View Full Version : problem landing Cirrus SR20 G3

19th Apr 2009, 11:20
i'm on 14th hour of instructional flight and should go solo in a couple or more circuit sorties.

However i found it a little bit difficult not to get the aircraft from ballooning after touch down.

Next sortie is CCT 7, in my first two circuits i managed to land the aircraft but it's heavy landing. The third circuit sortie i managed to land the aircraft in all 6 circuits albeit not that smooth but it's not categorized as heavy landing. Instructor seems satisfied.

But for CCT 4,5,6 i fcuked up so much i can't even do any good landing. I cant replicate what i did in CCT 3...

when the aircraft touches down, it has a tendency to balloon up, and when it starts to balloon up i started to panic and push the control column down, which i shouldnt do at the first place.

then the next sortie i managed to control the aircraft but when the front wheel touches down it still balloon up...

i dont know what went wrong

on my CCT 3, after the main wheel touches down i quickly released my hand off the control column so the nosewheel sinks immediately, it seems like a 3 point landing but the instructor never shout. hehehe

starting on the cct 4 my mates told me to keep holding the control column by applying slight back pressure and keep holding it until the nosewheel came down by itself, when i started to do it that's why it keep ballooning, even if it does not balloon, the aircraft tends to yaw to the right of centerline...

airspeed for threshold on SR 20 g3 is about 75-80 kts.

please help me lands this aircraft safely