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27th May 2009, 15:25

I need to resit an FIC test, but I only have the course completion certificate and not the partial pass form from the examiner.

I've been trying to contact the examiner serveral times but to no avail. I've checked with the CAA and they do not have the form on my files.

I've contacted the CAA in Bournemouth who are also going to try get it from him. So basically I am wondering if anyone has resit the test without the partial pass form? Or am I looking at doing the whole course again :sad: (not desirable given the fact that getting another loan is near impossible these days).

All of the examiners have insisted on it so far, so I'm stuck until I have this test report. As the examiner is in Florida, it's not practical to go there to retest.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

27th May 2009, 17:26
Unusual situation.

When conducting the test (and the paperwork) they are acting for and on behalf of the CAA.

If this examiner has not completed the required paperwork then simply make a polite complaint in writing to the CAA regarding the matter.

You should have been given the pink slip at the end of the de-brief when you did the test.

With the course completion cert etc you can do a new complete test.

If that is your only option then I would be after the first "examiner" for the costs and losses due to delay etc since they clearly failed to correctly carry out the function correctly.

Which element do you need to do again?



27th May 2009, 21:47
I need to resit an FIC test, but I only have the course completion certificate and not the partial pass form from the examiner.
There is only one form, Instructor Form 1 (SRG 1131) it contains both the Course Completion Certificate Section 10 and the Examiners Certificate Section 11. Are you saying that the examiner did not complete Section 11? The Examiner also completes a Form 658 (SRG 1169) but keeps that as a personal record, it does not go to the CAA. There is no Pink Chit for a FI Test any more. If the examiner had entered Partial on the Instructor Form 1, then he would have to generate another Instructor Form 1 to complete the test. Poorly designed paperwork! Technically, the FIE should have given you a Form 252 Notice of Failure with the details, as there is nowhere else to record them but, there is no mention of this in the Examiners Handbook

As you have the Course Completion Certificate, all you need to do is go to an FIE for a test. As you have no details of the partial pass you will have to sit the full FI test.

28th May 2009, 07:05
Hi guys, thanks for the quick response. The Instructor Form I was completed with the results on it. The only thing is it does not give the details of why I partialled - it just says "ground was a pass, flight was a fail" and the partial pass box is ticked.

As I am preparing to resit the full test again (ground as well) I'm not sure why examiners are so insistent on the details??

My visa was running out and needed to be back for work so rushed into testing (did course in Florida), unprepared so was generally sloppy. But I've been doing some brush up training in the UK which has been excellent - just waiting to test now I feel "ready".

28th May 2009, 07:48
It would appear that the Examiner did all required, the CAA paperwork is unsatisfactory, with no explanation anywhere of where to record details of a Partial Pass! I doubt it will make any difference in cost doing a Partial or a Full test, unless you did it with the original examiner!