View Full Version : Worth doing MEI and applied Instruments upgrade

30th Jun 2009, 23:17
Having been laid off from my first commercial job last year and recently revalidated my FI, I am aware that the current demand for PPL instructors seems to be quite low.

Just wondering at the present time if it would be worth inversting in the MEI and getting the no applied instruments restriction removed.

Rough estimate would suggest 30 p1 multi hour build (probably state side), MEI course, and no applied instruments restriction removal would easily cost close to 10,000 pounds.

I know that ME/IR instructor salaries are quite reasonable but is there still much demand for MEI/IRIs at the moment?

1st Jul 2009, 06:19
There is no shortage of FI's at the moment but a huge shortage of work...... You might want to question the benefit of another 10 grand of spend when you are unemployed......

1st Jul 2009, 12:53

If you find a FTO willing to offer you a position, then sure it could be worth doing.

I've a couple of friends already qualified and experienced who are struggling to make ends meet though, so without an offer I wouldn't even entertain the idea myself!

Have to agree with bose-x on this one.


1st Jul 2009, 17:52
Good idea but the cost is very high, I've done it myself and the reward doesn't make up for the cost, why don't you start by getting the instrument restriction removed and then take it from there, it will certainly make you more marketable and you will keep your hand in too. Mine was about 2000 all in with test fees and application fees.

Good luck!