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22nd Apr 2009, 23:23
On the back of the usual twelve month programme of rumour, spin, speculation, "leaks" and the other political pre-preparation softening up, it's here.

Along with reductions to 50 on main roads, there are plans to reduce traffic to 20 miles per hour: in "residential and urban areas", I saw quoted. An previous proposal I saw last year said "borough and inner city" areas. So, expect it to be planned for anywhere not obviously rural in the near future.

As usual it's to address the "unacceptable levels of deaths and injuries" etc. Surprise, surprise (the other deaths from lack of drugs, medical mistakes, shitty hospitals, stabbings etc., they can continue). Is there anyone left that thinks the people at the very root of this actually give a damn about road accidents?

We are being ground to a halt economically as individuals. We're being curtailed, hindered, oppressed. Our freedom of movement is being withdrawn. On the back of this we will get more of the unit cost game as fuel prices rise ever higher to ensure more & more profit for less oil sold.

Notice today the rise in fuel taxes, and already, Darling talks of more next April. Recent events have proved the accuracy of forecasting anything let alone oil, absent of huge market rigging. So how do they know the oil prices next year? They don't of course, but they do know what the plan is.

Driving at 20 mph is a stultifying and disturbingly unnatural practice. It is patently silly and unnecessary, and can no longer hide itself behind "safety" from what it is: complete remapping, control and commmercialization of the day-to-day activities necessary to our lives.

I have had enough. I will never obey those limits.

22nd Apr 2009, 23:35
OD, they have just implemented that in the Brisbane CBD. We are now only allowed to drive at 40km per hour (24mph) because of "all" of the pedestrians getting hit.

There is one spot which is a particularly bad area for pedestrian accidents and they know that the reason is because of the design of the intersection but they decided it was too expensive to fix it so they would just make everyone slow down. Lazy swine :mad::mad:

The fact that the stupid bastards leap out from behind buses, cross against signals and just plain don't look where the hell they are going seems to be irrelevant. I tried driving at that speed the other day and it almost sent me bonkers. It was idle speed with the brake on.

Of course if some idiot leaps out in front of me from now on and I am doing over 40 then it will be all my fault, and not the fault of the hood ornament in training. Unbef#$%inglievable.

Jimmy Macintosh
22nd Apr 2009, 23:52
Bizarrely enough that is now close to the speed that I used to average when cycling.

Maybe that's the plan get everyone onto bikes...

I think my speedo only just starts registering at that speed.

23rd Apr 2009, 00:01
It flies in the face of emissions bollox, we'll all be in lower gears.

23rd Apr 2009, 19:48
I hate to find myself agreeing with anything British politicians do, or disagreeing with the Top Gear boys, but here's my five ha'pence.

Driving around the Catalan capital of Barcelona used to be sheer hell. Think a million Alonsos including the ego.

Then the authorities introduced two things - an 80kph speed limit on the expressways immediately outside with a 50kph limit inside the city, and a points system on the licence and prison sentences for offenders. Oh and radar cameras everywhere. And they work.

Now pollution is down 10%, driving there is very pleasant, and the accident rate is way down (it's now only about ten times the UK rate).

May not make sense elsewhere but it did here.

23rd Apr 2009, 20:08
A stretch of the A53 had a 60 mph limit when I moved to that area as a kid in 1974. By the early 1980s it was reduced to 50 mph, then around the Millenium to 30 mph with the addition of dozens of 'speed' cameras. Sections with schools are now likely to become 20 mph.

That works out at 40 mph reduction in under 30 years. At that rate, in another decade, the speed limit will be down to 7 mph.... which co-incidentally was the average speed of a horse & cart in London circa 1850.

Aha, UK Transport policy has suddenly become clear! I shall buy some pasture.

23rd Apr 2009, 20:59
Any day now it will occur to HMG that the unemployment figures could be dramatically reduced, or even eliminated, by re-introducing the man with the red flag.....