View Full Version : JAA CPL Schools in USA

3rd Jun 2009, 13:29
I know this subject has been discussed many times, but many entries (and opinions) are outdated by now. I am hoping here to have some feed back of very recent experience.

I have a German PPL(A) and just passed my ATPL theory at CAA (UK).
Time and money limited, I can afford acquiring only CPL, preferably a UK JAA CPL.
Knowing the low weather and high price level in the UK, I am searching for a JAA flying school in the USA.

I have read (too) many (old) comments of such schools in Florida, and almost none about JAA schools in Arizona.

Has anyone a RECENT (2009) experience in any of JAA schools in FL, AZ or CA?

Furthermore, could anyone recommend acquiring FAA CPL first and then converting it to JAA CPL ?

Many thanks for your useful comments.


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