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27th Apr 2009, 21:56
As a spotty youth I was a big fan of 2Tone. One big regret was that I only got to see The Specials once, and had to leave before the final encore as my lift was waiting out side and would have left me there if I wasn't out on time:eek:

Last night they were back in my home town and better than ever. I spent the whole gig pinned to the barrier in front of the stage and loved every second. One of the biggest surprises was the fans, not only were most of them old enough to have seen them 30 years ago one even looked like he had just left the office, off with his tie and bouncing around like a teenager. It seems like a lot of the eighties bands are trying to make a come back but they are going to have to go a very long way to beat the performance I saw last night.:D:D:D

If you remember them and get the chance to see them GO, you won't be disappointed. Just hope I get the chance to see them again.

27th Apr 2009, 22:51
They are just brilliant, just hope the rumours of them playing the free Godiva Festival this summer are true

27th Apr 2009, 22:54
Saw them on Jools Holland a few weeks back... though Terry Hall looked a bit the worst for wear!!!! He sang Gangsters !!

A bit of Shane McGowan about him....and his voice wasn't up to it. Thought he was a bit off the pace of the musicans.

BUT..... they were a great band!!!! Someone should cover 'ENJOY YOURSELF' as its a great crowd mover.....


27th Apr 2009, 22:57
A bit of Selector action wouldn't go amiss either

27th Apr 2009, 23:05
Would agree with that, maybe some Bad Manners as well but would they be the same now Buster Bloodvessel has lost so much weight??

28th Apr 2009, 00:01
Interestingly Ghost Town was arguably one of the most influential and socially relevant tracks of its time. What with Maggie getting used to wielding the whip.

"In 1981, Britain was in a state of crisis: the government was as unpopular as any since the war, unemployment was rampant and riots were breaking out across the country. Into this turbulent mix, the Specials released their doom-laden, highly political single, Ghost Town. On the eve of the re-release of the Coventry band's albums, Alexis Petridis tells the story of the most remarkable single ever to top the UK charts"...

Guardian Article here

Today it might actually be of equal relevance!

Listen to the lyrics and see a reflection of contemporary Britain!

28th Apr 2009, 08:18
Yeah Ghost town still resonates now. History has been unkind to 1 in 10, UB40's first single from the same period, covering the same social issues - twer the first single I ever bought. Shame about Jerry Dammers though, seems there was a big fall out & no reconciliation.

28th Apr 2009, 10:35
It's the same going to any band doing a comeback. You look slightly silly, and older.
Going to the Prodigy, dear oh dear.

30th Apr 2009, 21:51
Looks like I've landed some tickets to see them at the Ricoh in Coventry. Get to see them on home turf as well, that is going to be some night:}