View Full Version : any instructor out there that can give me a PC on 320 in east asia?

16th Jun 2009, 07:25
hi everyone,

I wanted to ask you if someone of you can kindly let me know if i need a proficiency check and if so, if there is anyone that can give me one in the east asia region.

i have been flying for a company in asia for more then 6 months now on a validation of my ATPL FAA.

i have done my last simulator check with them 1 month ago. neather the sim nor the instructor where FAA approved.

My FAA license has been revalidated by the local authorities.

i'm looking now for a new job somewhere else...shell i go for a PC on a sim approved by FAA??

if yes, do you know any place around east asia that can do so?



16th Jun 2009, 08:36
Alteon Singapore MAY be able to help, many and varied backgrounds in the Instructor area