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8th Jun 2009, 18:57
Hello one and all,

Firstly I count myself very lucky to be employed full time as a flying instructor, and I am really enjoying the job a year in.

On the downside, I'm working myself mad and currently struggling to get the hours in which means my salary is circa 15000. Take the rent and debts from training out of that and I've enough left each month for 2 lotto scratch cards which havent given any luck just yet!

I have a passion for instructing and want to continue, have circa 1000 hours TT, 600 instructional and a recently lapsed ME/IR.

Currently based in England and happy to relocate anywhere in the UK for a slightly enhanced salary (im not expecting miracles but simply struggling at present).

Hope this isn't against forum rules, but any help would be greatly appreciated! Please PM if you know of any PPL instructor jobs.

Happy flying :ok:


8th Jun 2009, 20:24
Im confused.. you already have an instructing job (which are like hens teeth at the minute) but you want a better paid one?

Theres a lot of unemployed FI's out there who would kill for any kind of job! Stick with the job you have and make the most of it.

Also you say your full-time and working yourself mad.. but then say your struggling to get the hours in. Which is it?

9th Jun 2009, 13:31

You go for it, I'm not sure what DARN is on about. I know about having a job and not earning enough money to live on. I was on way less than you and times were hard and for someone around 30ish living with their parents and having to ask to borrow the car and ask for money it's not a very nice, I hated it!

Now I have a well paid instructing job but guess what, I want more money too and I think it's great that you want to better yourself rather than just settle for second best. You have the right attitude so I'm sure that something will come up!


9th Jun 2009, 17:57
Frequent flyer,

Thanks for the words of encouragement, I know countless people have been in the same position. I really do love instructing and if I didn't have the debts I could live comfortably.

Darn, you're obviously not an instructor. We do more than fly. I work my ass off when not flying be it admin, cleaning planes, answering the phones, taking bookings, groundschool (unpaid) or other odd jobs that need doing. Im not saying im not flying, but on an hourly rate and not enough to get a decent pay cheque.

My concern is that its summer. The weather is ok as far as the UK goes so I would expect to be flat out, but Im not. If I'm just about keeping my head above water financially, Im worried what winter will be like!

I don't think aspiring to a better paid job is a bad thing.

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9th Jun 2009, 18:11
Do you still have the instrument restriction on you FI rating? If so, maybe you need to get this lifted to make yourself more attractive to any potential employer. It is widely accepted that the guys who get paid best (least worst?) are the ME/IR instructors. Unfortunately you need to speculate to accumulate.

PS. 15K is actually quite good, comparably. :{

10th Jun 2009, 11:36
15k is the average at present, I suspect it will be a lot lower once we reach the end of summer :{

Flat out broke and not willing to pay for an extras, not because I dont want to but because I cant

The joys of aviation I guess!

10th Jun 2009, 23:03
Who's paying you 15k? I want too! I could easily survive on that kind of money :) You can definitely consider yourself lucky in the present situation. I'm earning just below the legal minimum at the moment and there's nothing else that I know of available around here either.

So just enjoy it as much as you can. Your parents will help you out because that's just how parents are and hopefully in a year's time we all might have a chance to move on to higher figures.