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29th May 2001, 18:20
GF is so much user friendly now that you could even make a request to fly with a particular pilot???
Thats the presentation on the new roster request forms for flights,day s off,etc.
How much closer can one get???

31st May 2001, 13:41
Attention! Surely the recent crash into the sea should focus Gulf Air's eyes onto appropriate crew combinations. Not the time for mates to opt to fly together, which would invariably lead to some dodgy flight deck complements. (Don't mean to be a killjoy)

five percent
31st May 2001, 21:54
GF has operated for years on random rosters with no bid system, advantage of seniority or preference for days off. In a bid to improve motivation and retain staff they are trying to adopt systems that other airlines have taken for granted for years.

Does a move to introduce benefits that others have enjoyed for years make them dangerous?

Reference to 072 seems a little off course as an example of 'mates' flying together !!!

8th Jun 2001, 10:12
I doubt if anyone else in the business has the facility to request flights with a certain person,thats absolutely absurd !!!

Next thing,they will introduce the request for a particular favourite check captain for every check done on an individual.

8th Jun 2001, 10:40
...and how about the pax making a request to fly with this or that captain ??

10th Jun 2001, 06:54

You are probably one of those guys who needs to operate with your favourite pilots(captains),so are rocking the boat in the obvious way to scare your expat mates in your company.
If you are,try operating pure SOP's for the next few weeks with just any guy and also test your handling skills and management abilities,not forgetting decision making.
when you are done,see how you feel.
If frustrated,leave flying.
A pilot who is not versatile,flexible and variant, is not suitable,
forget about DLR'ing and the scare tactics that you are pronouncing on your expat mates.

No straight minded,confident expat would pay any attention to such b--ls--t like your's.!!!!

You need to join some airline that operates with "family and friendly" ties.

This is a working man's world,my friend and not a sissy-club.

10th Jun 2001, 16:16
Hey....this might just be a "human performance" area that has been overlooked, it is a known fact that a personality conflict on the flight deck is a safety issue, and just maybe they have something here, if in fact the rumour is true..(remember the name of this forum is PproumorNE...glass cockpits and fly-by wire, and even...the first officer were all met with similar enthusiasm when first introduced...so why not give it a chance....in a carefully controlled environment it may prove to be a positive step....(incoming)

10th Jun 2001, 18:33
DLR? -did I miss something?

I hope this isn't a bone question, but what the hell is it? Something to do with the Krauts psych testing..?

10th Jun 2001, 20:03
See (re DLR Testing)


10th Jun 2001, 20:16
Bidding to fly with certain individuals has been a practice a three airlines that I have worked for. These are two of the methods that have been employeed:

1) FO bids close after Captain bids. This allows FO's to rearrange there bid choices based on which Capt. is flying what line.

2) Allowing a pilot to request a certain other pilot to fly with. This gives crew planning the option to prioritize that pilots bid with his choice of crew member to fly with.