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21st Apr 2009, 09:19
O'Connell confirmed as Captain with the rest due to be announced later today. Following in the boots of Willie John in the undefeated 74 tour, and Johnson's series win of 97 he has huge expectations, but in my opinion the Munster skipper is equal to the task. Up against the WC winning Capt John Smit, and the world champions it promises to be the highlight of this summer. Lions team announcement due in a few hours..............:ok:

25th Apr 2009, 19:30
Proving to be a popular thread!

One member down already - O'Leary.

What do our South African brethern make of it?

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Apr 2009, 20:49
Can't wait. Going to be a great tour. One's mate's brewery is the best kept secret in JNB and the beer is superb. Biltong has been ordered and good viewing position reserved.

Happy days...:ok:

Stoney X
17th Jun 2009, 14:29
3 days to go till the first test.... personally I think the Lions haven't been overly impressive in the warm ups. 3-0 series win to the Boks coming up :ok:

Richard Taylor
19th Jun 2009, 20:53
1st Test tomorrow.


20th Jun 2009, 00:09
Richard, nah, Willy John & those days are gone, witness the S Kings shambles, tackling with both feet off the ground? the lack of the Lions response points to good discipline. Said tackling will not happen vs the Boks, they're far too professional to have to resort to underhand stuff.

Lets just get on with the test, great expectations on both sides, may the best team win. (and may the reffing be something consistent, so no gripes)

Lions by penalties.

Michael Birbeck
20th Jun 2009, 15:59
Boks win (just).

20th Jun 2009, 20:00
I suspect that the team the Lions played the other day (something or other kings?) were set up to kick the livin' bejayzus out of them a few days before the test to ensure the result that has transpired. I'm led to believe it's called sportsmanship.
The Ancient Mariner

20th Jun 2009, 20:04
Shame on you Mariner. Next you will be claiming that the All Blacks were poisoned by the Boks a couple of years ago!

Richard Taylor
20th Jun 2009, 20:28