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2nd May 2009, 10:43
That is useless at geography, or are they pandering to the ****.

Have a look BBC NEWS | Middle East | Airline sorry for omitting Israel (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8029156.stm)

They will be denigning the holocaust next.

2nd May 2009, 10:55
Read the BBC article!
the maps had not been changed since the planes were taken over from a former airline which flew to the Middle East.
BMED, which was taken over by BMI in 2007, had flown from the UK to many Muslim countries in the Middle East and so the maps had pointed out sites which were relevant to passengers.
British Mediterranean Airways - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Mediterranean_Airways)

2nd May 2009, 11:34

So you find it acceptable for a group of countries not to recognise the right of another country in the region to exist?

2nd May 2009, 11:39
Simple solution to this, they should just utilize those aircraft on their London - Tehran service :}

2nd May 2009, 12:27
So you find it acceptable for a group of countries not to recognise the right of another country in the region to exist?
Not at all, but the agenda of BMED was probably to avoid offending its Arab customers.
BMI were careless in not checking the video media before instigating their Israeli route. It was not a conscious action to offend Jews (or any other sect).
Your thread seems to be aimed at creating a controversy when the cause of the mistake has been explained and apologies offered and the situation rectified.
How (and why) do you arrive at:-
They will be denigning the holocaust next. :confused:

There is absolutely no basis for your accusation . . .

Farmer 1
2nd May 2009, 13:50
They will be denigning the holocaust next.

...what ever that might be.

Captain Stable
2nd May 2009, 14:32
designing? :confused:

denighing? :confused: :confused:

Bill Nighying? :ok: :D

2nd May 2009, 15:34
Israeli officials accused BMI of trying to "hide the existence of Israel".
I must admit, there is always a high level of histrionic wherever Israel is concerned. Always playing the victim gets a bit tiring...

2nd May 2009, 15:50
Why should they want to hide it?

They fly there, after all.

But I had better not engage in political threads...

2nd May 2009, 15:55
Pretty much a storm in a tea cup sort of thing. But some people seem to blow up over anything :{. As a control programmer, I left one rather snide remark :E, regarding a certain piece of equipment :mad: and a specific situation :yuk:, in a sub-routine. Left it quietly there, not bothering anyone but supposedly the next programmer to suffer through it :sad:. Some managerial type :ugh: must have scrolled through the jumble of source code and stumbled on it :{, I'm persona non grata at that plant now :confused:. Just as well, some hassles aren't worth the fees.:cool::rolleyes::p:}

2nd May 2009, 21:53
For many years most all Arab airlines displayed the IATA Membership poster with the El Al tail logo blanked out, some still do:ugh:

2nd May 2009, 22:16
If anyone has read the story.. said a/c was back off a lease to a Mid-East carrier, who for their own reasons ( :} ) had the maps "amended". BMED are guilty of not checking the maps.... Well hell, it would probably be the last thing I'd think of too.

Slow news week....