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Low Flier
25th Apr 2009, 09:01
In a letter to The Herald, published this morning, Jim Swire raises two more very important points of evidence which, yet again, strongly indicate the miscarriage of justice which was perpetrated by the political showtrial at Kamp Zeist.

New evidence suggests wrong suspects were pursued for Pan Am 103 bombing over Lockerbie

A film shown in the Scottish Parliament yesterday evening attacks the only remaining strong support for the prosecution case that Pan Am Flight 103 was blown up over Lockerbie by a timer bomb put on the aircraft in Malta.

Explosives tests by a number of independent experts have shown that a circuit board placed as close to the Semtex as the Malta device must have been could not have survived as the fragment was supposed to have survived. The 6000 degree C heat and the shock wave reduce circuit boards so close to that amount of Semtex to a powder. In addition, recent tests on the fragment itself are alleged to show that it bears no trace of explosives residues.

Information about a break-in at Heathrow Airport on the night before the bombing was recorded at once in the security log, but no trace was found of the person or persons responsible. Next morning (the Lockerbie disaster), the airport was allowed to function as usual.

We know of multiple warnings of the terrorist threats at the time, and any high-profile airport which has suffered a break-in could hardly have a more dangerous warning of possible terror to come. Had appropriate action been taken at Heathrow, our families might be alive today.

There is worse. A Heathrow security guard who said he knew about the break-in had been interviewed by the Met's anti-terror squad early in 1989, and the police investigated Heathrow closely in January 1989, even doing a re-run of the loading of the baggage container. They must surely have seen the previous night's security log.

This break-in evidence only became available to the rest of us after the Camp Zeist court had convicted Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi.

The Heathrow break-in would have been the perfect scenario for the Syrian-backed PFLP-GC to put one of its bombs on the aircraft. I can think of potent reasons why both the UK and the United States were unwilling to confront Iran and/or Syria over Lockerbie. The evidence from the break-in strongly supported the use of a PFLP-GC (Syrian) bomb. The PFLP-GC was closely associated with Iran and appeared to derive substantial financial reward from Tehran after the bombing.

For me, the passive attitude at Heathrow in not making a realistic response to the break-in with its terrible implications remains inexcusable. However, we also have a right to know who was behind the suppression of this material, which has undermined the trial, as well as our fatal accident inquiry.

It would appear that orders must have come from the very top. Margaret Thatcher was never prepared to meet us to discuss an objective inquiry, but later claimed in her book The Downing Street Years (1993) that the US Air Force bombing of Tripoli in 1986 had prevented further terrorist outrages by Libya.

By 1993, the indictments against the two Libyans were already two years old.

We were, I believe, right from the earliest days, pawns in a political scenario that had nothing to do with truth.

If the prisoner transfer agreement does abort the next appeal, we shall at last be free of any claims that "due UK process" has to continue. In that situation, I think we should discuss the immediate demand for a new inquest or fatal accident inquiry, and referral to the European courts on human rights grounds.

Dr Jim Swire, Isle of Skye.