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10th May 2009, 16:04
Hi all,

Does anyone know of any private FIC instructors in the south? Basically im considering doing the FI but I want to do it part time, evenings weekends etc and therefore would rather have the personal approach of a private FIC instructor, rather than go through a large commercial outfit. ( Not only this, it would probably be a lot cheaper too! and minus all the crap and nonsense you get at some places.) I cant say I have heard of any around but if anyone knows better please feel free to PM.

Many thanks in advance


11th May 2009, 11:29
I don't think you'll get a "private" FIC instructor as such, due to the way the course has to be structured and audited. The nearest I can recommend would be Dorothy Pooley at Shoreham, with whom I have just finished my FIC. Very flexible and happy to do part time... the only trouble is she is very very busy and probably wouldn't be able to fit anyone in until later in the year. Let me know by PM if you'd like her contact details.

11th May 2009, 11:40
All FIC instruction must be conducted at an Approved FTO, and cannot be conducted privately! Many FIC instructors work independently, albeit under the umbrella of an FTO so its unlikely any other activities at the FTO will have any bearing on your training. David Scholar at Thruxton may be able to help you.

11th May 2009, 18:32
Check your Pms

11th May 2009, 19:04
If Stapleford Flight Center in Essex is south enough for you, there is 2 FIC Instructors and FIC Examiners there, namely Keith Pogmore and Tony Glover.
Training and testing instructors is all they do, and quite well i can say.
And they are quite accomodating with students scheduling requirements.
Only drawback to their excellent reputation is the queue of candidates waiting to start training with them.
As for cost, respect of quotes is the norm.

Enjoy your training and good flight.

11th May 2009, 19:09
When I asked them at Stapleford last year, they weren't keen at all on part-time students on the FI course...

18th May 2009, 05:29
ontrackaviation.com more Midlands, but part time available, several FIC instructors and no other distractions!