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6th May 2009, 09:27
I was reading a thread on another forum and someone was (perhaps in jest) hoping to take up an offer that was made by another poster some 40 years ago and it got me thinking. How long does an invitation or personal offer last for ? Now this is an imprecise science at best, of course and will depend on the individual, but how long is the shelf life ?

I was a perpetual traveller for many years and, as you do, met many people along the way and swapped details, often with the offer that if they were ever in XYZ..... then they could stay for a few days/meet up for a beer/give me a call etc depending on the person(s) and situation(s). Because one was mostly travelling it was mostly me who met up/stayed etc rather than vice-versa, though i'd like to believe that i would have been a ready host. I 'missed' many a visitor, only finding out by post or a message left on the answer machine afterwards, though there was the time a 'mate' :rolleyes: came for 'a couple of days' on the sofa and was still there 3 weeks later when i returned, in my bed with a nubile female, enjoying the spoils of my home....

My parents, bless them, were always swapping details with couples they met on holiday, promising to meet up when they got back etc, yet they never did, not once and perhaps they felt obliged by good manners to swap details and make empty promises according to the script.

I had a few numbers in my little black book that i contacted 'the next time i was in town' only to find that there was an irate bruiser on the end of the phone wanting to know who the hell i was and what did i want etc :} Well things move on....

Have any of yooz had a call from someone that you knew/met who was taking you up on your generous offer some time after said offer was made ?
Obviously alcohol/drug induced offers to be taken with a pinch of salt :zzz:



6th May 2009, 10:56
Legally, (as I recall from high school ;) ):

There needs to be an offer, an acceptance and an intention to be legally bound for a contract to exist.

You may run into the intention problem if you intend turning up 40 years later, and suing if they don't let you in the door! :}

In some circumstances what initially looks like an offer can be seen by the courts as "an invitation to treat", such as prices marked on goods in shops. If you see a $5000 price on a car, walk in and say "I'll have it." - the price was the invitation and your comment was the offer (I'll buy that car for $5000), so the seller can still legally decline the deal (not having made an acceptance).

Perhaps the "look me up statement" would be seen as an invitation - and you would need to contact them to make an offer - so they have a chance to refuse you! :}

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6th May 2009, 12:34
If you want the geeky law answer, from someone who is soon to sit a law exam, then:

The "offer" for a traveller to go stay with someone is, as Checkboard said, not an actual Offer, it is an Invitation To Treat. This is because a casual remark of "come over whenever" is not specific enough to be capable of acceptance - no defined time or place has been given to the traveller. :O

In the real world, I had someone from NZ stay over after almost two years since I saw them last. I knew he was coming to Blighty several months in advance, however and he gave Consideration - a crate of beer was gratefully received! Legally binding contract there. :8

6th May 2009, 12:42
offer that was made by another poster some 40 years ago

Wasn't aware PPrune was around then, let alone the internet ! :ok:

6th May 2009, 14:40
Wasn't aware PPRuNe was around then, let alone the internet !

I was reading this on the 'where are they now' forum and i had to laugh at some of the banter (?) between the posters. Probably telegrams and such like back then. It makes you realize how difficult it is to stay incognito in this modern world compared to previous times.

I can recall going mountain climbing in the Alps and the various climbers would leave messages on postcards pinned to a wall of a drinking establishment in Chamonix, a sort of primitive specialist 'internet' that really worked.

Thanks for the replies chaps, but no need to get all legal on me :8.