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Krystal n chips
19th Apr 2009, 06:44
Oh look, the male population on JB have just revised their CV's....:E

Regretably, one is at a loss as to how to link changing brake units and sundry bits of engine to the above post on one's CV......however, one does have a wealth of experience re. the compost position as I am sure do many others on here by virtue of being dropped in it a few times over the years.

That said, it's the inane justification "t'council jobswirths" offer to justify the many, and ahem, "diverse" positions to be filled in the name of public service that causes the greatest amusement.......or not as the case may be.

The toothbrush fairy: a 3,000 council non-job - Times Online (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article6122296.ece)

19th Apr 2009, 06:58
Being a Mum who breastfed and now brushes her son' teeth everyday and teaches him to do it alone, I feel that I would be suitable for these jobs, where do I sign up?

Jesus wept. :ugh:

19th Apr 2009, 07:19
Is the job is Brest or Nepal?

19th Apr 2009, 08:03
Can't see what's wrong with a Composting Supervisor. If Newcastle has a garden bin system, then the garden waste is taken to a composting facility, sanitised and composted, bagged up and sold on.

If the composting facility is Council Owned, someone has to run it. This is usually a commercial activity and hence the Council should be making profit on it.



19th Apr 2009, 08:16
I'll bite.

Some cheap shots in that article.

Don't know about the UK, but my council encourages the delivery to the tip of "Green waste", which is then mulched/composted and re-distributed to the council Parks and Gardens activity. Might involve a supervisor/coordinator.

I think the toothbrush person may well be a recognition of a lack of parental supervision, and I can't believe that 3000 is any sort of living wage, so it's hardly "a job".

Yes, councils do silly things (and not all of them are the trendy PC variety), but the cited article is not that persuasive.

Not that I'm a major supporter of local government. I've quoted it elsewhere on this forum, but I could never forgive my local council for putting up signs saying "We support Australia Day" (Now if they voted for secession, I might be supportive), nor can I cop "Bloggsville municipality is a nuclear free zone" signs. The trendy one in Dunnunda, is "No nuclear reactor here", which I reckon is a full-on bid for a coal-fired power station.