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Tyres O'Flaherty
28th Apr 2009, 01:03
I haven't done this for about 8 years. I was given a kit a while back which I want to make, now when I go to a model shop they say ''no-one does build ups any more from plans'' & effectively say we're not interested.

And they have no interest or advice where I can get a board to pin my plan & build at a reasonable price. I was last quoted about 30 for a piece of sundealer board for a not particularly large effort ( app 47'' wingspan )

Alternitives/clues ?

28th Apr 2009, 01:42
A.r.f A.r.f.

Howard Hughes
28th Apr 2009, 02:05
Ebay has everything!:ok:

28th Apr 2009, 06:59
Use foam board, about $2.00 at stationary stores. Might need to put two pieces together (I use tape or hot melt glue gun to maker architectural models from it.) Takes pins great.

For bigger projects in the past I have also used 1" structural insulation or the compressed cardboard stuff that is sometimes used for pinboards.

28th Apr 2009, 08:50
30 quid - you're joking! Avicraft Ltd: Scenics and Craft - Railway scenics - JP - SUNDEALA HOBBYBOARDS Shop collection only (http://shop.avicraft.co.uk/product_info.php?currency=GBP&products_id=5214)
Just Google Sundeala

28th Apr 2009, 11:55
My set up may be primitive, but occasionally I make architectural models for which I use a piece of 'three-ply' cardboard as a board for pinning components on while building. Then I turn the cardboard over and use it as a base for the model if necessary.

Three ply cardboard comprises a sheet of kraft paper, then a corrugated layer, then another sheet of kraft paper, then another corrugated, then plain paper again.

It's very stiff and is often used for packing large, fragile items. The packed objects are usually not retail items, and it's not easy to find in big pieces, so if you find some, fill yer boots. It should be cheap - free in fact, from businesses that use the sort of things packed. I've never found it for sale. I hesitate to say the word 'skip'...

nb: I think '3 ply' is known in cardboard circles as 'triplex'.

28th Apr 2009, 12:27
Piece of 5ply, blockboard or MDF from your local woodshop [NOT B&Q], or even a stairtread

Lon More
28th Apr 2009, 13:34
They're a bit too hard Chiglet.

Whatever you choose, cover it in clingfilm. especially if building over the plans. Stops gumming up the works.

28th Apr 2009, 17:22
I think '3 ply' is known in cardboard circles as 'triplex'.
We called it 'triwall'.
Removal firms will have supplies of triwall 'cases' (or boxes) and should have damaged ones that you could 'salvage'.

Television sets are probably dispatched in triwall cases, so another source would be stores selling extra-large screens.
Even try your supermarket (ask to speak to the warehouse manager or supervisor).

And finally, visit your local amenity recycling centre (ie the tip).

Saab Dastard
28th Apr 2009, 17:55
I made myself an A0 base board for building balsa models about 30 years ago by gluing 1/4" cork tiles to a sheet of blockboard. We were laying a big cork floor in the kitchen, so I had the tiles, glue and varnish spare anyway (and lots of practice).

Perfect - flat, smooth and took pins beautifully!


28th Apr 2009, 18:06
Try a local timber merchant, ask for 'insulation board' or 'fibre board', and an off-cut of kitchen worktop. Glue together with contact glue.

28th Apr 2009, 21:55
Stick with the scratch building. A dying art very satisfying.:ok:
This is an Astro Hog from 1956 AMPS plan blown up to 7 foot span 1.08 power beautiful flyer. Used a jig to build up wing


29th Apr 2009, 00:39
How long to build the radio-controlled kid??

29th Apr 2009, 01:13
Bout thirty seconds :E

Grown into a teenage HARRIDAN !!!! :*:{

Mach Turtle
29th Apr 2009, 01:33
I do a bit of modeling on the side, as it were.

I quit pinning parts to boards, as it never really worked the way I want.

Rare earth magnets are the way to go.

See here (http://www.airfieldmodels.com/information_source/how_to_articles_for_model_builders/tools/magnetic_building_board/building_with_magnets.htm).

Here's my simpler one:


29th Apr 2009, 05:53
This is an Astro Hog

Tinpis, quick! I know she looks lovely, but that kid is a girl = a woman. Get the Flugzeug far away from her immediately. Women are incapable of looking at such artefacts save with their hands, and the minute they do, they break them. They do not mean to, but they do. Every time. They cannot help it.

29th Apr 2009, 06:48
Aren't we supposed to play video games nowadays? Much less messy (if you ignore all the wires). Surely Nintendo Wii have a 'Build a Balsa aeroplane' game, or maybe there's an application for the I Phone....

Captain Stable
29th Apr 2009, 07:45
Use foam board, about $2.00 at stationary stores.All the shops for miles around here are all stationary. Which one do I choose? If just one or two were to move a little it might narrow it down a bit...


29th Apr 2009, 08:06
Choose one that doesn't look likely to accelerate. :p

Captain Stable
29th Apr 2009, 08:08
OK - so not a fast food shop, I guess? :}

29th Apr 2009, 08:15
I have one of these tucked away with the vague intention of building it.


I really enjoyed building those old balsa wood model. I found it very theraputic.

henry crun
29th Apr 2009, 09:05
You should try and make time to build it corsair.

Here is one of my earlier efforts, a Super Chipmunk.
It was lovely to fly, but met a rather smashing end when I my confidence at low aerobatics exceeded my ability.


29th Apr 2009, 11:12
One of my lovingly-crafted (free-flight) constructions effectively destroyed itself by flying through a hawthorn tree on its maiden flight . . .