View Full Version : Wildlife Appreciation on Oxford Street

24th Apr 2009, 14:56
Lovely morning off. Not flying until tonight. So I thought I'd take a walk in the west-end.
When the sun is out, head to Oxford Street :ok:

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about

24th Apr 2009, 15:58
eerm? Feral pigeons? Big Issue sellers? Beggars? Fake watch panhandlers? Charity muggers?

Oh go on, enlighten we poor benighted folk who live outside the M25.

The Ancient Mariner

24th Apr 2009, 16:10
Will there be a lot of ... eeehhh.... items on display perhaps? :};) (Not talking about shopwindows)

24th Apr 2009, 16:19
Plenty of (ahem) wildlife on Edinburgh's High Street. Apart from BetpumpS version, we have a burgeoning population of sparrowhawks ripping up the feral feathered rats and upsetting the tourists. Shame. :E

24th Apr 2009, 16:31

I'm no longer interested in the late teen/early twenties sort of wildlife.

But to see lovely creatures of the female variety aged in their thirties wearing short skirts and low cut blouses is very pleasing to the eye :ok:

Mr Grimsdale
24th Apr 2009, 17:01
Hahaha, just wait until you turn 30 your age group gets even older!

24th Apr 2009, 17:51
Let "The Boss" accompany you on your stroll....

YouTube - Bruce Springsteen - Girls In Their Summer Clothes (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7g7-lL6cQU)

24th Apr 2009, 19:11
I know what you mean, BetpumpS, one quite likes a bit of ornithology too

24th Apr 2009, 22:15
From Albania to Somalia through Nigeria all the dross wild life is on London streets:ugh::mad::ugh:

DX Wombat
24th Apr 2009, 22:22
Merlin, that post is verging on being racist, indeed it may well be interpreted by some as such. Perhaps you might like to explain your post so that others do not see it as racist.

Scumbag O'Riley
24th Apr 2009, 22:33
Surely it is Countryist and not Racist?

For sure London is a cosmopolitan city and I think that is one of its strengths. As for Oxford St, too bloody busy right now, too many tourists (dons hard hat) so far better to take parallel streets to north of Oxford St. Totty factor is, IMO, surprisingly low.

24th Apr 2009, 22:44
Hasn't been low here in Antwerp, S O'R. Verily pleasing on the eye

Howard Hughes
24th Apr 2009, 22:45
Sadly this is all you will find on Oxford Street in Sydney!:ooh:


Now guess which one is Buster!;)

24th Apr 2009, 23:10
The one next to you Howard.:ouch:

Howard Hughes
24th Apr 2009, 23:15
Touche old chap!:ok: