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Matt Lewis
2nd May 2009, 04:47
I Live in Darwin, Australia and i want to becomse a pilot. Im 15 years of age, and do the AAFC. I play flight simulator and did my work experience with a regional airline company. However... I want to learn to fly..theres a flight school...but no instructors... what can i do?

2nd May 2009, 06:15
Honestly... go south. Darwin has had problem getting and keeping instructors since about 2005. If you're planning on going through to CPL you'll find it far easier to do a full time course with multiple instructors and aircraft which will allow you are more seamless experience than you will otherwise have if you stay up north.

If you want to get into the air part time while finishing school, your other option is to try the ultralight club out at Noonamah.

Good luck

9th May 2009, 16:00
If you eventually move away from home to learn to fly I can recommend Perth. Have a look at the weather. Its ALWAYS dry and clear of cloud. Mid autumn down here ATM and its 27 degrees and no clouds every day. I rains very occasionally and clouds are few and far between.:)

9th May 2009, 21:52
.............which is fine as long as wherever you fly afterward is always dry and clear of cloud. Which it won't be.

Far better to experience mixed weather during your training rather than encounter your first non-CAVOK conditions alone.

10th May 2009, 06:38
On Flintstone's note, why not train in Melbourne ?

Four seasons in one day.:ok: