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23rd Apr 2009, 10:22
All Flight Instructors and Examiners are reminded that the Transition Period for pre-Feb 2008 NPPL holders to revalidate to the revised ANO 2008 requirements ends on 30 June 2009.

NPPL holders who have not yet changed over to the new revalidation method must do so before 30 June 2009 in order for their licences to remain valid.

Please see AIC 30/2008 (White 146), in particular paras 5.3 and 6. Further guidance can also be obtained at http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/175/AN%20Amendment%20Order%20Circular%20v%201%2000%2000.pdf .

The process of changing to the new scheme has intentionally been designed to be a ‘paperwork exercise’ and should not involve any additional charges to the pilot if the guidance is followed correctly.

hugh flung_dung
23rd Apr 2009, 11:34
BEagle, I've assumed that we need to complete an SRG 1119 when processing an NPPL reval/renewal (the same as a JAR rating), but do we send the form to the CAA or to the NPPL people?


23rd Apr 2009, 12:19
You do NOT need to complete any SRG\1119 or other paperwork for routine renewals/revalidations. Just sign the certificate of revalidation in the licence.

The only small additional paperwork requirement is as stated in the AIC for those NPPL/SSEA pilots who, prior to 1 Feb 2008, also flew Microlights and/or SLMGs within the privileges of SSEA+difference training. They now need additional Class Ratings to sustain these privileges; the process to achieve this is as per the AIC.

23rd Apr 2009, 12:24
Please see AIC 30/2008 (White 146), in particular paras 5.3 and 6.But be advised Para 5.3.1 (1) (iv) is inconsistent with the ANO Schedule 8 Part C Section 2 Table 2 Serial 1 which says:(iv) flown at least 6 hours in the 12 months preceding the specified date. The Specified date is the date of signing, not the expiry date!
Section 3 – Requirement for a Certificate of Revalidation to maintain the validity of a rating specified in Section 2 of Part B
1 (1) A certificate of revalidation required by article 31 in respect of a SSEA class rating, a microlight class rating or a SLMG class rating must be signed by a person authorised by the CAA to sign certificates of this kind.
(2) The person signing the certificate must certify the following particulars:
(a) the rating to which the certificate relates;
(b) that on a specified date the holder has satisfied the relevant
requirements for issue in accordance with Table 1 and Table 2;
(c) the specified date; and
(d) the date on which the period of validity of the certificate expires in accordance with Table 3.

23rd Apr 2009, 12:51
A pity you didn't raise that with your erstwhile employers a year ago, Whopity.

'specified' does not necessarily mean 'Specified', of course....:confused:

1st Jun 2009, 17:13
Please note that the NPPL revalidation transition period ENDS AT THE END OF THIS MONTH!!!!