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Mister Geezer
28th May 2009, 17:42
I am currently flying abroad under a validation based on my JAA ATPL and I may have to apply for an ATPL in the country that I am based in, with my JAA ATPL no longer being required. My JAA ATPL licence is due to expire next year and I would like to renew it but I have seen conflicting evidence. One theory that I have seen states that I must have a valid multi crew rating for my JAA ATPL to be renewed. The other side of the coin that I have seen is that I can get it renewed, providing I have had any valid type or class rating in the past 5 years?

LASORS 2008 - Section G Licence Re-Issue

Have held a valid Certificate of Test, Certificate of Experience or Certificate of Revalidation for any type/class rating that has not expired by more than 5 years*.

*Applicants who are currently flying under the privileges of a non-UK ICAO licence and are currently flying an aircraft type endorsed within their UK or JAR-FCL licence or Flight Engineer Licence, may have their licence re-issued by holding a valid medical certificate appropriate to the licence being re-issued.

The above quote is from LASORS and that leads me to believe that I can re-new my JAA ATPL licence with a SEP rating? Am I right and if not then can someone point me to a reference of some sort?


29th May 2009, 06:46
All you need to have your ATPL reissued is a valid JAA Class 1 Medical and any Class or Type rating that was valid in the last 5 years. SEP is perfectly OK. Just complete SRG 1102 http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/33/srg1102ff.pdf and send it in with the appropriate fee.

Mister Geezer
29th May 2009, 11:33
Lovely thanks. That is what I suspected however I started to doubt myself since a similar question was posted recently and someone said the opposite which was why I was asking!


1st Jun 2009, 18:35
Hi MG,

lucky you, i need to go and spend a wee sum of money to renew mine !!.

Hope your well, give me a shout if your over this way.