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Bally Heck
5th Oct 2001, 00:57
I thought this might have reached the public domain by now. It would appear not to. The reason I am posting it is mainly to remind everybody that we must remain vigilant.

On Saturday at EDI, two Samsonite pilot's cases were ejected by the automatic baggage system as the tags had become detached. When they were recovered from the reject chute. They were taken to an airlines luggage office. As they remained unclaimed, they were later X-rayed and opened. Documents in Arabic were found inside, apparently including Arabic pilot's licences with the photos not inserted. They were subsequently removed by special branch officers.

This comes from a pretty reliable source.

Can anyone confirm, deny or enlarge on this?

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5th Oct 2001, 01:08
Also not reaching the public domain is the fact that Manchester security allowed two passengers to pass through from the road to the aircraft without ever checking in, being checked for boarding passes or being stopped before arriving at the gate to ask "Is this where we get the plane to ***"

How do I know?...... I was one of the pilots when the handling agent came onto the flight deck to tell us!