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21st Apr 2009, 17:02
Hi everyone,

Just a quick question. Does anybody know what "PAID OFF STAR" stands for?

All I know is that it is a mnemonic technique to remember something about engine failures in ME acft.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

22nd Apr 2009, 08:04
Prevent yaw
Airspeed - Blue line if climbing
Identify the faild engine
Decide if an immediate shut down require (fire, oil leak or below 1000ft AGL)

Open (Throttles fully open/max permissible power)
Find the cause
Feather if the problem is not resolved

Secure the failed engine
Tanks - consider requirement for crossfeed
Airframe - configuration (rudder trim, cowl flaps etc)
Replan (ie land at nearest suitable airfield) and radio

23rd Apr 2009, 15:09
Thanks a lot for the answer.

All the best!!!

28th Apr 2009, 23:38
A slightly less savoury and complete version would be:

You poor sod, the engine's F***ed.

Yaw, power, speed, trim, examine, fix.

what next
29th Apr 2009, 07:51

A slightly less savoury and complete version would be:
You poor sod, the engine's F***ed.
Yaw, power, speed, trim, examine, fix.

Why so complicated, if it can be so simple:

F - Forward/Firewall (whatever you prefer) all levers
U - Up everything than can go up (gear, flaps, speedbrakes, whatever)
C - Clean the aeroplane (heading, trim, speed, bank, ...)
K - Kill dead engine (i.e. feather in case of propeller driven aeroplanes, secure engines, ...)

That is the one and only mnemonic I ever cared to remember and the one and only I ever tell my students about. For the rest, there is always a written checklist for a specific aircraft. And a few memory items (again specific to each aircraft type therefore useless to be remembered as mnemonic) for certain emergencies.

Greetings, Max

29th Apr 2009, 17:54
The one I quite liked which I learned when teaching Austrian pilots at Oxford (in 1979 believe it or not!) was:-

Power (ie max on live)
Performance (gear/flaps/cowl flaps etc)
Action (feather)

I recall my father (Hector) who was a Panel Examiner for many years attending a seminar in Oxford (probably sometime in the 1970s) with, amongst other, "Bunny" Bramson with whom he got on very well. It was Bunny who had just come up with the PAID OFF STAR mnenomic and four examiners went off in a Twin Comanche so see this new way of twin training etc. After Bunny had demonstrated the new system they were on their way back to the airfield to rejoin and my dad, rather cunningly from the back seat, turned the fuel off on one of the engines (they were I am sure quite high up when he did this!). Amusingly enough when the engine started to die all the Paid Off Star stuff went out the window as they sorted it all out!

I think they all had a big chuckle about this in the bar afterwards. By the way they got the engine going again ok!

29th Apr 2009, 22:40
I imagine that when the engine stopped they all immediately adopted the F**k mnemonic instead.