View Full Version : EZY's new paydeal...what a joke

Money Man
12th Apr 2001, 23:01
Today EZY announced their new paydeal.
Captains get 5% and a one off payment(only LTN captains) of 2000 Sterling. First Officers get 2.7% (Yes, TWO POINT SEVEN) to both basic and sector pay.
And this is the package to remain competitive with GO and Ryanair?

Mmmmm, guess the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence. I might have a look, what about you?

What a sad day, and not even Friday the 13th yet.

12th Apr 2001, 23:21
How can they get away with that after last months "golden hellos!" to new captains. How many did they get with that anyway? Just rest assured the pay deal is even worse at a certain 737NG operator south of the river!

12th Apr 2001, 23:37
Britannia, Excel. Give us a clue!

Regards the 25k and 30k for those Captains joining EZ. How did that go down with the Captains already in? We can all imagine, but what was the reality?

12th Apr 2001, 23:58
Come on SkyClear. If I remember correctly you used to work for them!

13th Apr 2001, 19:07
No I didn't, but curious as to why you think that. I wonder why.

My question still stands...

14th Apr 2001, 04:06
SkyClear. Sorry M8 , must have you confused with someone else! As to your question there is only one 737NG operator south of the river and that's Excel. Britannia's B738's are at GLA & LBA as far as I know.

Magnus Picus
15th Apr 2001, 12:01
Here at BA, we got 1.4% this year!
I used to live in 't shoebox on 't end of motorway.....

15th Apr 2001, 13:40
"shoebox on 't end of motorway....."??? Bloody luxury lad! We used to live in t'hole in middle of t'dirt track! Mind you we just got 3.75% and that was for ALL pilots in Air Two Bob.