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17th Jun 2009, 13:51
Hi all,

a short question concerning JAR's.
Is it possible to fly commercial under JAR-OPS with a CPL (frozen ATPL) as PIC on a Citation 2 ( CE 550, not 551 which is single pilot ).
Or do I need for all commercial PIC jobs on multi pilot a/p a full JAR ATPL?

Thanks for clearing the mist...!!!

17th Jun 2009, 14:43
Yes, if you hold a type rating through first officer position.
No you can't be captain without the ATPL.

There are no single pilot jets under JAR. Only under the FAA system.

17th Jun 2009, 14:47
OK, copied, but just to get it right...what about CJ1 (CE525/Citation Jet), its single pilot certified, can I fly it as PIC commercial with a CPL and JAR OPS?

17th Jun 2009, 15:12
C550 is a JAR 25 aircraft therefore you must have an ATPL to sit left seat.

CJ1,2,3, Premier 1 etc are either JAR23 or 'Commuter Category' therefore you can captain them with just a CPL. Being jets you will have to be two crew for public transport operations or you can fly single pilot for private ops (insurance dependant).

There is alot of info on this in the Bizjets forum. Good luck.

17th Jun 2009, 15:42
So far so good, thanks a lot for replying. One more question: If I fly CJ1 commercial with two Pilots as necessary , can I log right seat time in any way i.e. as SIC ?
And finally, if I have frozen ATP is there a void time to unfreeze it?
Thanks again a lot...!!!

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