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3rd Apr 2001, 16:05
Rumour has it that Gill has flown its aircraft from Aberdeen back to Newcastle this morning and cancelled most (if not all) of its planned flights there for the rest of the day? What's happening?

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3rd Apr 2001, 17:52
Nothing untoward. The NCL-ABZ schedule has just been increased to 4 daily (from 2) but I think the middle two just for today have been cancelled - may be a tech plane? The ABZ-NWI is operating as usual.
I think you'll find Gill are usually more reliable and punctual than Brymon at the moment.

Dickey Mike
3rd Apr 2001, 17:55
Does anyone know if they are out of Administration yet? Lets hope so.

3rd Apr 2001, 19:34
Who are the suits behind Gill Air these days?

Are the same mob who asset stripped Air Ecosse many years ago???

Focking Flying Club
3rd Apr 2001, 20:11
Seems to be plenty of Gill Chaps on the RT this arvo.
Flightrider, it appears that you live in a very sad little world of rumours (blatent sh*t stirring) and speculation.
Best of British to those guys who have been to hell and back.
And to you flightrider, get a life.


He REALLY is a Focking space cadet

Rusty Cessna
3rd Apr 2001, 22:32

as I understand it from reading FI, the "suits" are

Chairman-Gordon Miller
Deputy Chairman-William Price
managing Director and Cheif Executive-Malcolm Naylor
Commercial Director and Joint Managing Director-Collin T Polard
Director and Company Secretary-Kevin W Watson
Engineering Director-Simon Rooms
Financial Director-Louise J Roberts
Director of Flight Operations-Walter Casey.

Hope this helps.


P.S Waveman, interested to know why you mention Brymon? Is it simply because their hub is a main competitor to Gill's main base at Newcastle, and their direct competition on all but a few of Gill's routes?

Sorry if it sounds stupid, thanks.

3rd Apr 2001, 23:35
Rusty, your info is waaaaaay out of date.

As for reliability, Waveman is spot on re Gill vs. Brymon. As far as I am aware, this avo's ABZ schedule worked according to plan.

Rusty Cessna
3rd Apr 2001, 23:52

Cheers for letting me know, anyone care to supply a lamen like myself with the correct info?? Oh can someone enlighten me as to the reasons for Gill being more reliable?

Ta muchly.

4th Apr 2001, 16:25
Heavens above, I only asked a very straightforward question. Chill out!

Focking Flying Club
4th Apr 2001, 16:49
Did you tell the families of Gill employees to 'chill out' when they feared that the mortgage could not be paid ???????? Or the kids didn't get what they wanted at Christmas, cause nobody knew if they had a job in January ???
You are a sad looser.


He REALLY REALLY is a focking space cadet.

4th Apr 2001, 17:10
FFC - It is you who needs to get a life and quick. Although Flightrider asked a perfectly innocent question the whole raison d'Ítre of this site is rumour, conjecture and innuendo. If you don't like it go somewhere else!

Focking Flying Club
4th Apr 2001, 18:58
No Warthog, It just when you see lifelong friends facing having their houses repossesed, then you will understand my feelings when Gill decide to cancel ONE flight, and this tosser jumps on that pathetic bandwagon we have all witnessed during the past few months.
Call me old fashioned, but I put loyalty above rumour, conjecture and innuendo.


4th Apr 2001, 21:42
RC, William Price is no longer involved with the company. AFAIK, Colin Pollard's title does not include "Joint Managing Director". FOD is Capt. Simon Rawcliffe, and Louise Roberts has not been with the company for over a year. Sorry, but the name of her successor escapes me.

The main reason for our reliability being far better than that of Brymon is aircraft serviceability. Also, the dedication of the employees to provide a good service to our passengers and to see the company's continued climb out of the dark pit. The increased level of competition we have been experiencing in recent months has only acted (successfully) as a spur to most within Gill to outperform Brymon.

I agree to a large extent with FFC's view of rumour based on one cancelled flight, and with the ranks of vultures (you know who you are) waiting and praying ("preying"?) for Gill's demise and the loss of everyone's jobs. Sorry, but the company is going to survive. Indeed, we are looking forward to a bright future. No, the company is not perfect. It has shortcomings of which the employees are well aware. Those who have worked for other airlines know that the grass is not always greener. Gill, like most other companies, needs, and gets, the loyalty of almost all its employees.

Scott Tracy
4th Apr 2001, 23:05
You'll be pleased to hear that there is nothing afoot at Gill. The ABZ flight went tech in the morning but went in the afternoon.

Capt. D. Prest
4th Apr 2001, 23:50
We used to have Mr. Naylor working for us (BRAL) once upon a time.

Amazing to think he turned down British Airways to work for Gill, maybe the weather is better in Newcastle than in Athens!

Me duce tutus eris.

5th Apr 2001, 01:47
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5th Apr 2001, 03:16
Your opinion of the guy is one thing. To voice such an opinion about him, readily identified as such here, is another entirely. Furthermore, to hide behind your anonymity whilst you take swipes at him is merely the act of a coward, and your opinion may be judged accordingly. I suspect that he'll be enquiring of PPRuNe as to your identity shortly, and nobody could blame him.

As to how satisfied the CAA are, you'll have to ask them.

5th Apr 2001, 04:15

I posted, then withdrew, a response to your last. Having had a few minutes to think better of what I'd said, I decided that there was a hint of merit in what you wrote. I therefore resile from my earlier post with respect to your FOD. I believe my opinion to be well founded, but my action in expressing it here was somewhat beneath my usual standard of posting. My apologies for the post, though not for my opinion.

I go now to attempt to remove the offending article. TTFN.