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4th May 2009, 10:59
From the BBC News:

A 4.6m scheme to resurface the southbound carriageway of the M1 near the border of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire is due to start.

The work - between Junctions 16 and 15 - which will only be carried out at night, when traffic flows are lightest, is due to be completed by 19 July.

Looking at the map not only are they re-surfacing it but also moving it around 20 miles eastward to get near the borders!!

This was in the Midlands section of the BBC website - this is the on-line version of those fatuous stories that appear on local TV when they repeat a main story just because somebody local was there/was nearly there/had just left/knew somebody etc......?

Krystal n chips
4th May 2009, 11:53
The M25 / A3 / M3 / M40 / M4 represent the general boundaries of geography held by the Beeb at times ( inc Ms Geographically Challenged on a daily basis ) so no real surprise they are confused as to the location....."it's somewhere in the North" mwah,mwah. :rolleyes:

4th May 2009, 12:53
The "border" between Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire is that mostly forgotten county of Bedfordshire :}:ok:



4th May 2009, 13:53
If you want a real laugh, watch CNN Weather geography. Amsterdam is shown near Glasgow. Paris somewhere along the S.W. coast of England and London usually close to Germany.

Whatever. Who needs accuracy when it'd all fit into Texas anyway. :rolleyes:

4th May 2009, 19:34
Ask Jetsave where they think Anaheim is.

I picked up one of their Florida brochures and they had a little map in it showing where the other USA Disney was.

Texas apparently.

Scott Diamond
4th May 2009, 19:38
How typical - only in this country would such a simple resurfacing job take so bl##dy long to complete... and only in this coutnry (acception: America) could hot ass journo's prance around writing nonsense without checking over the facts!

Beatriz Fontana
4th May 2009, 19:41
Rant on:

Humberside. It's the name of a defunct English county. It's currently the name of a police force, an ambulance service and a fire service. It is not the name of a geographical place. It's the name of a BBC radio station, but not a real geographical area. That would be East Yorkshire or Lincolnshire. So why do lazy TV journalists still say such-and-such happened "on Humberside"? No it didn't. Because it doesn't exist. Wretches, do your homework. It's like saying London is in "Metropolitan". Idiots.

Rant off.

4th May 2009, 19:48
I still refer to Rutland, Middlesex and Huntingdonshire :ok: Can't see what's wrong with Humberside; the side of The Humber? :)



Beatriz Fontana
4th May 2009, 19:51
Not when one is 35 miles away from the banks of the Humber, it isn't!! Stoopid idea. Anyway, it don't exist anymore :ok: