View Full Version : aviation related visits over new year in NV, USA?

29th Apr 2009, 15:34
hi all,

we'll be visiting las vegas over the new year period (27th dec - 2nd jan) and was wondering whether there were any air bases or museums we could visit whilst we were there.

i have called nellis AFB and they say they are not conducting any tours, public or private, at all. is davis-monthan worth the trip? any other places worth a visit?

any information would be appreciated. i'm not really into the whole gambling thing so don't mind doing other stuff....



29th Apr 2009, 15:38
The 'boneyard,' aka AMARC at Davis-Monthan is quite a sight as is the Pima Air Museum.

Whether it's worth the drive or not is up to you. But it's a fair haul, would use up a good three days of your trip going/coming/seeing.