View Full Version : Anyone know what airport is featured on the Garmin website?

23rd Apr 2009, 12:24
Does anyone know where this (http://www8.garmin.com/buzz/g600/) airport is?

23rd Apr 2009, 12:39
A wild guess: it is close to McMinnville, Yamhill County, Oregon.

Captain Stable
23rd Apr 2009, 12:46
The scenery looks like Telluride, Colorado - KTEX.

KETX doesn't have a runway 8, though, but given that the diagrams shown just don't work together (heading is for Rwy 8, PFD shows hdg 308, map display shows hdg about North), I wouldn't take the display too literally.


23rd Apr 2009, 13:43
Well the airfield is right splat between Woodburn, McMinnville, and Newberg. So says the map. Guess where we find Woodburn, McMinnville, and Newberg? Yes! they are in Yamhill County, Oregon. Now, Watson, follow my reasoning closely here. If the airport is right splat between these metropolitan centres, it too is in Yamhill County, Oregon. Mind you, I am just going on the balance of probabilities.

23rd Apr 2009, 17:47
Yes, I do believe we are looking at McMinnville Municipal Airport, located 3 miles SE of greater McMinnville, OR. The designation "8" on the runway is a puzzle to me, because the runways are given as 17 and 04, but everything else fits.

But who, some may say, cares? Who would ever want to go to McMinnville anyway? I'll tell you. You would, if you want to visit the Spruce Goose Museum and see one of Howard Hughes's masterpieces. This is courtesy pf Google.

12th Feb 2013, 03:53
The airport in question is the Hana Airport in Hawaii. Thanks to Google Images for helping me solve this puzzle by uploading a screenshot of the image and finding its source. I would love to land here someday! Enjoy:

AirNav: PHHN - Hana Airport (http://www.airnav.com/airport/HNM)


Looks like the runway in the Garmin photo has been re-striped since this one: