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28th Apr 2009, 12:48
This was a "new one" to me..

Anyone see this before?
Maybe i should start up a new Airline now:D


Dear Sir,

I am Rob Parton. I write you this email on behalf of my employer who is interested in working with you after getting your contact information from an Internet directory.

My employer is a businessman based in Scotland and a licensed financial advisor. We represent a client who wishes to convert her assets into investments and after looking at the growth prospects we have decided to invest in your country.

We shall be considering several sectors with our main focus on Property Development, Loan and Equity Financing for small and medium sized companies. We do need to register a new company for this purpose and have a citizen as one of its directors and this is why my employer has asked me to contact you as we would like to work with you in accomplishing our investment aims in your country.

As I cannot ascertain if your email is still functional and if you will have interest in this process, I have kept the details short and simple.

Kindly contact me if you would like to work with us so that we can discuss further. You may reach me on the telephone number provided below, however as the details to be sent would be fairly large, it would be best to communicate by email.

I anticipate your response.

Yours Sincerely.
Rob Parton.
Tel: (0044) 7092 8958 36
Email: [email protected]

Mr Grimsdale
28th Apr 2009, 13:22
I think I'm right in saying that a mobile number beginning 070... is a premium rate number so matey is making money out of anyone who even calls. Chances are you go straight through to a long voicemail message and make him a lot of money in the process.

28th Apr 2009, 13:49
Not sure about Sweden, but if memory of UK Company Law, amended to comform with EU Law, serves me right, I don't recall there being a requirement for citizens of any one country to be statutory directors / officers of a company in that jurisdiction.

Might be they're setting up a front-company for certain 'activities'. If so, anyone foolish enough to become a statutory director / officer on the basis of an e-mail/telephone call, could be held liable for any illegal activities perpetrated by that Co.

Steer well clear.

28th Apr 2009, 13:58
Do a google on 7092 8958 36 and see how many hits there are!!

28th Apr 2009, 14:14
"My employer is a businessman based in Scotland and a licensed financial advisor. We represent a client who wishes to convert her assets into investments and after looking at the growth prospects we have decided to invest in your country"

Obviously a scam - or she is a crap business woman. Growth prospects...Britain...yeah right!

28th Apr 2009, 16:10
Not being snooty, but how could anyone not recognise this as a scam from the first few lines. No, they don't want to set up a business, a dodgy business, or any other sort of business. THEY WANT YOU TO SEND THEM MONEY. And "Scotland" probably equals "Nigeria" because there are thousands of the cunning chaps down there writing these sorts of screeds.

The only people better at screwing money out of the hapless innocent are Gordon Brown and co., but that's amply covered on other threads....

28th Apr 2009, 16:38
Here's the latest one I've gotten, this am. At first glance I thought she might be selling lamps.

From Mrs.Aladin Saeed Ahmed
I am in a sick bed i have the sum of $8.5Million with a bank in the United Kingdom i need your help to transfer this amount.Contact my personal E-mail:[email protected] for more detail.

28th Apr 2009, 16:46
"We represent a client who wishes to convert her assets into investments... "

In other words, her current assets cannot be defined as investments.

(Let's ponder that in silence for a moment.)

So, what was she doing while the market was running up?

How stupid is she?

Dumb enough to want to play market games with you :p

"Growth prospects...Britain...yeah right!"

"Buy when there's blood in the streets, even if it's your own."
~ Baron Philippe de Rothschild

28th Apr 2009, 16:51

Notice the number,,

Dear Sir,

I send you compliments and greetings. I am Johan Malherbe and I send you this email having received your email to Wade Knightly, my Personal Assistant per the investment of USD 58 Million in your country.

We have USD 58 Million available for investment at this time and we can begin the investments immediately. However, it is important for us to get to know each other better and discuss the relative sectors of interest and only if we find a level of understanding would we be able to proceed hence, this venture should be up and running within 2 weeks.

I would provide further information as below:

I am an Accountant and Financial Advisor qualified in Turkey and now based in Scotland . I work as a private consultant without any specific affiliation to any companies hence I cannot provide you any company details.
I have been given a Power of Attorney by my client to invest her funds hence, my client will not be directly involved in this process. In the Power of Attorney, extensive details have been given about the source of the investment funds, but because of the Confidentiality Agreement I have in place with my client, I will not be able to send you a copy of the Power of Attorney now. You will certainly receive a copy if we proceed.
I want to establish a diversified portfolio. We will consider projects that can bring returns of 12-18 % per annum and as Wade has already stated in his email, our focus should be on Property Development (both Commercial and Residential) and Equity Funding.

We will consider both long term and short term projects. Our decision to invest on a project or not will mainly be influenced by the required capital for each project, the incubation and risk factors as well as expected returns. I must confirm that if the risk/reward ratios are reasonable, our risk tolerance can be very flexible.

I intend to establish an arrangement in which you provide projects or business plans, we consider them and if we like what we see, we would provide funding. I will also be working with the investment board to be informed every time there is a new project.

Our remuneration, you and me, would be in two stages. For stage one, to be able to invest the funds, we first need to transfer the funds. As soon as funds are transferred, we will be paid a commission of 2% of USD 58M each. We would then set a hurdle point of 12% for the profit and all profit made below this point will go to my client. When we make profit above 12%, my client will get 12% and 50% of the excess and you and I will share 50% of the excess. Equally.

I believe we can exchange preliminary details via email and establish proper understanding after which we would need to have a Memorandum of Understanding in place which will highlight the above issues and any other legal issues. When this has been achieved, I plan to meet with you during what time I will have a first hand survey of the proposed projects.

I hope I have been able to provide sufficient details as above. If so, please consider the following and let me know your thoughts:

Do you have any projects available with a business plan which we may consider?
We may pursue this venture in two ways either by establishing a new company with you as one of its directors or partnering with your already existing company.
If we invest via your company, shall we provide equity funding to your company to enable your company pursue the available projects?

I anticipate your response and as soon as I hear from you, we will be able to determine how to proceed.

Yours Sincerely.
Johan Malherbe.
Eglinton Crescent
Edinburgh, Scotland
EH12 5DG
Tel/Fax: (0044) 7092 8958 36 ((Press 3 to send fax)
Dir. Tel: (0044) 7045 7240 93

Johan Malherbe - UK - (0044) 7045 7240 93 - Anti-Fraud International (http://antifraudintl.org/showthread.php?t=20071)

Paradise Lost
28th Apr 2009, 18:13
Maybe I'd better ring him and tell him that the smart guys on PPRuNe have rumbled him!