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good finish
16th May 2009, 19:11
can anyone confirm that a CRI doing this flight does not need to fill in any caa paperwork and can sign the FCL150 if he is a ground instructor.

16th May 2009, 19:55
The CAA can put you right. Either way, why ask here?

01293 567171.

good finish
16th May 2009, 20:11
no reason other than they are not open at weekends and i am curious now.

16th May 2009, 20:20
Well, if you don't know what you can and can't do as a CRI, then either you aren't one, or you shouldn't be...

16th May 2009, 20:37
1. The training flight may be conducted by a CRI. The trainee's personal flying logbook should be countersigned to indicate that the dual training flight requirement has been completed.

2. A FCL150CJAR may only be signed by an authorised Examiner. This may include someone who holds Ground Examiner authorisation. FCL\1119 must be completed when the applicant's FCL150CJAR has been signed and the applicant must send the completed FCL\1119 to the CAA.

16th May 2009, 20:38
The CRI has to sign off the flight in the students logbook - that is all he/she is entitled to do.
The FCL150 has to be signed by an "EXAMINER" not an "instructor" hence, only if the CRI holds an "R" OR "GR " examiner authorisation, can they sign the FCL150 and SRG1119 form.
A CRI(E) could, of course, do all of the above.

Edited to say just seen Beagles post - "as he said".

17th May 2009, 20:34
does not need to fill in any caa paperwork and can sign the FCL150 if he is a ground instructor.Anyone authorised to sign a Certificate of Revalidation, will be in possession of a Certificate of Authorisation which states exactly what they are authorised to do, and will know that it is part of the revalidation requirement to complete and submit the SRG1119. If not, I suggest they read the paperwork that came with the authorisation!

good finish
18th May 2009, 11:59
Whopity,jgs43 and Beagle many thanks for your time and helpful responses.
they say the mark of a good instructor is one who enjoys imparting knowledge - it would appear that busidriver does not fall into that category.