initial enlistment and training paperwork has been tucked away under The Secrets Act or whatever it's called in Oz.

The truth will out sometime around the year 2060. You'll see.

tony draper
28th Sep 2012, 18:26
They look like identical twins to me,think the article would have commented on that.:confused:

28th Sep 2012, 18:36
One Track

I was going to post that as I got it in an email today from my association
as a follow up from when they were originally exposed.

The guy on the right of the photo might just have got away with it
if he hadn't have been with his brother. A fair bit of what he is wearing
is correct, although location of some items is a bit suspect !!!

The guy on the left must have really been pulling his dick !

I just noticed the most glaring mistake out.

This was taken in 2012. The beret they are wearing belong to
1 Commando Regiment, an Army Reserve unit of the Australian
Defence force. It has 2 companies, 1 Cdo Coy in Sydney and 2 Cdo Coy in Melbourne plus 126 Sig Regt in Melbourne.

Up until East Timor, very few members if any had served overseas.
(Now a fair few have served OS in East Timor, Iraq, Afghan etc).
That included Vietnam and those that had were generally Ex Regular Army
and based on what I have seen, are more likely to parade with their Regular Army beret than an Army Reserve unit beret, even if it is a SF one.

The last Vietnam Vet likely to have served in 1 Commando Regiment
was an Ex SAS veteran who was posted in as part of a Regular officers
posting cycle for 2 years (He was my 2IC).

Um... lifting...
28th Sep 2012, 21:23
Homeless Vietnam Veteran So Traumatized By War, Can’t Remember Unit, Military Terms | The Duffel Blog (http://www.duffelblog.com/2012/09/homeless-vietnam-veteran-so-traumatized-by-war-cant-remember-unit-military-terms/)

Worrals in the wilds
28th Sep 2012, 23:03
They're 68 yrs old, you'd think they'd have developed some working brain cells by now.I read somewhere that they were marching with the SASR in Brisbane's Anzac Day parade last year, so the answer to your theory would be no. No working brain cells at all...:uhoh:
All those guys know each other; it would be like turning up to a barbie you weren't invited to.
On a lighter note, apparently one of them was wearing a US lifesaving medal as part of the gong collection...:E

28th Sep 2012, 23:15
"I read somewhere that they were marching with the SASR in Brisbane's Anzac Day parade last year, so the answer to your theory would be no. No working brain cells at all..."

Well that confirms it.

As you said, all the SASR guys know each other but here is another reason.

The Commando unit they are supposed to have been a part of (1 Cdo Regt) have a huge history in the Australian Military Forces that can be traced back to the most illustrious of them all, the M &Z Special Units, then the various independent companies. They could have marched with any number of units where they might have blended in a bit more !!!

29th Sep 2012, 01:23
Tony - Yes, sorry, the newspaper article forgot to mention they are identical twins, as did I. Sloppy journalism at its best. What punishment would you recommend?

They really are a sad pair, deserving more pity than scorn. One of the brothers written response to queries about his service makes Walter Mitty look like a realist.
How ironic, that the pair were born on April 1st, 1944!

They've obviously shopped the used militaria dealers, swap meets, and probably eBay as well, to procure more glitter than a lyrebird does for its nest.
They have then attached the awards and medals with little regard for placement, as to position, or even relationship to campaigns. Some of the items are merely "tin" commemorative items, and some are merely laughable.
They have even acquired the Infantry Combat Badge, and placed it on the wrong side, as well as upside down!

The full story is on the ANZMI website. They were actually in the CMF, but that's the limit of their "war" experiences. Talk about taking "cut-lunch commandos" to the extreme! :rolleyes:

Hines twins - Military Imposters (http://www.anzmi.net/hines/hines.html)

29th Sep 2012, 01:35
For what it's worth, this is the true story of a bloke I once worked with. It's as written for an article elsewhere

The Colonel

I once worked with a bloke called Bert. He worked in an installation crew who traveled the state digging holes and filling them with gauging stations. Bert could dig holes and pour concrete as well as anyone else, and was a willing worker. He drank marginally less than the other members of the crew, and was a reasonably good cook. However, he had a fatal flaw.

Firstly, he was a bit shonky, in that he used a local order book to buy tyres and petrol for his own car. Because he was often the least intoxicated person on the crew, he would sometimes do the paperwork for the boss’s advance account. Nothing criminal was ever proven. In those days traveling expenses could make up almost half your take home pay, but after four weeks in one place, they dropped to half the rate. When this happened, Bert would present a medical certificate signed by a friendly doctor and return to his home. This mysterious illness soon became known as Bert's 28 day sickness. Nevertheless, Bert and his career could have survived these minor eccentricities, had it not been for the fatal flaw.

Bert was the personification of Walter Mitty. He had paddled a canoe from Australia to New Guinea while part of Z Special Force during the war. He was the holder of the world upside down flying record. He had driven a million miles in an FJ Holden taxi without a change of spark plugs. The complete list of his deeds is still held in trust by a responsible hydrographer, nearly 40 years after Bert's 'retirement', and it runs to two foolscap pages.

The thing was that Bert was such a convincing bullshitter. Even though the chronology of his deeds meant that he must have joined the army when he was five years old, there was always the possibility that he looked old for his years, and, perhaps, even put his age up. Bert was always able to mix detail with obscurity in an appropriate ratio to sound believable without leading himself up a blind alley.

When I met him, I'd just come out of the army where I’d had a much closer acquaintance with officers of field rank than was healthy, and here was Bert, a Major in the CMF, with all the right gongs, correct uniform, bristling moustache, the works. As time went by, Bert achieved the promotions that come with seniority, eventually winning the red tabs of a full colonel. Every Thursday, he'd come to work in uniform (he was confined to office duties by then) and leave early to do 'staff work' at Victoria Barracks. The Parramatta RSL's Anzac Day booklet showed a photo of a beaming Colonel Bert, organiser of the parade, flanked by a pair of fawning regular army Captains.

I'd been out of the office for a few days, when, tucked away in the inside pages of the morning paper, was a brief article about Bert, who had been fined some small sum for impersonating a Colonel. According to the article, one of the regular army Captains had become suspicious, but I doubt it. Regular army Captains do not jeopardise their careers by asking awkward questions about Colonels. I suspect one of the World War II diggers that we worked with dropped him in it. Not long afterwards, Bert moved on to another career and was all but forgotten. Sometimes we old hands would bore the youngsters with tales of Bert and his exploits. The youngsters would wink at each other and wonder whether Bert was a bigger bullshitter than us.

The world moved through the sixties, seventies, eighties and into the nineties. Bert moved from memory to legend, until sometime in the mid nineties, the keeper of Bert's record came across a short article tucked away in the Daily Telegraph. Bert had been accused of impersonating a retired Brigadier at his local RSL club. Loyalties in the club were divided, with many members failing to understand that his wartime work had been so secret that his records were marked 'Never to be released.'

Bert must be getting on a bit now, if he’s still alive, but I keep an eye on the news in anticipation of his appointment as Chief of the Imperial General Staff.

Sven Langolier
29th Sep 2012, 10:07
They're 68 yrs old, you'd think they'd have developed some working brain cells by now. I read somewhere that they were marching with the SASR in Brisbane's Anzac Day parade last year, so the answer to your theory would be no. Maybe you mean this year Worrals from the report in the Herald-Sun (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/twins-jack-and-george-hines-arrested-for-allegeldy-masquerading-as-war-veterans/story-fndo45r1-1226482882733)?

It will be alleged Jack and George Hines, born on April Fool's Day in 1944, had marched alongside veteran SAS soldiers at this year's Anzac Parade in Brisbane.
Not that it matters much to the case but actually they didn't.

No working brain cells at all... Maybe they'll get off with an insanity plea but I doubt they'd do that. They really do appear to believe their own BS

Mr Hines said the secretive nature of the unit was the reason he did not show up on any standard Australian Army rolls.

He said he carried out surveillance with MASK in more than 20 countries including Vietnam, Borneo, Mozambique, Cambodia, Nigeria and Thailand.

As part of his duties, Mr Hines said he carried out surveillance at Cheviot Beach, where former prime minister Harold Holt disappeared, and watched Mr Holt himself at the Lodge in the weeks before he was lost in the ocean.

"I wasn't really comfortable with doing surveillance on the Prime Minister but those were my orders," he said.

Mr Hines said his brother had served in Vietnam twice "that I know off".

Read more: Charged 'false servicemen' claim secretive past (http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/charged-false-servicemen-claim-secretive-past-20120927-26nsc.html#ixzz27qQLMmfh)

Worrals in the wilds
30th Sep 2012, 00:08
Thanks for the clarification, Sven. That's the report I saw.

Sven Langolier
5th Oct 2012, 10:40
I just noticed the most glaring mistake out.It is not a mistake 500N.

Quite the reverse and probably the only item they were entitled to wear.:rolleyes:

This was taken in 2012. The beret they are wearing belong to
1 Commando Regiment, an Army Reserve unit of the Australian
Defence force. It has 2 companies, 1 Cdo Coy in Sydney and 2 Cdo Coy in Melbourne plus 126 Sig Regt in Melbourne.

Up until East Timor, very few members if any had served overseas.Excepting I suppose those that did.:rolleyes:

(Now a fair few have served OS in East Timor, Iraq, Afghan etc).
That included Vietnam and those that had were generally Ex Regular ArmyExcepting of course those that were not ARA and served tours in Vietnam.:rolleyes:

And also excepting those that served with The Team in Vietnam.:rolleyes:

and based on what I have seen, are more likely to parade with their Regular Army beret than an Army Reserve unit beret, even if it is a SF one.Simpson VC (http://justmedals.com/PRODUCT/GROUPS/Simpson.html) obviously didn't get the memo.:rolleyes:http://www.justmedals.com/PRODUCT/Groups/Simpson/Images/simpson.jpg

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Oct 2012, 13:25
Out here it's all about the bling.:rolleyes: What professional soldier won't know the provenance of his medals?

I was framed, says top officer
October 2 2012 at 09:59am
By Colleen Dardagan

An official picture taken at the August 22 parade showing Lieutenant-Colonel Sibusiso Mbuyazi apparently wearing the deceased chaplain Patrick Montgomerys medals.

Durban - The commanding officer-to-be of the Durban Light Infantry, Lieutenant-Colonel Sibusiso Mbuyazi, denies wearing a dead man’s medals at a parade in Pretoria in August, labelling allegations that he did so as a racist attack to smear his name.

In an interview with The Mercury on Monday, Mbuyazi, 42, said the “six” medals were permanently displayed on his tunic.

“I just put my tunic on. I don’t look down. If there were other medals there, someone must have put them there,” he said.

Mbuyazi allegedly wore the late Chaplain Patrick Montgomery’s medals at a parade when he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel.

He officially takes charge of the DLI on Wednesday.

A charge of theft has been laid against him by the DLI headquarter’s board chairman, Mike Adrain, because the medals were reportedly stolen from a display cabinet at the unit in May.

The SANDF has issued a military order charging him with wearing another soldier’s medals.

But Mbuyazi said he was framed. “I have six medals, one for 10 years’ service, another for 20 years’ service. I can’t remember what the others were for. After the parade I put my tunic down in the offices at the Pretoria headquarters.”

The receptionist on duty at headquarters told him that someone “went to my jacket and started fiddling with the medals and taking pictures”.

“When I got back to my room I noticed that all my medals were gone,” he said.

Mbuyazi said the person probably pinned the medals on his jacket earlier and was seen looking at them and photographing them. He accused the person of removing all the medals, including his own.

Mbuyazi also denied that he had said he had “borrowed the medals from a friend”.

“I was not welcomed here. Transformation has to take place. This is a black-white thing. I looked at the charges and just laughed. I’m strong, but I am feeling that my life is threatened now,” he said.

The Mercury established from military files that Mbuyazi officially had four medals: the Unitas medal and general service medal – 10 years, a loyal service medal with a 20-year bar and the Protea bronze.

After Montgomery’s death, his medals were given to the DLI by his family for display purposes. The chaplain was awarded seven medals which included the John Chard Decoration and bar for 30 years’ service.

Mbuyazi also reportedly wore the medals to an official dinner after the parade.

While SANDF spokesman Xolani Mabanga failed to respond, Colonel Pat Acutt, senior staff officer of the Defence Reserves in KZN, said Mbuyazi was likely to appear before a military judge in the next few weeks. - The Mercury

5th Oct 2012, 13:38
I knew of Simpson (and others).
And the AATTV

"Excepting I suppose those that did."

Yes, if you count all the one's in from the 50's and 60's
who had served in WWII and Korea but I was talking
about it from a slightly more modern perspective.

10th Oct 2012, 01:17

Only a complete raving REMF moron would think that there is any possibility of those two being genuine. Anyone who has served in the Australian Army in the last 40 years would know at a glance that these two were a walking dream team.

500N knows exactly what he is talking about.

11th Oct 2012, 00:38
It seems Sven is no longer with us !

At least he last 8 posts, 7 more than the poor guy
who was banned after 1 post !!! LOL :O

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