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25th Apr 2009, 07:22
I often like to surf the net for lists. I guess I'm a list-o-maniac.

Tonight I found a list of average beer consumption by nation. The average American consumes 22 gallons of beer per year. Canadians consume slightly less, 18.49 gallons or 70 liters. (But the alcohol content of Canadian beer is also twice as high.)

As I was going down the list, one of those 30 minute infomericals for orthopaedic arch supports was blaring on the television. The guy on the infomercial said the average American walks 900 miles per year. (I would assume it is about the same for Canadians or 1,448 km.)

So I had to get out my calculator and start doing some math. 900 miles divided by 22 gallons: That means the average American is getting 40.9 miles per gallon of beer. The average Canadian is getting 20.68 kilometers per liter of brewski.

This is a lot better mileage than my Ford truck or Mustang!

How about your *country? How do you stack up when it comes to this kind of "mileage?"

*Excluding Ireland. Since their beer consumption is the highest -
one would assume they can't walk. :p

25th Apr 2009, 07:42
yeah, but that's because half the Canucks live in such a remote area they have to walk 20 clicks to the nearest off licence!

The Scots, on average, walk 900 miles per year and consume 22 gallons of alcohol per year. That means I get a better mpg (41, or 6.889 l/100km) than a Porsche as well as being a hell of a lot more fun!

PS. The US figure is lower, remember, because the US gallon is smaller.(3.75 l per US gallon) than the Imperial gallon (4.546 l per gallon)

25th Apr 2009, 17:33
hellsbrink, even with your improved "mileage," things would be a lot more uncomplicated (and safer) if there was a universal weights and measures system.

I mean....look what happened with the Gimli glider when the recently adopted metric system replaced the Imperial system.

25th Apr 2009, 17:59
That would take all the fun out of things

25th Apr 2009, 18:07
How many hogsheads is that? Can't get my head working on this new fangled stuff.

One is concerned that with the US gallon the cousins may not measure it at the correct 62F.:eek:

25th Apr 2009, 18:13


BTW, when searching for this pix, discovered that "GG" was retired by Air Canada in January of this year, and is now in the Mojave boneyard being broken up for parts.

25th Apr 2009, 18:53
*Excluding Ireland. Since their beer consumption is the highest -
one would assume they can't walk.

It's not us, it's all the English coming over to Dublin for stag nights. In any case we do walk, we have to since the drink driving laws got very tough. Well when I say walk. I mean stagger. ;)