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24th Jun 2009, 09:54
Sorry this is a bit vague.

I work in Beaconsfield bucks and see a lot of biz jets out of the office from Northolt and Luton. For the past 3 days at around 1040am there has been a RJ 100 climbing over Beaconsfield and then heading South over High Wycombe. The a/c is white with a purple or blue tail and rear quarter.
I think it is coming from Luton and it would be great to know the airline and routing.

Any answers on a postcard will be greatly received.

24th Jun 2009, 10:08
The description would point to Brussels Airlines to me. However, they do not operate out of LTN. Could also perhaps be Titan, but they're more black than blue.

24th Jun 2009, 10:12
Thanks Avman.

It could be black - we are not used to the sun in bucks so from a distance it could look like blue.

Probably a charter from Titan.

Many thanks

24th Jun 2009, 23:33
Isn't there a Government/Environmental Research type RJ based at Cranfield? Not sure on the c/s though.

Titan could well be subbing in for someone such as FlyBe or Aer Arann at LTN, if not their own charters.

24th Jun 2009, 23:58

It was G-LUXE using callsign METMAN


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