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23rd Apr 2009, 17:51
A pet only airline starts service this july called Pet Airways. Let's hope everyones furry friends want to go on holiday at the same time. Plus wonder what the inflite entertainment will be.:eek:

18th Jul 2009, 00:56
Pet Airways is a pet airline (http://petairways.com/)

Up and running. Let the jokes start now.

What is their call sign?

Howard Hughes
18th Jul 2009, 01:02
It is always cheaper to take your pet as 'excess baggage' rather than send them with a dedicated pet courier...:ok:

Um... lifting...
18th Jul 2009, 01:03
Call sign is "Pet Airways" they fly a single Beech 1900, but are trying to expand to 20 airplanes. Here is the inflight entertainment for the cats... there's already a thread on this for the last several days.


27th Jul 2009, 16:37
Shouldn't this be in 'Freight Dogs (http://www.pprune.org/freight-dogs-41/)'?

28th Aug 2009, 22:55
Callsign is actually "Subair", as the aircraft are operated by Suburban Air Freight. Two 1900s currently dedicated, one as a spare. More to come, or such is the rumor, anyway.

29th Aug 2009, 12:41
"Pet Air" - Message for the Cargo - Squawk Ident.

or "Pet Air" - Do you require a Dog leg to get the height off ?

Any other contributions ? - The Mods might delete this post because the dogs will get here first.

CAT III (No pun intended)