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3rd Oct 2001, 18:58
Midway, the first airline to shut down as a result of the New York terrorist attack, is planning to begin operations anew, utilizing
some government "bailout" funding and loans. Midway is hoping for a November launch.

Preparations are being made to start flying with 6 B-737-700s, increasing to 12. The CRJ fleet will not be retained.

Destinations in the new iteration will be reduced to an eventual 11, down from the 28 Midway served before it shut down.

Business strategy will change from business oriented to "no frills."

Many of Midway's competitors at its Raleigh, North Carolina hub have greatly reduced service there, encouraging Midway's hopes to be competitive.

Skeptics doubt Midway will be able to survive long in the post terror attack period of very low load factors, but many pilots still have no jobs and will return to ride it out once again.

Management has started contacting pilots to see who'll return. Several pilots have been hired by Executive Jet, the largest fractional ownership operation, and they and their peers who found other jobs will probably not return to Midway.

Midway is expected to ask for productivity concessions with respect to its ALPA contract.

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