View Full Version : How to get experience for Multi Instructor?

4th May 2009, 05:18
Realistic ideas on how to gain the 30PIC Multi time so I can do the course
for a Multi Instructor? (without taking out a loan!)

I've got all the IF hours to go straight into teaching IR, but I just can't seem to crack getting any Multi PIC time, well a multi job for that matter! lol

Got the horn
8th May 2009, 03:16
50 hours multi with 25 hours PinC for a multi instructor rating. Unless you can get your work to pay for it the only other option is to hire the cheapest multi you can find.

8th May 2009, 14:35
I remember being stuck in same boat as you.
I flew as safety pilot in a twin with a guy a few times while he was under the hood and logged a couple of hours there.
I ferried a twin a couple of times to get some maintenence done on it.
The flight school I worked at helped me with some hours so that I could become a MEI for them.
Now granted the requirement here was only 15 hours multi-PIC, so your task is a little tougher.
Do you have to have the 30 hours before you start the course or before you start instructing in a twin?
If it's the latter then the hours taken to get the rating will add up towards the 30 hours required.
In short, beg, borrow or steal.
Good luck.

10th May 2009, 09:28
NZ: 25 Multi PIC
UK: 30 Multi PIC
Australia : 50 Multi PIC, upto 25 ICUS allowed
USA 15 Multi PIC by the looks

I was looking to cover UK mins, seems everyone in NZ takes their own students over anyone else regardless of experience. And I can't find anyone interested in Auz for the training to hire.
Yes, you have to have the hours prior to flight test.

Looks like I will have to take out a loan or keep trying places in UK that might be prepared to bond. I would prefer Auz, but seems like its an unheard of option to bond for this.