View Full Version : Take me to bed, or lose me for ever... Doris

1st May 2009, 17:53
"Jester's misled" (http://entertainment.uk.msn.com/movies/news/Article.aspx?cp-documentid=16490605&GT1=61502)

Crash and burn Mav... Kelly McGillis comes out of the closet

1st May 2009, 18:38
Kelly moved back into television, joining the cast of The L Word, an American drama based around the lives of a group of lesbian and bisexual friends in Los Angeles.

Hanging around with all those clam-rubbers has obviously pushed her over the edge.

Well, everyone already knew TOP GUN was a gay movie:

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1st May 2009, 19:35
"So I just machine-gunned my phone number into her wall, flew off home and sha**ed her sister. Woof-woof!"



1st May 2009, 19:55
"I'm done with the man thing - I'm done with that and need to move on in life."

The 51-year-old -...- has wed twice

Bet to guys who drove those precious little Euro-cars.

If she'd have had a gent with a big V-8, well...:cool:

1st May 2009, 19:58
Bugger. :{

1st May 2009, 20:10
Good luck to the girl. If I were female, I'd definitely be gay as well. Come to think of it I'd quite enjoy showers with myself.

B Fraser
1st May 2009, 21:13
Blimey at this rate, even George Clooney will be joining the uphill gardening brigade.