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Pete O'Tube
3rd Apr 2001, 21:21
Can anyone tell me what the 3 days interviews at Emirates involve.

Also enlighten me on the pay a little.
I can see from the web-site that its around 16,000 Dhs a month with productivity pay of 280 DHs above 84 credit hours pcm.

.....BUT how do they define credit hours, and what are the flight duty rates and allowances like.

Also any idea about the rosters would be great.

I have tried to do searches but nothing of interest comes up except for people saying "Do a search"


3rd Apr 2001, 22:28
Well as a preparation you should take the time to dig in pprune!!

It´s all there - especially in the "middle east" forum. - Dig and read about working and living in DXB/EK.

Good info is also:


The pay is according to the website, but they´ll give you the definition of "credit hours" at the interview. (dead-heading/proceeding is the same as flying e.g. - it´s pretty decent)

Study the website and their route structure.
Show that you´ve informed yourself about the company and living in DXB. - And do it before you go for the interview!!

Why do you want to go?
What can you contribute to EK and why?
Recall all your CRM stuff!

Be yourself and enjoy the three days.

The guys are tough, but pros and decent and fair.
They want to see if you can fit in and be a captain.

Good luck.

4th Apr 2001, 02:54
Be a Captain? Yes, only IF you have COMMAND experience. The "junior" guys have a lot to learn. Wonder WHEN they will catch on?

4th Apr 2001, 09:06
411A - was already wondering where you were lurking.

Your the one who´s not getting it.
Obviously you haven´t even been there (although you´ve surely done that...)

It´s what they told me at the interview, after I had applied for an FO-position and while I was being interviewed for an FO-position less than a year ago.

4th Apr 2001, 12:59
Lots of inter-action games that the wonderful world of Tim thinks is important.
What they looking for -don't know - I don't think they even know.
And don't forget the wacko test.

4th Apr 2001, 13:33
Wacko test? Wazzat?

4th Apr 2001, 21:34

As far as I am aware, not saying much, the interview process still remains similar to that described on the Emirates thread. I remember from what they said at mine that they are looking at the overall package rather than pass/fail on particular events. That said flying into a hill on the sim whilst asking for sandwiches will probably not give you the result you are looking for. Tim Anderson said 'Be yourself!'

The rosters are balanced, some good trips and some bad (Night Bombays spring to mind) and atleast you get the chance to bid. Flight duty pay is non-existent but you do get overnight allowances. The 777 mainly goes east and the 330 west but there is bound to be some reorganisation when the 310 finally retires. You don't get to pick your fleet and the logic used revolves around availability and slots. (320 guys quite often go to the 777)

Dubai has a lot to offer but make certain you go into the whole process with your eyes wide open. There are lots of pluses and quite a few minuses. The lifestyle is good but it costs a lot, particularly if you have kids. Great beaches and there aren't many cities in the world that can boast some of the sporting attractions and major events that Dubai can offer during the year. Plus the Blacks nearly always win the 7s. Remember all that glitters is not gold, unless you are in the gold souk, and for some the glitz wears off after a time.

On the minus side, the talk on the street right now is about the fact that prices have gone up over 40% in Dubai over the last few years but the pay has only gone up by about 8% in the same time. A worrying trend. You also have no choice on the accom offered and the standard varies. The older stuff is generally bigger and family friendly with common areas for the kids but they are starting to show their age. The new 'villas' have nice bricks and mortar but almost no garden and are less family friendly. The traffic and driving sucks!

Like any airline their are bitches and moans but that is life. The management get moaned about for not suporting the troops and as I am sure you are aware there was a big rumpus last year about changes to command policy after the GF072. It was worrying that the rules changed with little consultation, but the old guys had seen far worse. That was worked through and the top management seemed to listen. The current bitches from the company as a whole revolve around whether this years profit share has been spent on sponsoring Chelsea and enforced rehousing.

Personally, I would still come to Dubai but I would make certain that I had asked a few more questions during the tour. I would make certain that the nice schools shown to me had places for my kids and not just for the pommes (seriously there is a massive pressure on places so book early or be disappointed). I would have also gone around and checked out the prices more carefully before blowing a stack on a massive 4x4 just because they are cheaper than at home. I came here expecting to save bezillions but haven't saved a cent yet.

Talk to the recruitment guys they are good guys who are all in the same boat that you might be in and take the time to look around.


Pete O'Tube
5th Apr 2001, 13:56
Thanks "Wonderbusdriver" and "Ghostflyer".

Good thoughts and commets, all much appreciated.

5th Apr 2001, 18:13
This may be a light the blue touch paper statement, I hope not.
"In fact, the starting F/O's pay has increased by 4% in 8 years."