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18th Apr 2009, 21:28
so it looks like a 747 body with B58 type podded twin engines each side.
Anybody know what it is?
Please be gentle with me.

18th Apr 2009, 21:39
A photo would help

18th Apr 2009, 21:40
Dear Sharmaker,
I always try to be gentle.
On the other hand, know that kindness can be the weapon of the extremes: of the extremely knowledgeable or of the extremely ignorant on a certain matter.
Since I fall, temporarily, on the last category, I trust that others will figure out the aircraft you meant to depict.

All the best!

18th Apr 2009, 21:41
Are you sure you mean 747? and twin engines podded each side? (total 4?) If you said 707, the DC-8 could have been my guess.


If you had said 737, the Dassault Mercure have been it:


18th Apr 2009, 21:48
Top Gear

A certain Bond film

and numerous other TV series have all featured this one.

Do a search on JB it's been on here before.

18th Apr 2009, 21:57
Turin, can you suggest a search term for me,
sorry if ihave just dragged up past enquiries.

18th Apr 2009, 22:03
Bond films, spent ages after watching "Thunderball" looking for the door from the bomb bay to the flight deck, never found it. Bond did under water

tony draper
18th Apr 2009, 22:13
In the book it weren't a Vulcan either.:rolleyes:

18th Apr 2009, 22:17
Nice 1 Mr D, I never mentioned Vulcan, your showing our ages now, I belive the props used where ex-Gaydon Valiants, maybe wrong, no doubt someone will know.

18th Apr 2009, 22:19
Could this (http://www.aerospaceweb.org/question/planes/q0297.shtml) be an answer?

Quote from the site:the 747 was referred to as the Skyfleet S570 in the film. Although it appears the Skyfleet was portrayed as a prototype of some advanced airliner, the 747 itself looks like it was modified to resemble a bomber. The outboard engines were replaced by external fuel tanks while a mockup pair of engines was fitted to each of the inboard engine pylons.

tony draper
18th Apr 2009, 22:22
In the book it were a Valiant in the movie it were a Vulcan,all nonsense of course, we would never have let a Italian fly one of our aircraft.:rolleyes:

18th Apr 2009, 22:27
Bond did drive an Alfa Romeo in 'Octopussy', Mr. Drapes! :E
(stolen, I know, but nonetheless ... would that qualify as high treason?)

18th Apr 2009, 22:27
Thanks Moira thats the baby.

tony draper
18th Apr 2009, 22:30
All well and good but have you read Gibbon's Decline and Fall?. :rolleyes:

Brewster Buffalo
18th Apr 2009, 22:31
... we would never have let a Italian fly one of our aircraft.:rolleyes:

Even if he introduced you to his sister?

18th Apr 2009, 22:38
I'm afraid not Mr. Draper :O, so you'll have to enlighten me!

tony draper
18th Apr 2009, 22:50
Basically it tells yer all you need to know about Italians.:uhoh:

18th Apr 2009, 23:02
Ah, but their looks Mr. Draper, their looks ...! ;)
E che bella lingua!

Sorry, slight thread drift ... couldn't resist!

19th Apr 2009, 19:39
Here it is, Quite convincing!
Photos: Boeing 747-236B Aircraft Pictures | Airliners.net (http://www.airliners.net/photo/Boeing-747-236B/1070481/M/)

19th Apr 2009, 21:11
It's an ex European / Ex BA 747 stored where they do the Top Gear test track - The aircraft is visable in the background now and then. It is now rented out for film/TV work.

Also I think a converyor belt can just be seen underneath it.

19th Apr 2009, 21:22
I beg your pardon for this "Off Theme" :
Thank you, Moira!

19th Apr 2009, 21:37
So what did Kate Ryan fly in "Elle Ell la" ?

(sorry I know that's more TD but who cares..)

20th Apr 2009, 20:47
It's an ex European / Ex BA 747 stored where they do the Top Gear test track

Do you mean to say that with a bit of coordination that Giganosaur could have been persuaded to crush Clarkson, Hammond, and May ?


22nd Apr 2009, 11:53
Is it just me or does this thread contain a series of non sequiturs?

In any case, the thread solves a minor dispute: What is the twin nacelle '747' towed by a VW Touareg in a VW advertisement?

The engines would have to be fake (ie empty nacelles), though, wouldn't they?

I'm also wondering how the ad would have gone on a conveyor belt...

22nd Apr 2009, 12:02
I broke my seqiuturs cutting some brambles!
Does that make them "Non-sequiturs"?

23rd Apr 2009, 00:50
Fear not the so-called "non sequitur". I fell for that in an innumerable number of times on internet.
Nobody is perfect; with the exception, seemingly, of a handful professed ones as such, who actually think they are the quintessence of perfection: one day -- maybe -- we will be entitled of the burden to write their epitaph.
Best, Paolo

23rd Apr 2009, 04:28
That's what I meant.

Fish, anyone?

23rd Apr 2009, 15:49
Fish?? Nah, having a whale of a time

23rd Apr 2009, 18:06
Then don't get comPlaice-ent