View Full Version : SAir Group publishes losses

2nd Apr 2001, 22:08
And here are the winners for the year 2000, let me call:

Sabena 325 million EUR
AOM/Air Liberte/Air Littoral 600 million CHF
LTU 224 million EUR
Swissair 195 million CHF
Crossair 20 million CHF
Balair 25 million CHF

Congratulations to all, well done!

those are losses on EBIT...
and the future's gonna be really interesting now http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif

And LOT and SAA have positive results to show :)

... cut my wings and I'll die ...

3rd Apr 2001, 00:49
I'm just wondering if we (the Swiss) should rather stick to chocolate, cheese and time keeping.....?!!!
Anyway, cross my fingers for Dr. Mario Corti and hope he can assemble some really good airline people on his bridge to stop the vessel from sinking.