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5th May 2009, 15:21
Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As 'Fun, Watchable' | The Onion - America's Finest News Source (http://www.theonion.com/content/video/trekkies_bash_new_star_trek_film?utm_source=a-section)

Imagine that, Star Trek is officially cool. What will the geeks do now?


5th May 2009, 15:44
I think I have found where the "Kilngon" language originated...

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Captain Stable
5th May 2009, 15:48
Close your eyes when you read this, please Mr. Draper! ;)

Coulda been worse man - coulda bin yer Geordie! :uhoh:

5th May 2009, 15:52
I'm looking forward to seeing the new movie as it looks great ;) i've been a 'treakie' all my life and there is no such thing as a bad star trek movie :p

5th May 2009, 18:14
:) I near damn p:mad:shed me pants!

'Pure dead brilliant' as we like to say.


mr fish
5th May 2009, 18:35
well, it also worked for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.
can we look forward to a BUCK ROGERS remake?
as a hormone drenched teen, i used to spend many a night erm, "dreaming" about ERIN GRAY as colonel WILMA DEERING.
maybe it was the long blonde hair,
or maybe it was the "skintight white disco pants"!!!

ahh, memories:E

5th May 2009, 20:46
can we look forward to a BUCK ROGERS remake?

I'd love to see colonel dearing in her tight outfit again :p during my teenage years she was in my dreams most nights (i'd like to buck roger her over and over ;))


5th May 2009, 20:57
The original TV series had its moments.........


12th May 2009, 10:17
I now declare to the world how sad I really am :O
I saw the new Star Trek movie last night and absolutely loved it!! I saw loads of little hints about the 'future' of the characters (series 1) and my non trekkie son just enjoyed the action.
When I was a kid, programmes like Star Trek/Buck Rogers/Battlestar and Star Wars all inspired me. I wanted to be that hero. I even joined the bloody Air Force, idealistically wanting to 'do my bit' for mankind. Thirty years later, I am re-inspired!! I was cheering them on against Nero. I need some Phasers fitted to the EC135 this week when I get back on shift.
Seriously though, a great 'escape' movie for saddos like me!! :ok:

tony draper
12th May 2009, 10:36
They repeated some of the original star treck episodes a while back,the plots are so silly the acting so ham the props so naff and everything about that series is so bad it is good,
One can never get over the undeniable fact that James T Kirk was such a oafish buffoon and all around plonker that he would never been given command of a hot dog stand let alone a starship also one despaired of a organisation that had a freckin stun setting on their weaponry the Klygons wudda kicked the shite out of a bunch of fluffies like the federation on the first encounter.

12th May 2009, 11:20

Stop being boring and examining 45 year old programs on the same basis as they would be made today. Standards have changed .....acting still wooden.

Star Trek was way ahead of its time where at the time Neil Armstrong didn't know he would set foot on the moon.

Did give give a bit of lingo to NASA though.

tony draper
12th May 2009, 11:38
Strange thing is I always loved Sci Fi, they were my principle source of light reading in sprohood and young manhood yet I never cared for Sci Fi on television or movies, there were a couple of exceptions movie wise of course 2001 and oddly enough Dune,never cared much for the Dune books.

Buster Hyman
12th May 2009, 11:58
...Must...see...the new...Trek...film...


12th May 2009, 12:26
Very entertaining, quite a few laugh out loud (not too loud) moments, and a decent enough story to make it worth going to see. The kids loved it too.

And they used the old Star Trek theme tune at the end...nice touch.

13th May 2009, 05:03
I've seen a trailer for it, but cannot make my mind up whether to go see the film: it looks a bit kiddified.

13th May 2009, 05:25
Star Trek is not good. I watched it twice, and, after careful consideration, I donít like it.

Sitting in the picture house, surrounded by lots of other people, watching the movie was very enjoyable. I loved seeing Nimoy again. All the new actors had their characters spot-on. I dug the references to all the past Trek productions. And yet, somehow, a malaise set in over the course of the film and as it entered the third act I felt unfulfilled as a viewer. After my friends and I left the cinema on the opening night, having enjoyed ourselves immensely, I got to wondering why it seemed like I hadnít had as good a time as I thought I had. When I get right down to it, I asked myself ďWas this a good movie?Ē

And my gut reaction was: ďno.Ē

Sure, it was fun, funny, moving, energetic, shiny, charming, charismatic, and all the things that should make for a great film, but somehow they didnít gel, and I canít escape the impression of the movie as an expense grabbing MP who keeps the patter going so you feel good and donít notice that youíre being fleeced.

Itís difficult to articulate why; Iím one of those people who often finds that others can articulate how I feel about things better than I can, and so I often look to other posters to find a better version of what I wish I could post. But in this case, the majority opinion is that ST is very, very good. And Iím happy for them; itís the reaction weíd all been hoping for, and that Iíd been wishing to experience myself. And while there is a dissenting minority, it seems to consist of whiny unhappy fanboys whose primary concern is keeping things in line with a stilted checklist of minutiae from past productions; these two viewpoints find themselves at odds and stifle productive discussion about the merits and failings of the movie and how things could have or should have been improved. I think there are grounds for serious critiques of what Abrams and company have created.

So Iím left to wonder: where is the constructive criticism? The input from people who donít think this movie is all that but still want to see it, or some variation of it, succeed? Are constructive criticisms or grey-area opinions even possible? Because Iím not against the concept of a reboot, or rejuvenation, or remake, or whatever you want to call it; quite the contrary. The promise of JJTrek was more than weíd seen in years, and on some level Iím upset that I donít feel the way about the movie that Iíd hoped I would. But the whole production was so glib, so willing to crack the joke or take the teeth out of the drama by pulling some silly-but-entertaining stunt that it was all too often impossible to invest emotionally in what was happening. It seems to be failing of a lot of Hollywood films these days, to use character drama to set up a final, third-act fight, which, once underway, makes characterization extraneous and that reduces the finale to a string of meaningless punches and explosions.

MTV Trek lite is how I saw this.

13th May 2009, 08:49
The missus persuaded me along to see it last weekend. I quite enjoyed it, although it is very much aimed at the Next Generation. Some of the jokes were a bit too knowing and the action scenes a bit too histrionic for my tastes. I did get the sense some of the actors were impersonating the original characters - a bit like nerdy trekkie fans.

Who mentioned a Buck Rogers re-make? I'd be up for that, providing they could have Erin Gray in all her former glory - corrr!!!


13th May 2009, 10:37
Deadpan.... why did you have to post that. After so many years of trying to push her to the recesses of my mind, you had to do that. How do I look my wife in the eye tonight?? Don't you realise they can see the slightest flicker of disappointment in a mans eyes and make them suffer intolerable pains for weeks, nay, months to come!

13th May 2009, 10:54
Well I saw the new Star Trek movie last Saturday and have to say that I enjoyed it. I can understand qwertyplop's comments, because as the movie went on I began to get the sense of it merely being the scene-setting for what is to come. Yes, there were sufficient references, flash-backs and warping of time to make old Trekkies feel at home, and yes possibly the casting meant us old uns who watched the original Star Trek series could see a connection, even physically, with the new cast but I actually think that was clever.

Clever from a scene setting basis - there is now ample room for a new series of movies with the new crew, should they wish to pursue that - there is room for new followers to find the old movies/characters should they want to do that.

All in all I was taken out of my reality and into the movie and that, frankly, is all I want. Did I think a lot about it once I had left the cinema? Nopes, not really. Am I looking forward to a next Star Trek? Yeps and I hope they make it!!

I think it was always going to be difficult for whoever attempted to re-create the genre and have to say I think the balance between old memories, characters and anecdotes blended, for me at least, well with the new :ok:

13th May 2009, 11:18
I would never consider myself to be a Star Trek fan. I watched it on the telly when I was a kid but have never seen any of the films.

Last Saturday was rainy and I went, with my son, to see the new film (amazing what percentage of the audience were father & son combinations) :)

Bottom line was Ė I am sure that the purists will pick holes in it but really, get a life, it was thoroughly enjoyable and was great entertainment. Well worth going to see :ok:


Howard Hughes
13th May 2009, 11:30
They sure don't make pants like that anymore...:E

13th May 2009, 11:33
I too have just seen the movie tonight and I think it's fantastic....to those who are upset I agree with Beagle-Eye and say...get a life.

How can a sci fi fan be a purist though?

This is about science fiction so who is to say what is correct and what is not.

It is escapism pure and simple....and a very well done example of that genre at that.

13th May 2009, 14:30
Have to admit I enjoyed it, especially with "Scotty" now sounding like something from "Taysiders in Space" ("You bet yer arse, Captain"). Totally agree it's the first in a new series of movies, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a TV spin off too.

Well worth seeing

13th May 2009, 16:05
I loved it, complete and utter escapism and entertaining to boot.
A TV interview suggested they are signed up for 3 movies in total I hope they are all as enjoyable :ok: