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25th Apr 2009, 06:45
YouTube - Baa Baa Black Sheep Squadron (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQCYG0C89uk)

Loved this show when I was about 5 yrs old...loved it...corny as...but I'd run around with my arms cocked at a funny angle as a Corsair......loved it... great stuff and an F4U Corsair always holds a special place with me, I'll try to find some episodes to buy...:}

25th Apr 2009, 09:06
As you can see, the aircraft featured in that program has a special place for me too. I enjoyed the program too even though old enough to spot the that the variants used were not accurate for the time period depicted. Old enough to notice that but not old enough to realise how lucky it was that they actually had any variants to use.

Apparently the real veterans of VMF-214 were annoyed that they were depicted as some form of motley crew although Boyington was to be fair, was a colourful enough figure.

I cannot see something like that made these days even with CGI.

Howard Hughes
25th Apr 2009, 09:55
That brings back memories, a bit corny, but one of my favourite TV shows growing up!

Pappy Boyington was always one of my heroes.:ok:

25th Apr 2009, 11:22
Sure its corny Howy! That's it's charm!!:ugh:

25th Apr 2009, 12:25
I feel that F4U was some sort of precursor of txtspk.


Brian Abraham
26th Apr 2009, 07:18
If you yen for the F4U and not seen "The Flying Leathernecks" (John Wayne) you should. Rerun on telly here a few months ago, first saw it as a very youthful teenager.